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Våglära och optik - Teknisk Fysik. Våglära och optik (FAFF30) hålls av Johan Mauritsson, känd från LTH:s julkalender, och introducerar F-studenten till allt från strålningsoptik, kameror och fresneldiffraktion till polarisation och fotnoternas våg-partikel-dualitet.

Våglära och optik - Teknisk Fysik

Kurslitteraturen till Våglära och optik är skriven av Far & sönerna Pedrotti, en tjock svartvit bibel i optik på engelska som till en början kan kännas lite tung och svårläst. Men se till att läsa den noggrant och gör många anteckningar i den, för du får ha med den på tentan! Länkar KursplanKurshemsidaFöreläsningar på Youtube Föreläsningar Till den här kursen har jag lyckats få tag på föreläsningsanteckningar från tre olika personer, tillsvidare lägger jag upp alla tre versioner så får ni välja själva vilka ni gillar bäst! Från 2015 Okänd donators anteckningar (skicka ett meddelande till mig så får du ett personligt tack) F01 – Opt – Ant F02 – Opt – Ant. OEvningsuppgifter 2016. Sammanfattning_Prog1. Log in to the site. Hi!

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For full access to courses you'll need to take a minute to create a new account for yourself on this web site. Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time "enrolment key", which you won't need until later. Here are the steps: Fill out the New Account form with your details. An email will be immediately sent to your email address. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains. Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques. What is the best way to motivate yourself to study?

Focus on the Process and Results Will Follow. As I explored the correlation between great coaching and great teaching while interviewing highly successful sports coaches for a book about what teachers can learn from them, a common theme surfaced repeatedly.

Focus on the Process and Results Will Follow

Several coaches stressed the importance of emphasizing the process rather than the results. This approach may seem counterintuitive, especially given the unprecedented emphasis on testing and performance in education today. However, the process-oriented approach to teaching and learning falls in line nicely with classroom instructional goals such as growth mindset and mastery. Because teachers are generally compliant, they will work diligently to produce the scores and performance that states, districts, and school leadership demand. Perhaps, though, teachers need more leaders who can help emphasize the process in teaching and learning while de-emphasizing the performance. The Problem A Potential Solution. WOOP to and through college. Wish What is your most important academic Wish or concern?

WOOP to and through college

Pick a Wish that is challenging for you but that you can fulfill. Note your Wish in 3-6 words! Outcome What would be the best thing, the best Outcome about fulfilling your Wish? Note your best Outcome in 3-6 words! Now take a moment and imagine this best Outcome. Obstacle Sometimes things don‘t work out as we would like.

Note your main Obstacle in 3-6 words! Now take a moment and imagine your main Obstacle. Plan. The Making of an Expert. Thirty years ago, two Hungarian educators, László and Klara Polgár, decided to challenge the popular assumption that women don’t succeed in areas requiring spatial thinking, such as chess.

The Making of an Expert

They wanted to make a point about the power of education. The Polgárs homeschooled their three daughters, and as part of their education the girls started playing chess with their parents at a very young age. Their systematic training and daily practice paid off. By 2000, all three daughters had been ranked in the top ten female players in the world. The youngest, Judit, had become a grand master at age 15, breaking the previous record for the youngest person to earn that title, held by Bobby Fischer, by a month. It’s not only assumptions about gender differences in expertise that have started to crumble. So what does correlate with success? Consistently and overwhelmingly, the evidence showed that experts are always made, not born.

Let’s begin our story with a little wine. Failure Is Essential to Learning. One of my favorite things to say when doing strategic planning with teachers is that the plan has a 50 percent chance of success and a 100 percent chance of teaching us how to get "smarter" about delivering on our mission.

Failure Is Essential to Learning

I love saying this because it conveys an essential truth: Failure is not a bad thing. It is a guaranteed and inevitable part of learning. In any and all endeavors, and especially as a learning organization, we will experience failure, as surely as a toddler will fall while learning to walk. Unfortunately, in education, particularly in this high-stakes accountability era, failure has become the term attached to our persistent challenges. Wholesale problems, such as the achievement gap and the high school dropout rate, are labeled as "education failures. " Why Failure Is Important Early educational reformer John Dewey said it best: "Failure is instructive. In Envision Schools, failure is an intentional part of our school design and, consequently, our culture.

Springer have made a bunch of maths books available for free, here are the direct links. Direct links to free Springer books (pdf versions) Graduate texts in mathematics duplicates = multiple editions A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory, Kenneth Ireland Michael Rosen A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory, Kenneth Ireland Michael Rosen.

Springer have made a bunch of maths books available for free, here are the direct links