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Energy Outlook. TreeHugger. The Energy Blog. Biobutanol (C4H10O) or butyl alcohol is a second generation biofuel that can be produced from biomass and can be used either as an industrial chemical or as a transportation fuel.

The Energy Blog

Biobutanol can run in any gasoline engine with no modifications and, like ethanol, has a higher octane rating than normal gasoline. It has the additional advantages that it has a higher energy density than ethanol, can be transferred in our existing pipelines, and can be used as an additive in either gasoline or diesel fuel. Like ethanol, biobutanol is fermented by microorganisms from sugars, which are broken down from raw feedstocks and mixed with water. The Guide To Efficient Living. WattHead - Energy News and Commentary.

Renewable Energy News & Cleantech News (#1 Source) — CleanTechnica. After Gutenberg - Just another pretty face. Clean Break. Energy discussion for an efficient world. Energy and Environment. The latest from the National Wildlife Federation has to rank among the most absurd global warming reports I have encountered.

Energy and Environment

And, after 30 years of encountering all sorts of wacky warming hype, this is saying a lot. This NWF doozey is entitled “Mascot Madness: How Climate Change is Hurting School Spirit” and was timed so as to try to take advantage of the pre-coverage of the upcoming March Madness—the popular annual NCAA college basketball tournament. Apparently linking climate change to negative impacts on sports is a new green tactic. The NWF’s premise is that human-caused global warming is threatening the natural version of school mascots, and, in some cases, causing them to be dissociated from the region that includes the university that they represent, presumably dampening “school spirit.”

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