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Storing Fresh Coconut - How to Purchase, Open and Use Coconut Meat. A single coconut will give you 3 or 4 cups cups of fresh, flaked coconut.

Storing Fresh Coconut - How to Purchase, Open and Use Coconut Meat

But now you have the problem of storing fresh coconut. How do you keep that delightful, flaky bit of goodness in a state that will stay edible for as long as possible? The tasty coconut is so versatile that it even has its own day – National Coconut Day on June 26! This tutorial shows tips for storing fresh coconut as well as how to buy, open, and use the coconut meat in your favorite recipes. I will show you how to buy the best coconuts, how to crack them open and how to store coconut meat to keep it from going bad. Easy as 1,2,3: chefs on the 50 most simple, delicious three-ingredient recipes.

Most easy recipes are not easy.

Easy as 1,2,3: chefs on the 50 most simple, delicious three-ingredient recipes

Achieving simplicity is never actually that simple, but in the kitchen it is usually also contingent on a well-trained hand and a very well-stocked pantry. This makes the genuinely easy three-ingredient recipe a holy grail of sorts. Here, then, the mother lode: 50 three-ingredient beauties. 20 best easy pudding recipes: part 1. Rory O’Connell’s roast peaches or nectarines with almond praline cream This is a very simple recipe that will reward you greatly as long as the fruit you choose is ripe.

20 best easy pudding recipes: part 1

It may seem strange to make a warm dish to serve during the warmer months of July and August when these fruits are in season, but this is a dreamy dish and when served with the chilled praline cream it is perfect. I don’t serve the fruit straight from the oven, but allow it to cool slightly – if you serve the fruit roasting hot, you don’t get the full flavour that it has to offer. Top 10 Healthiest Homemade Dog Food Recipes. Pet owners and vets are divided in two very distinct camps when it comes to homemade dog food recipes.

Top 10 Healthiest Homemade Dog Food Recipes

There are the naysayers who consider that food prepared at home lacks certain very important nutrients and minerals and there are the ones who consider dogs should eat homemade food. The food you prepare at home has the main advantage of being fresh, delicious and prepared with ingredients you actually know. If you’re not sure which side to take, here are a few reasons that could help you understand the benefits of creating homemade dog food recipes. These are all based on professional and individual observations according to the type of food that was provided for the dog. We will talk about the benefits of homemade meals and their effects on your dog’s health. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of using these two types of pet foods. A Free Online Chinese Recipe Cookbook.

Chinese Recipes Alphabetical (A - Z) Go back to home.

A Free Online Chinese Recipe Cookbook

Untitled. Making homemade mayonnaise is easy, and it tastes better than most store-bought versions.


In addition, you can choose to include only healthy ingredients in your mayo. This way, you can avoid the refined vegetable oils that most commercial brands use. You can also experiment with your mayo, adding many different ingredients and flavors. Here is a very basic recipe to make your own homemade mayonnaise: 2 raw egg yolks, preferably pastured.1 cup quality oil like avocado oil or light olive oil.2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.1 tablespoon water.Sea salt. Instructions: Before you start, make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature.Put the egg yolks in a food processor or blender. However, note that the egg yolks in mayo aren’t cooked. And, while the basic recipe above is great to start with, there is more to mayonnaise than just oil and eggs.

101 Uses for Coconut Oil. Non-Toxic DIY Waterproof Sunscreen. How to Preserve Avocados. I cannot get enough avocado.

How to Preserve Avocados

In high school, we had an avocado tree in our front yard, and I got avocado whenever I wanted it. In Washington, avocados are freaking expensive! Although various varieties of avocado are available year round, they are typically most affordable in the spring through the fall. DIY Hoisin Sauce-The Battle. It is no secret that I am delighted when I find I can make a homemade version of a commercial product.

DIY Hoisin Sauce-The Battle

Several months ago I found a recipe for Hoisin Sauce in a microwave book. The author indicated that the recipe had come from Recipezaar which is now I thought I would go check the recipe out on the site. When I got there I found that there were two very different recipes for making Hoisin Sauce. The one in the book which makes quite a bit and another one that made a smaller amount. I decided to make both recipes and see if I liked one better than the other, and, of course, I had to make my own changes, too. So, try them both. The first recipe uses black bean sauce or peanut butter. Combine soy sauce, peanut butter, molasses, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, onion powder in a glass measuring cup.


Japanese. American. Indian Foods Cooking Health. - The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit. All Natural Homemade Mouthwash Recipes. Mouthwash is a neat little invention.

All Natural Homemade Mouthwash Recipes

It’s an easy way to feel like your mouth is totally clean and fresh smelling in a matter of seconds…and you can achieve all of this without a toothbrush on hand. It’s no wonder that mouthwash is so popular. My only question is this: Why should we grow so acquainted with pouring chemicals into our mouths, supporting the production and manufacturing of products that cause pollution, and spending money we don’t have to spend? Make Eco-Friendly Tooth Whitener with Lemon and Salt. Curried Chicken Wings. Mediterranean diet recipes, Asian diet recipes and more.