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What is good orchestration? The use of enharmonic modulation to create alternative emotional contexts in audiovisual narrative. 50's Hollywood Style Orchestral Arranging. Eastern Skies (Behind The Notes) FL Studio 12 orginal - Celtic Violin Solo Epic. Epic Emotional Orchestral - "Through The Maelstrom" 50's Hollywood Style Orchestral Arranging. How To Write and Orchestrate for Strings - Score Study. Reading the Rite 1 Stravinsky's Orchestra PREVIEW. Reading the Rite 2: Conducting Stravinsky PREVIEW. Orchestrating from a Piano Sketch. Spitfire Walkthrough: Masse. In The Studio With Gary Barlow.

1812 Overture - Performed by machine! Virtual Orchestra Performs Swan Lake. Virtual Orchestra Performs Mahler 2. Mahler Symphony No. 6 Mock-up. Analyse musicale: Like a Rolling Stone de Bob Dylan. Composition, Analyse de Chansons Retrouvez les secrets de composition de la plus grande chanson de tous les temps: “Like a Rolling Stone” de Bob Dylan. .....

Analyse musicale: Like a Rolling Stone de Bob Dylan

Aujourd’hui, pour ce nouvel article, nous allons ni plus ni moins analyser la plus grande chanson de tous les temps. Génial !! Depuis le temps que j’attendais que tu nous fasses un article sur « Tourner les serviettes » de Patrick Sébastien. “Ça va être génial !” Hum, c’est vrai que « Tourner les serviettes » est une très grande chanson mais malheureusement, ce n’est pas de cette dernière dont il s’agit. Le kit de survie du compositeur nomade (ou en vacances) Vous partez à l’autre bout du monde et vous ne savez pas quoi apporter dans vos valises pour vous permettre de continuer à faire de la musique une fois sur place ?

Le kit de survie du compositeur nomade (ou en vacances)

Ça tombe bien, cet article est là pour vous aider. . Aujourd’hui, nous allons parler du matériel dont vous aurez besoin pour faire de la musique même si vous vous trouvez loin de chez vous. Que vous soyez simplement en vacances ou à l’autre bout du monde, nous verrons ensemble tout un tas de solutions qui vous aideront à continuer d’exercer votre art en toutes circonstances. Orchestrer son morceau. Composition Vous ne savez pas comment orchestrer votre morceau ?

Orchestrer son morceau

Vous n’arrivez pas à déterminer quel instrument joue quoi et à quel moment ? Bref, d’une façon générale vous avez du mal à répartir et à imbriquer vos différents instruments les uns avec les autres ? Pas de panique ! Je vous montre comment y arriver dans cette vidéo ! COMPOSE MUSIC WITH ME! - Ethnic Fusion Film Music by Carol Kay. Symphobia 2 - improvising demo (full orchestrator) Beat making by ANNA MIA II Smooth Trap Beat. Making Beats: Epic Cinematic Score. East West "Music for Films and Games" - music Composed by Chamila Warna Jayalath .  Kill The Bad Guy Soundtrack Studio (Logic Pro X - Symphobia - 8Dio - EWQLSO)

Diego Massanti

Episode 3: Mad Max String Theme - Studio Time with Junkie XL. Composer & Music Producer Jerry Gerber: Cosmic Consciousness. How to Compose Epic Music in Cubase. Composer template Cubase & VEPro 2013. Blakus - Orchestral Template Walkthrough 2 (Battle of the Heroes) Midi Composition 101: Writing For String Ensembles. How to Write Colorful, Epic Film Orchestral Music (Not like Hans Zimmer) Ironwind- A Guide To Midi Orchestration (Part 1, Strings and Low Brass)

Original Music - Graham Plowman: Composer. Graham Plowman: Composer. Virtual Orchestration and Composing: MIDI Orchestration. Interactive Frequency Chart - Independent Recording Network. Composing in real time (fast-forwarded): Nejc Kuhar. Let's Compose... A String Quartet! Episode 3: Breathing some life into it! Let's Compose... A String Quartet! Episode 1: Introduction. Creating Manual Sound Sets for Sibelius 7. Demo of Sibelius and Cubase. Using Cubase/Sibelius with East West Tutorial. Introducing Avid Sibelius 7.5. Walkthrough of Sibelius 7 Music Notation Essentials. Création de la rythmique. Vincent Chevalot : l'histoire d'une musique de film, partie 2 : la mise en son avec Pro Tools HD 10. Le métier de compositrice de musique de film !!! Spitfire Audio Releases eDNA Earth, Senseless Chaotic Hell To ‘Strip the Enamel Off Your Teeth’ Compositional tools creator Spitfire Audio has released the first phase in its eDNA (Electronic DNA) project, eDNA01 – EARTH. eDNA01-EARTH is a collection of 1,900-plus basic instruments “mangled” into 1,001 custom patches, across a half dozen groupings they’re calling ‘cartridges’ for Native Instruments’ Kontakt for Mac (OS X 10.7 and up) and for PC (Windows 7).

