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Policy Innovation

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BEYOND 150: SHIFTING THE CULTURE OF CANADA’S PUBLIC SERVICE. Last year, while Canada was marking its 150th year of confederation, nearly 90 new public servants were shaping its future.


As part of Canada Beyond 150, a 10-month leadership and development program led by the federal government, early-career public servants were invited to uncover, re-imagine, and co-design policies for a diverse and inclusive country. Instead of simply talking about innovation, participants experienced first-hand what innovation truly looks like: changing systems at their roots. And when it comes to transforming our system of public service, we need to start by transforming the people within it. Canada’s public service is at a turning point and our rapidly changing world compels us to think differently. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Phoenix pay system and the process that led to its demise.

While there are no silver bullets for systemic change, there are conditions that can lead to a more open and inclusive culture through which change can emerge. The Future, Backwards. The Future, Backwards. Digital Frontrunners: Assemble! Further steps on the journey to collaborative policymaking. “The superhero Derrick Doyen- aka Silver Fox - was stuck in the same pattern for years.

Digital Frontrunners: Assemble! Further steps on the journey to collaborative policymaking

He had given up on further developing his competencies. It was a race against time... ” We hadn't expected to hear a superhero story at a workshop about digital skills. Carl Callewaert, the coordinator of the lifelong learning programme in Flanders, explained Work Action Heroes, a toolkit that showcases ‘inspiring stories about heroes from the labour market’. Its goal is to help companies to train (and retrain) employees so that they hold onto jobs and continue boosting the economy. Work Action Heroes is an initiative produced by VDAB, the lifelong learning programme in Flanders This pressing need requires an innovative response. Policy skills for a digital future We used Nesta’s competency framework for successful public problem solving to shape the workshop.

It quickly became apparent that our participants are doing their utmost to embody these competencies where possible. Inspired action Next steps. Untitled.

Policy Tools

Youth Council. PS Renewal. Deliverology. Innovation Labs. Deliverology: Delivering for governments – Canadian Government Executive. 5 steps to building a strong innovation culture in your business. Excitement has been bubbling across Australian organisations of late, with the feeling Australia is on the verge of a bold new future driven by the promise of innovation.

5 steps to building a strong innovation culture in your business

Innovation is being encouraged across the country, from the Turnbull Government’s Innovation Statement to the Victorian Government announcing its new Innovation Expert Panel soon after launching its $60 million innovation fund and LaunchVic, the independent body to look over the fund. While startups around the state and across the country are eager to reap the benefits of new government support, it’s important for Australian businesses to remember that innovation is not just about commercialising innovation. The starting points of innovation are found within the culture of an organisation, and require business leaders to actively foster such; encouraging teams and individuals to challenge the status quo. 1.

Reward intelligent risk taking behaviour Innovation is about doing things differently. 2. 3. 4. 5. The innovation challenge: Modernizing the public service. Written by Date published Share Story In a room filled with current and former federal public servants, many of whom have occupied the highest ranks of the federal government, and all of whom could rattle off a list of war stories that illustrate the need to modernize the public service, it was an audience comment from a Trudeau Scholar that underscored why public sector innovation — the topic that kicked off the last day of the 2015 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation conference — is worthy of our attention.

The innovation challenge: Modernizing the public service

Deliverology briefing bulletin. Open and Accountable Government. Open and Accountable Government Open and Accountable Government sets out core principles regarding the roles and responsibilities of Ministers in Canada’s system of responsible parliamentary government.

Open and Accountable Government

This includes the central tenet of ministerial responsibility, both individual and collective, as well as Ministers’ relations with the Prime Minister and Cabinet, their portfolios and Parliament. It outlines standards of conduct expected of Ministers as well as addressing a range of administrative, procedural and institutional matters. It also provides guidance to ministerial exempt staff and useful information for public servants and Canadians on Canada’s system of government.

Finally, on the critical issue of ethical conduct, Ministers are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the Conflict of Interest Act. [View as PDF] The Hill Times. Top bureaucrat says there's a 'buzz and excitement' in public service despite increased workload. Canada's public service is enthusiastically embracing its revamped role within the new Liberal government, but with an ambitious agenda comes the risk of bureaucrat burnout, warns the country's clerk of the Privy Council.

Top bureaucrat says there's a 'buzz and excitement' in public service despite increased workload

"Everyone's finding it both challenging and stimulating," said Michael Wernick in his first TV interview, on CBC News Network's Power & Politics. "I think this government takes its tone from the prime minister — a very open approach, very engaged, very consultative. That's creating a lot of energy, but also a lot of work" for public servants, Wernick said.

"You have to be good at managing work flows and not trying to be a hero and do everything in the last 48 hours. It's putting a premium on good management skills, and those are not skill sets all our senior middle managers have, so we're working on developing them. " An increased workload and new demands hasn't dampened federal employees' spirits though, he said.

Canada’s New Plan on Open Government 2016-2018. A New Synthesis of Public Administration. Untitled. Untitled. Riel Miller, Head of Foresight, UNESCO, Paris. How Thousands Of Dutch Civil Servants Built A Virtual 'Government Square' For Online Collaboration.