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KAMRA - Deja Vu - Artifitial Intelligence. Silk – Interactive Generative Art. PARALLEL - kinect art performance - Art Market. Interactive Dance Performance using Kinect. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Woodkid - I Will Fall For You.

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LIENS. Technics 50th Anniversary. Cryptaris. Plongez dans l'univers des arts de la scène. 陳綺貞 時間的歌 Songs of Transience. La force de la musique. Le dernier gaulois - Landing page. Independence Day: Resurgence. Tati Express, plongez dans l'univers de Jacques Tati. The Greenpeace fleet : taking the helm of all campaigns. 2016 Make Me Pulse. Alice Wonder Mirror Face Tracking - Part IV. Immersive Garden Wishes 2016. Sevenhills - Natures's combinations. IS JAPAN COOL? The virtual IJC Museum in the Cloud allows visitors like you to enjoy modern artworks by Japan’s representative artists.


You can view works from all directions with 360° freedom and get so close that you can see the subtlest details and even feel the presence of the artists. The IJC Museum is a virtual museum in the cloud that exhibits the works of remarkable artists representing the Japanese modern art scene. Their modes of artistic expression are widely varied — painting, sculpture, 3D, video installation, etc. Importantly, there are neither boundaries nor display cases between the artworks and the audience. Without restrictions, this space allows visitors like you to view works from all directions with 360° freedom and come so close that you can see the subtlest details and feel the presence of the artists.

Exhibition 01 Nerhol Nerhol is an artist unit composed of Yoshihisa Tanaka and Ryuta Iida. Exhibition 02 Exhibition 03 Exhibition 04 Exhibition 05 Exhibition 06 Exhibition 07. Steven Mengin Digital Designer. DADA / DATA / Dada-Data. The Law of the Jungle. Thinkingbox. Client Lionsgate In the dramatic final chapter of the Hunger Games Series: Mockingjay - Part 2, the stakes are at an all-time high for Katniss Everdeen as she embarks on the mission of a lifetime to liberate the citizens of war-torn Panem and bring down her nemesis President Snow.


In the lead up to the highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con, Thinkingbox partnered with Lionsgate to produce a unique activation that would allow fans inside the Hunger Games universe. Within the experience, participants were asked to pledge their allegiance to the rebellion and to become a “Face of the Revolution”. The activation, built within the Lionsgate booth, utilized Kinect motion capture technology in combination with a pre-built Adobe AIR library to initiate and control the experience via the user’s hand gestures.

During the activation, participants were asked to select their allegiance, after which an HD feed of their face was streamed live onto a display from a mirrorless camera mounted above. Dinahmoe. ACME - Experience. G A L A X I A. Trainrobber AR & VR. Falter Inferno. Jumpstarting a new existence in an emerging city. Everyday life in a refugee camp. The Sheepinator - Ratchet and Clank. Your internet browser is not up to date and doesn't allow you to make the most of this experience. Virtual Art Sessions. Cavalier: Conqueror of Excellence. Style Novels - Silik. Magic Words.

Poems from the Womb. Dis-moi Elliot. Swiss Army Man. Particle Love. Independence Day: Resurgence. Fiat 124 Spider - 124 Spider Roads. Cosa sonoI cookie sono piccoli file di testo memorizzati nel computer o nel dispositivo mobile dell´utente quando visita il nostro sito web.

Fiat 124 Spider - 124 Spider Roads

A cosa servonoI cookie sono da noi utilizzati per assicurare all´utente la migliore esperienza nel nostro sito. Questo sito utilizza i cookie, anche di terze parti, per inviare messaggi promozionali personalizzati. Tipologie di cookieI cookie sono categorizzati come segue.Cookie di sessione. Cookie automaticamente cancellati quando l´utente chiude il browser.Cookie persistenti. Cookie che restano memorizzati nel dispositivo dell´utente sino al raggiungimento di una determinata data di terminazione (in termini di minuti, giorni o anni dalla creazione/aggiornamento del cookie).Cookie di terze parti. IWC Skywriter. PROJECT: DISRUPTION. Space Advisor. Outcast. Deprogrammed - an interactive experience. Bastille: Eye Of The Stormers. The History of Worlds. For six years, the World Championship has shaped the story of legends.

The History of Worlds

Born from simple origins—a love for the Rift—Worlds has brought to life unforgettable moments, inspirational champions, and a legacy of passion and competition. When this year's tournament begins, the world will witness League's greatest players forging their own legends in a story still being written. Fantastic Beasts - Magical Maps. Google Arts & Culture Experiments - X Degrees of Separation by Mario Klingemann.

Wind and Words: an interactive Game of Thrones data visualization. Fallen Angel 10th. JFKC - Loading. HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon. Falling Water. Jam3 Aurora. Change their fate – Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Turtles and tortoises are struggling to survive.

Change their fate – Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Threatened by habitat loss, and illegal hunting and trading, many species are teetering on the brink of extinction. We may be their biggest problem, but we can choose to become their only solution. Currently, 80% of Asia's 86 turtle and tortoise species are at risk of extinction. For turtles, the two most commonly traded species are the Asiatic Softshell Turtle and the Southeast Asian Box Turtle.

Ruthlessly hunted, they're sold to be ingredients for traditional medicine, turtle soup and delicacies such as Guilinggao. For tortoises, the Indian Star Tortoise is the most heavily traded, due to its attractive markings on its shell. Most smuggling efforts escape detection by using the cover of captive breeding to trade legally. Welcome To Fillory. Maudite Poutine. Confess Your Love 360. Les Témoins - Émilie S.

Magic Leap. Warsaw Rising 1944. Concept supervision: Dr Paweł Ukielski Project coordinator: Katarzyna Grabowska Team: Ewelina Bajak, dr Dariusz Gawin,Angela Götz-Zyskowski,Jan Ołdakowski, Katarzyna Utracka Consultants: Dr hab.

Warsaw Rising 1944

Marek A. CichockiProf. dr hab. AutoDraw. HOLLOW. Residente. "We the Fans" Documentary Official Site - ESPN. Welcome To Fillory. VeilHymn. [ Continuum ] version française. In Bb 2.0 - a collaborative music/spoken word project.