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Apache Subversion. Software - Subversive. "I am in charge of integrating Zend Studio for Eclipse with SVN.

Software - Subversive

After evaluating several alternatives and talking to developers in the Eclipse community, we concluded that Subversive is the most suitable solution for us. I had several interactions with the Subversive team which was very responsive... After deploying the SVN integration within Zend Studio For Eclipse we received many great feedbacks from customers. " –Yaron Mazor, Developer, Zend Technologies Ltd. Welcome to the Subversive home page on About Subversive Team Provider The Subversive plug-in enables you to work with Subversion repositories from the Eclipse workbench in almost exactly the same way that has long been possible with CVS repositories via the CVS plug-in bundled in the standard Eclipse distribution.

Similarity to the CVS plug-in is Subversive's major guiding principle. Subversive and Eclipse Subversive is now an official Eclipse technology project. Subversive Distribution Licensing Information. Subversive - SVN Team Provider Project. Version Control with SVK. TortoiseCVS: About. The Bazaar version control system enters beta for version 2.4.

29 March 2011, 16:32 The Bazaar developers have announced the first beta of the new 2.4 series.

The Bazaar version control system enters beta for version 2.4

The developers are planning a release in August 2011 (according to the milestones page; the announcement incorrectly says 2012). Bazzaar, or bzr as the command line tool is named, is a distributed version control system (VCS) that can work with or without a central server; both and SourceForge offer Bazaar support for projects. The 2.4B1 release includes a new changelog merge plug-in, external tools get better configuration controls and there are some improved features in the configuration files. The beta also incorporates all the bug fixes from previous version (2.0.7, 2.1.4 and 2.2.5) and around 40 fixes of its own. The GPL licensed Bazaar 2.4b1 can be downloaded for Linux, Windows or Mac OS X from the Bazaar downloads page. (djwm) Print Version | Send by email | Permalink: OpenCSV. CVS - Open Source Version Control. Git - Fast Version Control System. EGit Eclipse Git plug-in released. The first public version of the org.eclipse EGit plug-in version 0.7.1 has been released at EclipseCon.

EGit is based on the pure Java implementation JGit, which means that it has no external dependencies or native code requirements; something which has historically hindered the adoption of Eclipse's Subversion support. As an incubating release, EGit is neither feature-complete nor bug-free; however, it is being released ahead of the Eclipse Helios release in Summer this year to gain feedback and to provide a 0.8 release in time for the Helios release train. There is a User Guide available on the wiki, as is a introduction to DVCS for those that haven't used it before. More information can be found from the EGit project home page. Git is the chosen future DVCS of; bug 257706 contains the debate if you want to read further, but licensing issues were the key motivator behind that decision.

Please send feedback by filing bug reports against EGit and/or the egit-dev mailing list. Bitbucket - Free source code hosting. GitHub - Social Coding.