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ШОКОЛАДНАЯ КОКА КОЛА с Сюрпризом. МЕГА крутая Coca Cola! Comic Photo Frame. Comic Photo Framebuy now £12.95RRP: See more: Collage Photo Frames Comic Photo Frame Description Relive your epic adventures in style with the Comic Photo frame. The highlights of your awesome nights out, weeks in the sun or the most fantastic birthday of all time can be displayed in classic Comic Book style.

Simply add your photos to the frame and you’ll be able to look back on those memories forever. But there’s so much more to this frame. Add your own humorous twist with the re-usable speech bubbles and pen. It’s quirky, fun and perfect for sprucing up your home or office cubicle. You imagination is the only limit, so turn your crazy nights out into the story of how VodkaMan drank a few too many voddies only to find he had developed superhuman powers.

Dimensions: Height-27.5cm Width-21cm Depth-1.5cm Comic Photo Frame Customer Reviews Heather101 Date: 15 April 2014 Its pretty good, smaller than i thought. Holiday DIY: Fun Gifts For Anyone. This is probably the most fun project I've done...I just kept laughing while it was all coming together. This was also a really simple project so it would make for a great last-minute gift! I took some of these fabulous porcelain paint markers (Pebeo vitrea 160 in glossy) And drew funny faces and mustaches on some dollar store mugs.Let the paint dry for 24 hours then bake in the oven according to the marker's directions. Then I made some chocolate dipped stirring spoons and marshmallows with some of these fun ingredients! I also threw in some airplane sized liquor bottles and hot chocolate!

Yummy! Here's a quick tutorial on how to make the chocolate dipped spoons. DIY Punch Box Advent Calendar. Hmm, this project looks awfully similar to the grab box advent calendar… but with a whole other layer of fun on top!! I took a clue from the classic Punch a Bunch game on The Price Is Right (Why yes, I am an 85 year old woman.) and turned a punchboard into a punchbox, the added a bunch of advent goodies and a dash of holiday cheer! Shazam! A punch box advent calendar with 24 prizes hiding in 24 holes and a big ol’ bonus prize hiding under that giant bow for the final day of advent. Supply List: Everything on the list for the grab box advent calendar, plus… Plastic or paper bowls Tissue Paper Double Stick Tape Fringe garland or other trim To Make: Follow all the steps in the grab box tutorial, being sure to leave the bottom of your box OPEN and not wrapped.

Take a sheet of tissue paper and carefully adhere it to your double stick tape. Do this to all 24 holes. Punch away! All Photos by Studio DIY Looking for more DIY projects? Psst.. 52 Weeks Project. Origami. Présentation Cherry Plum est le site de la création maison, du Handmade, et du Do it yourself. Cherry Plum référence des patrons de couture gratuits chinés sur le web, des idées de customisations faciles à réaliser, des créations de papercraft à imprimer. De l'inspiration avec une sélection d'artistes éclectiques mais aussi des recettes de cuisines originales, de la décoration spéciale fête, de bonnes adresses et pleins de choses à découvrir ..... Aide.

DIY Balloon Surprise Box. Why yes, today’s DIY does totally coordinate with the new site! What can I say, I love me a good theme and scheme! But this DIY is so much more. You can use it for just about anybody you want to send a little bit of cheer to, whether it’s their birthday or any other day (Scroll to the bottom for more ideas). Essentially, you’re filling a big ol’ box with colorful balloons and dropping it on someone’s doorstep for the most awesome (Budget friendly!) Large Box Foam Core X-acto Knife Gold Spray Paint Glue Balloons Tape Have some balloons blown up in a few lovely colors. Now it’s time to make your “mark” (Ha!) If you’d like, add a special note inside (We taped ours to the balloons) or leave it without a note for an anonymous surprise. Now grab a friend (or your niece, like me!) Quietly place the box on the lucky recipient’s doorstep, knock… and RUN! You can be creepy and watch from afar at their confusion and surprise, or you can just hear all about it later.

Looking for more DIY projects? 100 handmade gifts for mom. Bienvenue dans mon petit coin d'évasion Virtuelle. Once Upon A Time... ...I dreamed up a photo frame. It was the perfect display for our instax photos. It would be simple and beautiful. I could hang twine on the empty frame and hang clothes pins from the twine to attach the pictures. I told my husband about my idea and my dream came to life!

He grabbed some strips of wood from an old weathered lattice and sanded them back past the gray weathered bits. Incredible. I love you, Husband! Xoxo Talia Christine. Ae4f1b32-ad8d-4d3c-b5a1-ddabc2e6d17b.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 400x300 pixéis) 50 Treat Ideas for Valentine's Day. - Heart shaped macaron with raspberry/ strawberry from Mad Baker - Marshmallow for hot cocoa from The Decorate Cookie Love love love love this idea! - Homemade Valentine's Day mints from Busy Mommy - Hot chocolate for your Valentine from Martha Stewart - I heart cupcakes!

