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Make Games with Construct. Resources Make Games An amazing piece of game development software that lets you build you own HTML5 games.

Create your very own exciting HTML5 games with Construct 2 — no programming required! Also comes bundled with original music, sounds and sprites. Impact HTML5 Game Engine Awesome engine for making HTML5 games. Some examples of games created with it include Z-Type and Biolab Disaster GameClosure: HTML5 multiplayer game development kit YoYo Games Due for release in the fourth quarter of 2011, GameMaker for HTML5 will bring the world of browser games and web development to the desktops of those familiar with GameMaker and, at the same time bring GameMaker into the world of Web Developers. helps developers distribute their games, and improve them with high level features like user accounts, leaderboards, achievements, in-game payments, analytics and more. HTML5 and Modern Browser Tech talk: by Vincent Scheib, engineer from Chrome GPU team- 100 lecture slides posted. Impact - HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript Game Engine. LimeJS HTML5 Game Framework.