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Digitalstorytelling. If you are interested in booking me (Wesley Fryer) for a presentation or workshop (either face-to-face or over video) please visit my Speaking page on


In 2010 I am transitioning to the website for my handout and presentation/workshop links. I'm not taking content here on PBworks offline, but I have added this "update header" to all my pages as well as adding direct links to more updated versions of these pages as I mirror them / create them on TeachingICTK12 - DIGITAL STORYTELLING. Cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by law_keven: Digital storytelling is a short usually a first-person narrative created by combining a combination of audio files, such as voice, music or other sound effects with still or moving images.What is a digital story?


It's short It's sometimes personal It's unique It embraces different mediaCreating a Digital story: 1. Decide on what the story will be about-plan carefully 2. Write your script 3. Find images/video/music 4. Add images/photos 5. Storyboarding from langwitches on Vimeo. Making Digital stories in the classroom by Jane Nicholls. Tools - Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Michelleproject / FrontPage. Purpose Statement: The Dear Michelle project is committed to giving our future leaders a voice in the nation’s public conversation.

michelleproject / FrontPage

Through this project, students will learn the art of writing narrative letters and employing technology to create their stories through digital storytelling. This project will encourage students to write narratives regarding relevant events in their lives for the purpose of informing our present national leaders about those personal events.

Amanda Final Cut - Ann Richards School Dear Michelle Project. CogDogRoo - StoryTools. 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story (return) Note!

CogDogRoo - StoryTools

50+ Ways is no longer being updated here but over at the new site for 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story-- It has more organizational features and includes ways for you to add content to the site once you join the new wiki. Below you will find 50+ web tools you can use to create your own web-based story. Again, the mission is not to review or try every single one (that would be madness, I know), but pick one that sounds interesting and see if you can produce something. I have used each tool to produce an example of the original Dominoe story, plus links are provided, where available, to examples by other people.

Slideshow Tools Generates content that allows linear playback of a series of images, some with ability to add audio. Digitalstorytelling4everyone - home. Digital Storytelling - Yavapai & Mohave County TIS. Digitales. Grazing for Digital Natives - digitalstorytelling. For more digital storytelling tools and student-created samples, check out my DigiStory 2.0 page, Alan Levin's 50+ Ways to Tell a Story and Wesley Fryer's Mapping Media to the Curriculum.Dr.

Grazing for Digital Natives - digitalstorytelling

Lodge McCammon's FIZZ Paper Slide Videos Online Resources and Research Daniel Pink - A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Chapter Five: Story Storyboarding & Storymapping Resources Primary Source Resources Examples of Digital Stories Scaffolding Ideas These are some ideas for scaffolding steps to empower students to create their own documentaries. Storytelling Ideas PSA – Public Service AnnouncementBreaking News or Olds Broadcasts“Movie” Trailer (book, article, historical era or event, etc.)Reenactment / Living HistoryOral HistoryDocumentary or Docu-DramaVirtual TourStory told from the perspective of an object Tutorials and Resources Pinnacle Studio DV Capturing Video from VHS, DVD, or DV camcorder in Pinnacle Studio Editing Video with Pinnacle Studio DV Online Resources Online Video Editors.

Digital Storytelling 2.0 What's Next. JOL>Collections>Digital Storytelling 2.0: What's next In 2009 and beyond, being a learner means being connected, and that means understanding how to develop connections face to face, as well as through online networks.

Digital Storytelling 2.0 What's Next

It is these connections form the basis of a personalized learning network that literally can make learning a 24/7 endeavor that involves co-learners and co-teachers from around the globe. Central to this ability to learn online, to participate online, is the ability to craft messages that have the potential to impact others. Schools need to prepare students for a lifetime of storytelling through a variety of media, so that students can have a voice, and a voice that is heard. One such opportunity for voice lies within the creation of small films, based in personal narrative, called digital stories. Simply stated, this about voice. At the same time, it's important to not get caught up in what Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling calls Digital Spectacle.