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Self Improvement

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Motivul pentru care intalnim in viata anumite persoane. Conexiunile nu se fac niciodata degeaba.

Motivul pentru care intalnim in viata anumite persoane

Intalnim mereu persoanele de care avem nevoie pentru a invata ceva in viata. Acele persoane vin la momentul potrivit pentru a ne forma, pentru ca noi suntem pregatiti pentru ele. Acum ceva timp imi tot puneam intrebarea „ De ce nu nimeresc relatiile potrivite? ( prieteni, iubire, munca)”. Raspunsul a venit pe loc de la o alta persoana mult mai matura ca mine: „ Vei primi relatiile potrivite atunci cand TU vei fi pregatita pentru ele.”

Prin viata trec fel de fel de persoane. Eu nu cred in coincidente. Cum te-au facut sa te simti? Ce ti-au oferit? Ce ai preluat de la ele? Cu ce te-a schimbat experienta? Ce au in comun persoanele care ti-au intrat in viata? Iti garantez ca nu degeaba ai trecut prin incercari. 10 странных упражнений для мозга, которые помогут поумнеть.


Presentations. Refocusing. Changing life. Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look (and Be) Smarter. Interview Tips. How to Memorize Things Quickly. People like to joke that the only thing you really “learn” in school is how to memorize.

How to Memorize Things Quickly

As it turns out, that’s not even the case for most of us. If you go around the room and ask a handful of people how to memorize things quickly, most of them will probably tell you repetition. Hints for Remembering Better. How I Study... in an Organized Way. I'm super crazy about organization.

How I Study... in an Organized Way

I'm no where near OCD, but anyone who knows me knows that I'm all about things being in order. Perfect example: my closet is organized by type of clothing and then organized by color. Mind Mapping Software - Создание карты разума онлайн. What is Mind Mapping? (and How to Get Started Immediately) A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts.

What is Mind Mapping? (and How to Get Started Immediately)

It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Just as in every great idea, its power lies in its simplicity. In a mind map, as opposed to traditional note taking or a linear text, information is structured in a way that resembles much more closely how your brain actually works. Since it is an activity that is both analytical and artistic, it engages your brain in a much, much richer way, helping in all its cognitive functions. And, best of all, it is fun! So, how does a mind map look like? (click for larger image) This is a mind map about – conveniently enough – mind mapping itself. Benefits and Uses I think I already gave away the benefits of mind mapping and why mind maps work.

But what can we use mind maps for? Self Improvement. 42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself. Are you someone who likes to grow?

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better? If you do, then we have something in common. I’m very passionate about personal growth. It was just 4 years ago when I discovered my passion for growing and helping others grow. At that time, I was 22 and in my final year of university. SEE ALSO: How to Better Yourself One Day at a Time After 1.5 years of actively pursuing growth and helping others to grow through my personal development blog, I realize there is never an end to the journey of self improvement. As a passionate advocate of growth, I’m continuously looking for ways to self-improve. Read a book every day. How To Master Your Time. The secret to time management is simple: Jedi time tricks.

How To Master Your Time

Imagine you were a Jedi master called Bob (your parents, whilst skilled in the ways of the force weren’t the best at choosing names). The love of your life – Princess Lucia – is trapped in a burning building as you hurry to save her. You might think of Lucia as the embodiment of your dreams, your aspirations – she is your most important thing. Unfortunately, before you can reach her an army of stormtroopers open fire. The incoming stream of lasers demand your attention – if you fail to dodge them, you’re dead. 16 things I know are true but haven't quite learned yet. There’s a difference between knowing something and living as if it were true.

16 things I know are true but haven't quite learned yet

At the end of 2013, these truths are all lingering on that awkward threshold, for me anyway. 1) The sooner you do something, the more of your life you get to spend with that thing done — even though it takes less effort (or at least no more) than it will later. It’s the ultimate sure-thing investment and I pass it up all the time. 2) I never regret working out. I can’t count the number of times I’ve negotiated with myself to work out the next day instead of today because I’m worried it will be a “bad workout.” 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me 10 Years Ago.

At the start of every year, I like to review my goals. I pull out the list of goals I set for myself last January, and then grade myself on how well I did. This year is quite different than past years. Everything changed after Cassie was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, nothing was important except her health. It’s been tough. Although I didn’t do any of the fighting — you have Cassie and her doctors to praise for that — I did get caught up in the ride. Here I am now, happy that 2010 is upon us, wondering what else to write about. 25 Positive Things to Keep in Mind in 7 Words or Less. Get motivated in 60 seconds. 6 Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline.

Post written by Leo Babauta.

6 Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline

Follow me on Twitter. One of the biggest problems people face is the lack of discipline — they have goals or habits they want to achieve, but lack that discipline needed to stick with it. Then we beat ourselves up about it. We feel crappy because we can’t stick with it. And that leads to more failure, because we’re forming a mindset that we don’t have the necessary discipline. How to Build Self-Discipline. Discipline is freedom.

How to Build Self-Discipline

40 Amazing Things You Will Never Forget. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Email “There are only two ways to live your life.

40 Amazing Things You Will Never Forget

One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ―Albert Einstein. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do. 20 Things I Should Have Known at 20. Schmidt Talk.