Spitfire Audio Releases eDNA Earth, Senseless Chaotic Hell To ‘Strip the Enamel Off Your Teeth’

Spitfire Audio describes the extensive collection as “the most original, haunting, beautiful, epic, fat, angry, and downright unpleasant sounds you’re ever likely to set ears upon — here, there, or anywhere (else)”. Orchestration. Evo Grid #1: Strings – Walkthrough was uploaded by: Spitfire AudioDuration: 946Rating: Continue reading Sounds demo of iPad app iSymphonic Orchestra by Crudebyte was uploaded by: Toz BourneDuration: 549Rating: Continue reading Sonokinetic has introduced Grosso – a new ‘grand orchestral sample library’ for Mac & Windows.


Here’s what they have to say about Grosso: We have conceived this instrument from the ground up, using parts of the Minimal engine and reimagining many … Continue reading Aria Sounds has introduced Aria Violinist, a new solo violin instrument for Kontakt, Here’s what they have to say about it: Like the cello sound we previously released, we have once again worked with a world class violinist, getting the perfect tone … Continue reading In this pair of timely tutorials, Dave Bode of Audiotuts+ takes a look at creating orchestral Christmas music arrangements on your computer. Halo Last Stand - Behind The Music.

Spitfire presents.. How to program epic drums! Albion 2 Loegria - Overview. Albion 3 ICENI - Overview. Spitfire Albion - creating realistic mockups. Wunscherfüllung- by Talia Amar. Guido Michelone intervista Carlo Alessandro Landini. Carlo Alessandro Landini (1954) è oggi tra i maggiori autori di musica colta: diplomatosi nel 1978, a pieni voti, in Composizione e Pianoforte al Conservatorio di Milano, si perfeziona in Composizione a Parigi, quale allievo della classe di Ivo Malec nel prestigioso Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, conseguendovi nel 1981 il rinomato Premier Prix “à l’unanimité de jury”.

Guido Michelone intervista Carlo Alessandro Landini

Frequenta corsi a Siena con Franco Donatoni (Accademia Chigiana), poi con György Ligety, Iannis Xenakis, Witold Lutoslavsky. Nel 1981 il Dipartimento per l’Educazione degli Stati Uniti d’America gli assegna il famoso “Fullbright Award”, grazie al quale trascorre due anni (1981-1983) negli Stati Uniti, studiando ed insegnando nella University of California a San Diego. Da allora si divide tra compositore, saggista e docente. Premiato in numerosi concorsi nazionali e internazionali, è ospite regolarmente invitato dai “Ferienkurse für neue Musik” di Darmstadt.

Così, a bruciapelo, chi è Carlo Alessandro Landini? International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition. Extended Techniques for Cello by Craig Hultgren. When Plato waxed poetically about the "music of the spheres," he thought that there were mathematical relationships between the earth, the sun, the moon, and the planets which resembled the properties of a vibrating mass such as a tightened string or a tubular column of air.

Extended Techniques for Cello by Craig Hultgren

The ancient Greeks believed that there were astronomical ratios between earth and the heavenly bodies which were the same as the acoustic nature of a vibrating string. The source of their theory, the mathematical division of a string length, still provides one of the great timbral characteristics of stringed instruments - their ability to sound harmonics. These appropriately ethereal sounds create a wonderful contrast in color to the normal tone of a modern string instrument. However, the current notation of harmonics (flageolet in French) can be confusing to both composers and players. As an acoustic phenomenon, harmonics exist at points along the length of a stretched string. Sibelius 7 103: Jazz Quintet Project - 39. Planning the Piano Chart. Sibelius 7 103: Jazz Quintet Project - 17. Tabulature Input Using the Fretboard Panels. Minimal - "Chronos"