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Classroom connection/collaboration online

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CAPSpace. CAPSpace. Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy. Two classes meet via Skype. Over the last semester, our school has been participating in a wonderful project called Crazy Crazes organised by Mrs Karen Stadler (@ict_integrator) of Elkanah House in Cape Town, South Africa.

Two classes meet via Skype

Schools all around the globe research the current crazes in their schools and share this information via a wikispace. My year 2 ICT class are slightly younger than most of the participants but I decided to join as the class were studying different countries with their classroom teachers and one of the boys is South African. The project has resulted in a whole lot of learning not only for the students but also for me as I have never used a wiki.

Two classes meet via Skype. 4 Ways to Enhance Your Class with Google Hangouts. If you are familiar with Google Tools, then you have probably heard of Google Hangouts or even used them yourself.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Class with Google Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s video conferencing tool, and it’s an incredibly powerful way to engage with others. In addition to standard conference calls, Google Hangouts provide a broadcasting option called Hangouts on Air. This allows you to conduct your Hangout LIVE and record it to post on YouTube. You can participate in a Google Hangout from a web browser on your computer or use one of the free mobile apps for your Apple or Android device. It is important to note, however, that participating in a GHO does require that you enable Google+ (Google’s Social Media Service) and that you be at least 13 years old. If you would like a quick tutorial for how to use GHO, check out this great video from Google Gooru. Skype in the classroom - Skype in the classroom.

Google Connected Classrooms. How Google Glass Is Being Used In Classrooms Around The World. I’ve been lucky to be a member of the Google Glass Explorer Program for the past year.

How Google Glass Is Being Used In Classrooms Around The World

I was excited to learn about how this technology could be advanced in terms of education and everyday activities… however it never dawned on me how much potential it truly had until I began the Explorer Program. Over the past year using Glass in class I have began to see the potential not only in education, but also for the everyday consumer. Using videoconferencing to connect your class to the world. When Tim Berners-Lee first set out to create the World Wide Web in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he had no real intention of changing the way that the world interacts with information and individuals.

Using videoconferencing to connect your class to the world

His goal was simply to give the multinational scientists that he was working with at CERN — a physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland — an opportunity to easily communicate regardless of the types of operating systems and computers that they were using in their home countries. It wasn’t long, however, before he realized that his invention had the potential to break down the kinds of barriers — geographic borders, time and place, cultural misunderstandings — that have always kept the world separated.

Thanks for subscribing! School & Classroom Program Registration. Global SchoolNet: Collaboration Center. Skype in the classroom - Skype in the classroom. The Global Education Conference Network - GlobalEdCon: Connecting Educators and Organizations Worldwide. School & Classroom Program Registration. Videoconference Programs. CAPSpace. CAPSpace. Twice: Two Way Interactive Connections in Education. Your One Stop Source For K12 Videoconference Info. Global Encounters. Global Encounters. Our Programs. Online education technology for teachers and students.

Presentations. Over the course of the Global Education Conference 2013, I was lucky enough to attend several fascinating sessions and keynotes which helped me better understand the work I do … As a global educator, I learn within, from, and with… Tagged with: #globaled13, conference, global collaboration, global education, learning, Malala, presentations, professional development, stories Posted in #GlobalEd13, Anne Mirtschin, Global Classroom, Heidi Hutchinson, Julie Lindsay, Presentations, Tatyana Chernaya It is hard to believe that we’re embarking on the third year of our #globalclassroom journey, but here we are.


With our formal launch at #globaled13 (and repeat webinar the following day), Global Classroom 2013-14 is officially under-way. It looks… June / July 2013 is set to be a very busy month, with #globalclassroom Lead Teachers presenting at several major international conferences – in the United States and Qatar. . “ A small group of thoughtful people can change the world.

5 Great Tools to Make Global Classroom Connections. There was a time when becoming officially ‘twinned’ with a school in another country or writing painstaking ‘pen-pal’ letters in faltering French represented the full extent of the connection students were able to make with their peers around the world.

5 Great Tools to Make Global Classroom Connections

But thanks to the advent of social media and education technology, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating enriching and mutually beneficial inter-continental relationships between classrooms. Here are a set of fantastic resources to help educators get started in reaching out and making global classroom connections… 1. 5 Great Tools to Make Global Classroom Connections. Enabling teachers to connect, learn, share, collaborate, and lead – globally! Connect Your Classroom to the Outside World. Including people and experiences outside the classroom has become ever more difficult with budget cuts.

Connect Your Classroom to the Outside World

But with the cyber world and the U.S. mail at your disposal, you can connect your kids in lots of ways that are inexpensive or free. About Classroom Connections. Home - Follett eBooks. Connecting Classrooms. 'Connecting Classrooms prepares children to take their place in the 21st century,' says Karen Noble, Head Teacher, Juniper Green Primary School.

Connecting Classrooms

Watch UK and Nigerian teachers benefit from gaining understanding of other countries’ education systems and become better equipped to teach about global issues, while improving their own teaching and curriculum. Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme, which offers: Connecting…