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321 FREE Educational Technology Tools for Teachers. Link Sharing - Share multiple URLs with just one link and shorten the URL. K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work. Think. Learn. Innovate. 50 Worthy Open Courseware Classes for Teachers : The Teaching Master. A masters in teaching can help you become a better teacher, providing you with the skills you need to be more effective in the classroom.

50 Worthy Open Courseware Classes for Teachers : The Teaching Master

Even if you are not planning on getting a masters in teaching degree, you can still improve your teaching skills to become a more effective and valuable teacher. Here are 50 open courseware classes that teachers can use to improve their skills, and find creative ways to interact with their students: General Teaching These are courses that can help you improve generally as a teacher. These courses explore the nature of learning, and can help you bring learning more effectively into the classroom. Education Administration Learn about education administration with this helpful courseware classes related to being a better administrator. Child Development You should understand how children develop in order to better teach them.

Special Populations There are a number of special populations that you will be required to reach. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Free Online Course Materials. BrainPOP. Professional Development. School Climate A positive school climate promotes student learning and development.

Professional Development

A school community where everyone feels safe, respected and engaged prepares children for life in a diverse and democratic society. Classroom Strategies Effective teachers need an arsenal of strategies for instruction and classroom management. Use the simple tools and approaches below to create a more inclusive environment that promotes student learning Reflective Teaching. Khan Academy. Professional Development in Florida. Pursuant to Section 1012.98, Florida Statute, School Community Professional Development Act, the purpose of the professional development system is to increase student achievement, enhance classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum, and prepare students for continuing education and the workforce.

Professional Development in Florida

Professional learning is the result of the individual's commitment to improvement. The statewide professional development system supports that commitment through: State standards for professional development at the educator, school, and district level; Rigorous and relevant curriculum based on state and local educational standards and initiatives; Improvement planning based on needs assessments and results from personnel evaluation; Opportunities for professional collaboration and collegial team learning practices; Sharing professional learning practices, resources, and technical assistance statewide.

Teacher Supports - K-12 Education. Educational Technology and the Sources of Innovation. Cross-posted from e-Literate.

Educational Technology and the Sources of Innovation

After reading an an excellent post by tech-blogger Jon Udell on innovation, I spent the weekend getting reacquainted with work of Eric von Hippel, the researcher who pioneered the study of user-driven innovation. What's interesting about von Hippel is that his research hits on the common themes of the open education movement, but does so in a slightly different key.

Briefly, there are a number of intersecting debates about MOOCs (and by extension, other online learning). There is what Reich frames as the Dewey/Thorndike debate about what learning is. There is the centralized/de-centralized debate about what the web does best. But people on both sides of the debates are often driven by a larger question that we are not naming directly enough: "What are the sources of innovation? " User Innovation. Technology Tools. Education World offers new technology content every day.

Technology Tools

Some of our pieces related to technology tools can be found in this archive. We do update these aritcles reguarly, but given the changing nature of technology, we cannot promse that every piece will be on the cutting edge. Please visit our technology front page for the latest, most up-to-date tech stories. Social Media in the Classroom? In this information age, we can now talk to each other in ways we never imagined. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Classroom Technology News. The Fifty States Project: Stories from the 2015 16 Edtech Classroom. We love educators--and they know edtech better than anyone.

The Fifty States Project: Stories from the 2015 16 Edtech Classroom

That's why we put together the Fifty States Project--an EdSurge initiative to publish articles by educators in each of the 50 states and U.S. territories over the course of a year, showcasing educators and their stories of supporting learning by using technology. During 2014, we collected stories written by educators--teachers, edtech coordinators, librarians, superintendents and others--from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. People took note, and now, we’re back, rebooting the Fifty States Project for the 2015-2016 school year. In this guide, you'll see articles throughout the year organized into four categories: How-To’s from Inside the Classroom: Check out step-by-step guides on what educators do really well in their classrooms, schools or districts.Making Data Work: Data, privacy, assessments--you’ve heard all about it.

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