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Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. Wicca and Moon Phases. The Moon Phases and Wicca Magick What are the Moon phases? How do they affect tides, magick, and Wicca? The powerful effect of the Moon is obvious. Look at how it pulls the waters around our world. And the Moon affects much more than just water. Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses. What do you need on your Wicca altar?

Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses

Altar tools don't have to be complicated or costly. You don't really need anything other than what you have on hand, but you might want the customary Tools of the Witch Trade . . . See List Below. Ritual tools are as individual as the witch who uses them. But it helps to know what the basic tools are and how to use them. In the old Wicca, there are specific rules about these things. In modern Wicca, your own heart is your best guide to what you need on your altar. WITCH TIP: Don't Have An Altar? Altar tools are Wicca ritual tools - you need them even if you don't have an altar. If you haven't decided yet whether you should have one or why you need an altar, read Your Wicca Altar.)

There are some standard Wiccan altar tools. While this article deals specifically with your personal altar, you may want to use your ritual items on public altars as well. WITCH TIP: All altar tools have symbolic meaning. Athame (It is pronounced AH-tha-may or ah-THAW-may.) Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses. Wicca and Neo-Paganism. BeyondWeird home Esoteric and Occult Legends and Sagas Shamanism Classical Paganism Tarot Sacred Sexuality Legends & Sagas Paganism Egypt Ancient Near East Twentieth Century Victorian Druids The Burning Times Miscellaneous Neopaganism covers a wide range of belief systems which have emerged in the past 50 years, primarily in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

Wicca and Neo-Paganism

This includes the better known Wicca, which is a synthesis of traditions from the British Isles, as well as many less visible groups which draw inspiration from other parts of the world. Based on folk-lore, traditional spiritual practices, anthropology, and a synthesis of esoteric systems, Neopaganism does not have any sacred texts of the same vintage as other religions, although unverifiable claims have been made in a couple of cases (e.g. Rather, the books presented here are source texts of Neopaganism, and other books which deal with related topics. Twentieth Century. Wicca and Moon Phases. Wiccan Study - The History of Wicca. The Pagan Federation - Start Page. Internet Book of Shadows Index. This is a large (+9Mb) collection of articles related to Neo-Paganism which can be found archived at a number of FTP sites (for instance, here).

Internet Book of Shadows Index

This is a collection of posts to bulletin boards from the late eighties to the mid nineties, essentially predating the modern Internet. According to a recent communication, the original editor of this archive was Durwydd mac Tara at PODS net. We acknowledge Durwydd's hard work to preserve this archive. For ease of access, we have converted this archive to HTML using a C program. There are a number of technical difficulties with this collection including runtogetherwords in many places, problems with the table of contents and huge inconsistencies in pagination; due to the volume of this material we have left these intact for now. We have taken the liberty of removing about twenty-five articles which were too far 'off topic', posted elsewhere at this site, or had serious copyright issues. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. Resources & Tools. Pagan Roots. Wicca Altar Tools And Their Uses. Wicca Spells - Search.

Wicca Spells - Moon Phases. Moon Phases Possible forms of the New Moon: • fatigue, depression; • A good time to start new things, but no earlier than 12 hours after the accurate New Moon phase.

Wicca Spells - Moon Phases

Possible forms of the Half Moon: • surplus of power; • nervousness, aggressiveness. Possible forms of the First Quarter of the Moon: • irritability, nervousness; • mistakes, misunderstandings, being late. Same as the First Quarter. Possible forms of Sun Eclipse : • fatigue, depression; •The next two days is the wrong time to start new things. Wicca Spells - The Wand. The Wand A wand is a key tool in Wicca.

Wicca Spells - The Wand

It is used in religious ceremonies by the sorcerer and a witch for thousands of years now. Wicca Spells - The Broom. The Broom A broom is used in magical practice as a purifying tool.

Wicca Spells - The Broom

For example, prior to the ritual the place is cleaned with the broom. This is more than a physical cleaning of a place – the twigs in the broom don’t even have to face the ground. After the purification set the altar, place other tools and begin the ritual. It is also a powerful tool against evil spells. Old recipe manufacturing brooms : birch twigs, tree cleansing and used for works; Stick made of ash, which has protective properties, and is used to bind properly, sacred tree of the Goddess.