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EURO 4 blog. 22 juin 2015 Happy Holidays!!

EURO 4 blog

Par Elisa Gy (Collège Le Racinay, Rambouillet (78)) le 22 juin 2015, 09:17. Un peu de culture. The future of food. Days of the Week – 1 Worksheet. Kindergarten Worksheets Preschool Worksheets Days of the Week Worksheet – DownloadSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday More Days of the Week Worksheets Months of the Year.

Days of the Week – 1 Worksheet

Primary colours learning primary colours. Learning the primary colours To start the lesson is a brief explanation of the difference between colour and color.

Primary colours learning primary colours

After you will start learning what colours make up the 3 primary colours are. What is the difference between colour or color? Colour and color are different spellings of the same word. Primary resources for teachers. New Zealand - Canopé académie de Dijon. My That's English!: Celebrities. In our Madrid Teacher series, a group of teachers discuss the presence of celebrities in advertising.

My That's English!: Celebrities

As usual, their conversation gives us an opportunity to revise some of the features of spoken English they use. First of all, watch the video through so that you can get the gist of what they are saying. Now watch the video more carefully, paying attention to the following: Use of fillers to gain thinking time: like; you know; wellUse of vague language: or something like that; and everythingUse of I mean to paraphrase what you have said and make yourself clearShowing agreement: okay; yes; Yeah; Exactly! I’m fed up with watching like David Beckham and on top of it the guy is like getting a billion dollars or something like that, I mean, from from advertising.

Science Videos - Cool Video Clips, Fun Science for Kids, Learn Online. What is your name? - Agie's ESL Diary. Mr. Thomas's Links. Interesting Folktalesand News Stories Folktales @ A1A *LISTEN TO* Aesop's Fables @ A1B Famous American Folktales @ A1C Eleven International Folktales Compare Different Versions: @ A2A "Against the Current" @ A2B "The Stubborn Wife" @ A2C "Scissors"

Mr. Thomas's Links

Put the Time in the Coconut Activity. Recently Added Documents ESL Worksheets. Erica's Ed-Ventures: Earth Day: Reusing in the Classroom and Visual Plans for the Week of April 22nd. I use a lot of paper with my students and I feel really guilty about that.

Erica's Ed-Ventures: Earth Day: Reusing in the Classroom and Visual Plans for the Week of April 22nd

One way I have found to be a little more eco friendly is to save all larger scraps of paper. I do this by placing a little garbage pail in the art center and telling the kids to put their bigger unused scraps of paper in there. Then at the end of the center rotation, the scraps get placed in one of my storage cube seats. I also urge my students how to fit as many tracers as possible on a piece of paper.

Resources to Learn about World Architecture for Kids. Kids love building structures, and learning how they are made.

Resources to Learn about World Architecture for Kids

Here are some facts about world architecture for kids, 6 fantastic books about famous buildings around the world, and some on-line lessons and games to spur kids’ interest in the ways buildings are built. Enjoy! 5 Cool Facts about World Architecture for Kids CC Image: Donaldytong 1) What’s the tallest building in the world? The Burj Khalifa (photo right) in Dubai, UAE reaches an amazing 828 meters (2717 feet) in height. 2). Pyramids of various types and sizes were built in many parts of the ancient world including: Mexico and Central America, Greece, China and Egypt. 3). People in different parts of the world use different materials and styles based on what is available around them, what works in their climate, what their cultural identity is. Check out these children’s books on “Homes Around the World” for some awesome examples. 4). 5) What is the oldest manmade structure in the world? Scénarios pédagogiques.

Special Requests. I love getting emails and comments from readers asking me to make posters or number and letter sets for them.

Special Requests

I've been working on several special requests lately and although I emailed them to these sweet friends personally, A special kind of class. English (ESL) Worksheets. English (ESL) Worksheets This is the English worksheets section.

English (ESL) Worksheets

The ESL worksheets are ordered by difficulty and then alphabetically. This is an ever growing section that will be comprised of many different types of activities. TEACH ESL TODAY. Simple Plan – I’m just a kid- Esl Activity Posted on 27 June, 2012 by jguerrerol Using videoclips in the classroom is an excellent activity where the students will see the vocabulary and the structures of the language contextualized.


Mr. Show “America Blows Up the Moon” going to/will video lesson. Level: intermediate aims: present and/or review going to/will distinction for plans/promises, listening practiceMaterials:america-blows-up-the-moon (MS Word doc, 26 KB)oramerica_blows_up_the_moon (PDF, 12 KB) (The lesson plan appears below.) Well, I have very few classes left before I knock off for the holiday. That leaves me thinking already about the New Year and that New Year English teaching favorite that is “reviewing future forms”. Hence, the second installment in my “Mr. English Worksheets & Activities: Future Tense (will) Sans titre. English teacher: Food. ... or to a diner like Homer above! And here's some new stuff: Useful Phrases,Vocabulary: 1, 2, 3, 4 Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4 (with a Quiz!) Présent continu anglais - present continuous. English is always fun: Garfield's daily routine & time. ____Inglés en Primaria_____________ Blog de Inglés de Amparo: Animals. Fichas de inglés para imprimir: Infantil y Primaria.

Cervantes in English: ANIMALS. ANIMALS. Falling Clouds, Fast Hands, Big Describer, Desert Drag, Compare, Concentration, Slow Click, Hangman, Speelling Bee, Up and Down ... Estupendos juegos para los alumnos de Primaria, en los que además podemos elegir por Topics. Aunque hay de "reading" y "writing", también hay otros que resultan apropiados para los alumnos de Infantil. Algunos de ellos los he añadido a la recopilación de enlaces por Topics que tengo al final del blog.