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Cordwood fences. Paravent Végétal En Bois De Palettes / Upcycled Wooden Pallet Vegetal Fence. Un bac en plastique, de la terre, quelques pieds de lierres sauvages, des branches de catalpa le tout dans un coffrage de bois recyclés et voila le paravent végétal pour protéger la terrasse du vent et des regards indiscrets...

Paravent Végétal En Bois De Palettes / Upcycled Wooden Pallet Vegetal Fence

How To Make Wattle Fencing: An Inexpensive Option For Fencing, Garden Walls, Screens Etc... Wattle fencing was first made in England.

How To Make Wattle Fencing: An Inexpensive Option For Fencing, Garden Walls, Screens Etc...

It used to be woven with willow or hazel branches. However, it can incorporate a variety of twigs, reeds, or branches you find outdoors. It produces a wonderful organic result and it is definitely an inexpensive option for fencing, garden walls, screens, or even raised bed planters. Here are below one of the best examples. You'll also find here a link to learn how to make it step by step (for a duck yard). (1 votes, avg: 5.00 out of 5)

Great combination of gabion and fence. Like the concrete square with wood and gabion combination. How to Build a Rustic Gate. By Jeanie and David Stiles, from "Backyard Building" December 2015 David and Jeanie Stiles are renowned builders and authors of 23 books on woodworking projects.

How to Build a Rustic Gate

In Backyard Building, (The Countryman Press, 2014) the couple shows readers how to make that patch of land their very own. There are more than 20 projects ranging in complexity, the easiest of which requires only a few hours of dedication from a beginner. Below are the instructions for one of the favorite projects: Rustic Gate. Rustic Gate The challenge in making this gate is to find branches that will fit together. If possible, all parts of the branch should lie flat when it is lying on the ground. Bury two strong posts, one on either side of the gate opening, allowing for 1/2" clearance on each side of the gate. Remove all bark from the branches. To make the gate frame, join the pieces together by first drilling 1"-deep holes into the posts to accept the rails. More from Backyard Building: Living Willow Hedges. Living Willow Hedges Or 'fedges' = fence + hedge.

Living Willow Hedges

Willows, sallows, and osiers form the genus Salix (Latin for willow), which consist of around 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs. Willow are native to moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Almost all willows take root very readily from cuttings. Living Fences: How-To, Advantages and Tips - Modern Homesteading. Fences on your farm or homestead define property boundaries and separate production zones (garden, pasture, orchard).

Living Fences: How-To, Advantages and Tips - Modern Homesteading

They provide privacy and security from animal (and perhaps human) intruders. They confine livestock and protect them from predators. They guard crop areas from wild raiders (such as deer) as well as animal allies (such as sheep and goats). Your first choice for such a multifunctional homestead necessity may be manufactured fencing: woven or electric wire, welded livestock panels, boards on pressure-treated posts, or even virgin or recycled plastic. As the energy and environmental crises deepen, however, such options are becoming less appealing and more expensive.

The Many Benefits of Living Fences A living fence is a permanent hedge tight enough and tough enough to serve almost any of the functions of a manufactured fence, but it offers agricultural and biological services a manufactured fence cannot. Living Fences in America Osage Orange. Staket i kastanj. Staket i kastanj är idealiska för inramning och skydd av villatomter, trädgårdar, terrasser m.m.

Staket i kastanj

Staketen är prisvärda och miljövänliga. De har lång livslängd och de behöver inte behandlas. Staket i kastanj är idealiska för inramning och skydd av villatomter, trädgårdar, terrasser m.m. Staketen tillverkas av kastanjeträd som klyfts och sedan bundits samman med galvad ståltråd. Kastanj innehåller mycket garvsyra. Tillverkningen är FCS miljöcertifierad, vilket innebär, att för varje skördat kastanjeträd, så planteras ett nytt.

Staketen finns i fyra olika höjder och de levereras på rulle om 5 eller 10 meter. Avståndet mellan spjälorna är 5 cm och en rulle på 10 meter har ca. 120 spjälor. Enkel montering på tryckimpregnerade stolpar. Höjd Längd 100 cm 10 meter. Hedge Laying. Hedge LayingOver two thousand years older than chain link.

Hedge Laying

A hedge with summer foliage. A living hedge not only keeps livestock fenced but also prevents soil erosion and water runoff. Living hedges are good wind blocks and snow collectors as well as habitat to birds, insects and small mammals. Wattle Fence. Wattle Fence Wattle is woven wood fencing.

Wattle Fence

Hurdles are woven wattle fencing panels. Historically moveable hurdles were employed for pasture and livestock rotation. We have been wattle making (wattling) since Neolithic times. Waddling (by ducks and such) has been going on for even longer. The upright stakes are sometimes called “sales” and the saplings called 'weavers'. Hard wood is a good choice for the sales. Wattle work is still a viable small industry in the UK, each company maintains a sustainable coppiced woodland to harvest weavers or withies. Brushwood Fence. Brushwork Fence Using undergrowth, twigs, tips and small branches to make fences.

Brushwood Fence

Brushwood fences were probably one of the earliest fence types constructed in Japan. Today brushwood fences are very popular in Australia as well.