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Writing Your Dissertation ???

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Welcome: These links are to www information useful to my work coaching doctoral candidates and to others who have similar interests.
This collection is a work in progress (WIP) thus I invite you to revisit in future.

Hope you find value.
Dr. Craig Barton, P. E., GSDC, MCM.

Literature Review Strategies

Dissertation-outline. University of Resources. National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. Robinson, K.A., Saldanha, I.J., & Mckoy, N.A. (2011).

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Frameworks for determining research gaps during systematic reviews. Methods Future Research Needs Report No. 2. (Prepared by the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. Ontology, epistemology and theory – big words for simple ideas – The blog. I spent years worrying about words like ontology, epistemology and theory (particularly theory), but now I think that like much jargon they are big words behind which there are some pretty simple ideas.

Ontology, epistemology and theory – big words for simple ideas – The blog

So here is my simplistic take on ontology, epistemology and theory: Ontology – how the world is. Painless Paragraphs: The NO TEARS Plan for Composing Academic Prose. Strong paragraph organization is the key to effective synthesis and logical flow of ideas in academic writing.

Painless Paragraphs: The NO TEARS Plan for Composing Academic Prose

If you’ve heard us talk about paragraphing before, you’ve likely heard of the MEAL plan. A new mnemonic device for paragraphing, called the NO TEARS plan, can also help guide you as you craft an argument paragraph by paragraph. Recite: APA and Harvard citations checked instantly.

The Introduction

PhD Oversight and Thought-Provokers. Dissertation Guides and Strategies. Outlines and Mapping. Problem Statement - Research Study using Expository Prose. Research Question(s) Proposal - Expository Prose. Bibliographic Management. Power Tools for You! Writing PhD Dissertation. Research Ethics. Plagiarism - Academic Integrity [Cheating] Research Nodes. Action Research. Academic Voices. As an Assistant Professor at a major R-1 university, I was struggling to develop and teach a full course load; prioritize my research, which I was sorely neglecting; and raise my family in an entirely new city, far from any family and friends.

Academic Voices

Although critical to sustaining my position, publishing my research was falling by the wayside. With the realization that my new academic career was at stake, I sought help from the ACW coaching program, and began working with my coach, Claire.