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Living in a Yurt

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Basic facilities - Permaculturing in Portugal. Click on this link for all the posts on basic facilities > At what point basic facilities become more than basic is subjective and a little difficult to judge, so this page and the associated blog posts chronicle the evolution of our life here to the point where we at least judge our facilities to be comfortable and convenient year round.

Basic facilities - Permaculturing in Portugal

Buildings, energy and sanitation are described in their own sections. Accommodation For our temporary accommodation while renovating the buildings on the quinta, we purchased a 5.8m Mongolian yurt or ger. A romantic choice of accommodation, but also utterly practical. Buying a yurt from Mongolia might be considered extravagant, particularly with the embodied energy in its transportation from Ulaanbaatar to the UK and then to Portugal. Woman Living Fully Off-Grid for 2 Years in a Tiny Yurt. Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel. Amazing One Of A Kind Yurt - Full Tour + Pros & Cons of Yurt Living. Couple's Magical Whidbey Island Yurt in the Woods. On August 17, 2019 This is the story of Aja and Jake and how they built their cozy Whidbey Island yurt.

Couple's Magical Whidbey Island Yurt in the Woods

They built it as an escape to unplug and reconnect with nature. Don’t miss other incredible stories like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube It’s a 24ft yurt with around 400sqft of space inside. Learn more YouTube | Tiny House Giant Journey | @sweetwaterfarm_whidbeyisland | Book this Yurt on Airbnb You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this you’ll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! You can also join our Small House Newsletter! Also, try our Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter! More Like This: Yurts | Videos | Vacations See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses The following two tabs change content below. Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. Related Couple's Tiny House Financial Freedom. Woman Living Fully Off-Grid for 2 Years in a Tiny Yurt.

What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About the Digital Future. How To Live In A Yurt: 11 Steps (With Pictures) Edit Article Edited by Colette, Flickety, Carolyn Barratt, Jordan and 11 others A yurt (ger) is a very basic, traditional tent-like structure favored over centuries by nomadic Turkic peoples stretching from Mongolia to Central Anatolia.

How To Live In A Yurt: 11 Steps (With Pictures)

The yurt has traveled well over time from basic living quarters for nomads and soldiers, to hippie or recluse housing, to very modernized versions today that are used often in the recreation industry for "get-away" experiences. And yurts can also be places of residence for people who want to live without too many encumbrances and yet still be comfortable, have access to power and technology (if wished), and remain budget-conscious. If you want to know if yurt-living might be for you whether for a season or for life, consider the following suggestions. Ad Steps. Yurts so good. What is it like to essentially go off the grid?

Yurts so good

For Charlie Baughman and Myria Rodeman, their unconventional life is their own private paradise. The couple live on a seven and one-half acre piece of property, just outside of Hendersonville, with three well-fed and rambunctious dogs, two forest-roaming chickens and at least one very vocal cat. They occupy two yurts — adaptations of the round, lightweight domiciles used by Central Asian nomads — drawing most of their power from solar energy.

Garden of eatin’: Most of the food that Myria Rodeman and Cahrlie Baughman eat comes from this garden, which they carved and leveled from their hilly land. They even made it wheelchair accessible. They do occasionally use a back up generator, powered by bio-diesel that they make themselves, and also draw a slight amount of electric power — which Baughman estimates costs them about $9 a month. It is the couple's fourth year on the property, which was given to the them by Baughman's mother. Could You Live In a Yurt? Living in a Yurt in the Forest in New Zealand. We have lived in a yurt two years now.

Living in a Yurt in the Forest in New Zealand

I heard last night that the mind is a ‘discounting muscle’ – it’s a survival technique; we minimalise big, important things over time in order to cope. For example, when humankind used to live a treacherous hunter-gather life, if we spent our whole time being blown away by the incredible fragrance of the blossom, we would be less aware of the lions stalking us. So in theory, we should have spent about a week going, “Ooohh! Wow! We live in a beautiful yurt!” But do you know what? Here are some things we like about it: Our yurt is plonked in the middle of a some of New Zealand’s most beautiful forest and it really feels like we’re living in the midst of nature.

The roundness of the yurt makes it feel kind of sacred. I read about this idea of ‘democratic architecture’ the other day. We are off the grid. Urban Yurt living - Packs in a few hours - Rocketstove. How To Live In A Yurt: 11 Steps (With Pictures) Yurt Living in Upstate New York. I discovered Louis Johnson’s yurt on facebook and contacted him and he agreed to let me share some of his photos of his home.

Yurt Living in Upstate New York

Louis will tell you a little bit about living in a yurt in upstate New York. Their yurt is built by the Colorado Yurt Company. This winter has proved to be a cold one as well, but we had a better handle on our wood harvesting this year and are in good shape. We estimate that we will use between 3 and 4 cord this year… only one more really cold month to go. Our PV system is small and has a generator plug in to supplement power when needed. This past year we have made a couple of low tec improvements to the yurt. This year we are going to try to tackle a passive solar hot water heater and maybe a solar oven. We continue to have the time of our lives living the way we do, and hope that others will realize the joy that comes with living a smaller, simpler way of life.

Our loft design was inspired by pictures we saw online. Notice the heat shield behind the wood stove.