Learn how to with CaffeIna - Strawberry ladybugs from Wing- It Vegan - Heart shaped roasted potato from Haniela's Food & Photography - Valentine coffee via Gusto di Vita Looks easy! - Gumdrop flowers from Craftberry Bush - Heart shaped cinnamon rolls from Pinch My Salt What a lovely Valentine's Day breakfast! - Chocolate covered pretzel from Creatively Christy A fun and Simple idea! - The cutest Valentine's Day card! - Heart shaped rice ball (onigiri) via Deviant Art - Red wine lollipop from Sprinkle Bakes Treat for grown ups - Chocolate dipped strawberry rose from Babble These strawberry flowers would be good for Mother's Day too! - Bake a heart into the cupcake! - DIY Valentine lollipops from Woman's Day - Marshmallow bear. Cran Judy-Ann. Think back to your 21st birthday and what are the things that you are most excited about? Of Course. You are now legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol. If you are the "ideal" 21 year old, you have not experienced too much in drinking and are pretty new to this whole world of mixed drinks.

So often the main question that stumps many new drinkers is the simple "What would you like today? ". I often laugh when I think about a story that my Brother-In-Law tells about his experience in ordering his first drink. He, like many others was a good ol' boy. He honestly didn't drink until he turned 21. This story is what inspired me to do my next project. What a fabulous idea! *1 Oval Black Metal Pail (as shown to left) * 2 Large Packages of Tinseled Pipe Cleaners *2 Large Packages of Colored Pipe Cleaners *Alphabet Stickers (Found in Scrapbooking) *Number Stickers *Decoration Stickers (I used Candles & Swirls) *Glitter Spray paint *Medium package of decor rocks / gems *Large square of Styrofoam ..... DIY: How to Make a Beautiful Book Planter. A few months ago, Inhabitat featured some great upcycled book planters from Gartenkulter Studio.

Since my Italian’s not too sharp, I decided to make my own, and made a video to show others. Hit the jump to find out how you can easily create this poetic planter, and pay tribute to the art of gardening and the world of “real” books. + Curbly. {Everything} In A Jar – Handmade Gifts. With just a little over 10 weeks until Christmas, it is already time to start thinking about gifts! The more gifts that can be taken care of ahead of time, the easier the holiday season will be. I came up with a really fun idea that can be customized to pretty much any person or occasion called: {Everything} In A Jar Today, I am going to show you the ones I made for teachers! Teachers spend so much time at school so I tried to think of items that could be used at school.

When I picked the supplies to stuff the jars, I tried to stick with a color scheme for each jar to make it look cuter. {energy} in a jar Peanuts White Chocolate Hot Drink Mix Suisse Mocha Latte Mix White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bar Milk Chocolate Truffles {pampering} in a jar Cozy Socks Sunshine Daisy Lotion Sunshine Daisy Fragrance Spray Moisture Rich Hand Creme Soothing Massage Bar Soap Eye Treatment Cream Facial Scrub Lip Balm {refreshment} in a jar Facial Cleaning Towelettes Wrinkle Release Spray Disposable Mini Toothbrushes Nuts. Beer Can Advent Calendar. Chocolate Candy Kiss Trees. Brighten dark corners with a holiday tree made from foil-wrapped Hershey's brand chocolate kiss candies. Add them to your gingerbread house for a pretty forest effect! Pretty to look at and simple to make, chocolate kiss trees are an easy, kid-friendly holiday craft. Toothpicks anchor shiny Hersheys-brand kisses to styrofoam cones, while bright-colored foil makes it easy to create stripes or patterns.

Materials one 6" by 3" styrofoam coneone box round toothpicksone 13-ounce bag of foil-wrapped chocolate kiss candiesaluminum foil (optional) Instructions: If desired, wrap cone tightly in aluminum foil. Beginning at the bottom of the cone, cover cone with kisses. Overlap the kisses slightly for best effect. Cynthia's tips: As you move toward the top of the cone, snap toothpicks in half before inserting them into the kiss.

DIY: Memories In A Jar. Give an antique look to a photograph inside a glass jar. You just need to be a black and white photo, fill the jar with oil (preferably olive oil), add some dried flowers or branches and place the photo inside. It will look amazing! Memories in a bottle … Just put a picture inside a glass jar and add objects related to that time. A beautiful way to display a memory …. Look here for some ideas: 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials. These simple handmade gift tutorials will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy! You don’t need special skills or a bunch of time because these can all be done super fast!

Simple and cute…that works for me! Oh, and think of all the money you will save making these gifts. {At least that’s the story I tell my husband…shhhh!} You are going to love these fabulous tutorials!!! There’s a little something for everyone on your list and if I started talking about each one this would be a book, not a blog post.

You can make all your gifts for years from this list! If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my Sewing Tutorials and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! If you want to be doubly awesome, try doing handmade gifts that are also eco-friendly! Handmade gifts make people feel special, don’t you think? ~Kim.