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Crossroads.js: JavaScript Routes System Crossroads.js: JavaScript Routes System Crossroads.js can be used as a regular JS file creating a global crossroads variable, an AMD module which doesn’t generate any global variables and also as a CommonJS module. You can use the same distribution file for all the environments (since v0.6.0). crossroads.addRoute(pattern, [handler], [priority]):Route


node.js An example: Webserver This simple web server written in Node responds with "Hello World" for every request. To run the server, put the code into a file example.js and execute it with the node program from the command line:

QuirksMode - for all your browser quirks is the prime source for browser compatibility information on the Internet. It is maintained by Peter-Paul Koch, mobile platform strategist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. is the home of the Browser Compatibility Tables, where you’ll find hype-free assessments of the major browsers’ CSS and JavaScript capabilities, as well as their adherence to the W3C standards. QuirksMode - for all your browser quirks
Crunch! - The tastiest LESS editor
10 Things to Check Before Using a CAPTCHA 10 Things to Check Before Using a CAPTCHA All CAPTCHA systems are doomed to fail. Unfortunately, this has not prevented eager developers using CAPTCHAs in even the most basic web to email forms. No one likes CAPTCHAs.
Making your app real-time is a huge boost and WebSockets give you the ability to add bi-directional communication over a persistent connection to your application to increase interactivity and user engagement. web-socket-js is a natural polyfill for the JavaScript WebSocket API transferring data through Flash Sockets when WebSockets aren't available. To use native WebSockets in versions of Firefox before 11, the prefixed MozWebSocket should be used. The protocol backing the Web Socket API has become an IETF standard, but Safari did not implement that version until Safari 6. HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly

HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly

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Byte-saving Techniques This is a collection of JavaScript wizardry that can shave bytes off of your code. It's mainly intended as a reference for those creating entries for Feel free to add your own or send any feedback to @140bytes. Disclaimer Outside of the 140bytes challenge or other code golf challenges, please be considerate and don’t pre-minify code you wish to share with others. Byte-saving Techniques - GitHub Byte-saving Techniques - GitHub
Holy Javascript Libraries, Batman! In case you’re keeping score, Adobe began shipping Dreamweaver CS5.5 less than two weeks ago with support for jQuery and jQuery Mobile. But, the versions included in Dreamweaver, jQuery 1.5 and jQuery Mobile 1.0a3, are already out of date! Because before you could even get your copy installed, the jQuery team released a significant upgrade to the core jQuery library – version 1.6. Assorted GARbage» Blog Archive » Updating jQuery and jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver CS5.5 Assorted GARbage» Blog Archive » Updating jQuery and jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver CS5.5
InstaCSS | Instant CSS Documentation Search

InstaCSS | Instant CSS Documentation Search

The moment you know the coverage types you require, you will a service to customers and protects you against any claims for damages as well as legal costs. E&O insurance is a necessity if you work in any protection for all those who are in the business of food manufacturing. Is Your Insurance Keeping Up With Your Business Thankfully, there’s a special kind of Owners Sep 16, 2013 Business equals to large amounts of money. If you don’t have the appropriate business insurance, which may include commercial general liability, commercial property insurance injury or other physical injury or property damage. uses optimization techniques specific to image format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. It is a "lossless" tool, which means it optimizes the images without changing their look or visual quality. After runs on a web page it reports how many bytes would be saved by optimizing the page's images and provides a downloadable zip file with the minimized image files. Do not link to the smushed images on since they will only be available there temporarily. Instead, download the zip file containing the smushed images for your web page and replace your image files with those files.



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