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From the streets of New York — Page 2. Month: "2013-07" Sam When I told my third grade teacher I was gay, she told me to never say that again, then put me in timeout. tags: childhood gay [add] 2013-07-31 18:44:03 / Rating: 200.75 / the little sister He found her incoherent on the bathroom floor, and, not knowing what to do, sent her best friend a text that his phone auto-corrected to "She took all the pools.

month: "2013-07"

" tags: auto-correct overdose OD alcoholism suicide suicide attempt text texting [add] 2013-07-31 18:41:28 / Rating: 173.5 / Ryan As my wife told our daughter we couldn't get a puppy because they pee all over the place, my son peed on the carpet. tags: children humor puppies pee [add] 2013-07-31 15:44:31 / Rating: 224 / The Third Jane The note she wrote accused me of being straight because I didn't sleep with her, while in reality it was because she never asked me out. tags: bisexual not a slut mixed signals [add] 2013-07-24 14:26:32 / Rating: 153.5 / Cooky tags: grandfather death break-up family loss perspective [add]

Explosive Digital Art by Archan Nair (15 pieces) Archan Nair is a visual artist, illustrator and art director based in New Delhi, India whose work can only be described as explosive. At 18, he began working in fashion at his family's apparel manufacturing business. It was only when he started dabbling in digital art in 2006 (at the age of 24), that he found his true calling. Just a year later, he became an independent artist. His incredible style has not gone unnoticed, in fact, he's worked with global companies to help build their brand. With an impressive client list that includes Canon, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi and Sony, you can say that at the age of 27, Archan has already experienced a great deal of success. Using mixed media, including both traditional and digital tools, Archan creates layered illustrations that are full of detail.

We caught up with Archan to ask him some questions. How does living and working in India influence your work? How would you describe your style? Who are some other artists that you admire? Raintree1969's Photostream. Technology and the Brightest Young Minds in Music, Art, Film, and Design. Street art. GOOD Home Page. Archan Nair : Illustrator, Visual Artist, Art Director, Digital Artist from New Delhi, India - Archan Nair Creative Showcase. Alex Russell Flint. Madeline von Foerster by okmarzo April 21, 2014 "Executed in the oil and egg tempera mische technique developed by the Flemish Masters, these paintings allude to Renaissance sources in both method and style.

Alex Russell Flint

A strong influence from the School of Fontainebleau loans an aura of mystery and otherworldliness to the artworks. The paintings often resemble Wunderkammern – Enlightenment era “cabinets of curiosities,” where the wonders of nature were collected and displayed. View More… Tiina Heiska Revisit by brightgrey Tiina Heiska is a painter based out of Helsinki, Finland. View More… Theresa Pfarr April 20, 2014 "Identity loss and re-development is explored through the manipulation of surface texture and paint handling. View More… Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Cool Hunting. We Make It Good. Laughing Squid. Necessity brings him here, not pleasure. STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasSTREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvas.

Ric stultz 2013. Map Paintings by Fernando Vicente. Originally published on August 5th, 2013: We are fans of Madrid-based artist Fernando Vicente, and have shown his work several times before.

Map Paintings by Fernando Vicente

Today we take a look at his Atlas series, a series of paintings on old maps where here skillfully transforms countries and continents into faces, animals, and skulls using acrylic paint. Check out more of Vicente's work here. Culture News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. The Daily Beast. RhythmAssistedPoetry. NOTCOT.ORG.