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A Google a Day

A Google a Day Find out what you can do with Google Search. It offers more functions than you may know. Advanced Calculator Information site: search only within a specific site filetype: find a type of file: PDF, DOC, TXT filetype:PDF define: find definitions for a word define:audactiy intitle: find words in the title of the webpage intitle:inspirational .. get ranges of numbers, dates, or prices presidents 1800..1900 word * word find other combinations of words between words creative * writing - word search for homer, but NOT simpsons homer - simpsons + word find exact words - no synonyms or plurals +peace + freedom "set of words" search for exact set of words, quotes or phrases "I have a dream" +-*/ add, subtract, multiply, divide 12+68 % of percentage of a number 12% of 68 cos() sin() trigonometry: cos, sin, tan, arcsin… cos(68) km to miles convert units: temp (C to F), weight (kg to lbs) 100 km to miles


The NFL playoff race is in the home stretch and Google's got you covered with game times, stats, and... Read more … Today’s doodle in France features writer and intellectual Simone de Beauvoir set against a Parisian ... Read more … Happy 141st birthday to poet Haim Nachman Bialik! Today’s doodle in Israel references Bialik’s famous...