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Art and Artistry iPad Apps If you've always wanted to be an artist, you can find iPad apps that let you do just that. You can also use iPad apps simply to appreciate good works of art. Art Authority for iPad Having Art Authority is like having the history of Western art in pictures and words on your iPad.

Art and Artistry iPad Apps

Top 5 iPad Apps for the Art Teacher For Christmas I got an iPad! How very exciting, I know! Already I have a small collection of apps that I think are very art teacher friendly. And the best part is, all but one of these are free! I submit to you my.. Top 5 iPad Apps for the Art Teacher! Top 5 iPad Apps for the Art Teacher
Digital Art on the iPad: Past, Present and Future (including Pressure Sensitivity!) – iPad Apps HUB The iPad is still only a few months old, and with each wave of new apps, we get a better inclination of how much this little contraption can do. Simultaneously, we see more real world applications of iPad in the lives of artists, musicians, and writers. Each time, I’m more amazed at what the creative genre produces. Today seemed like a good day to reflect on iPad art over the last 3 months, so here are our highlights and an exciting glimpse into the future. Digital Art on the iPad: Past, Present and Future (including Pressure Sensitivity!) – iPad Apps HUB

Art iPad Apps

Art iPad Apps The color scheme generator for iPhone and Touchscreens.Whether you're a web designer, interior decorator, artist or just a lover of colors, ColorToy can help you find your ideal color scheme. This simple, flexible app lets you generate, modify and store color palettes. Rembrandt HD: $1.99Galleries of all the major and minor works organised into genres - Biblical, Portraits, Group Portraits, Self Portraits and others. This App gives you access to beautiful high definition images from one of the most influential European masters of the 17th century and one of the greatest Baroque Masters.Sketcher HD: $3.99 Remember the SketcherGraph when you where a kid. This is the iPad equilvant.

Electronic Poetry Portal

Electronic Poetry Portal African American Poetry includes nearly 3,000 poems written by African-American poets in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. American Poetry comprises over 40,000 poems by more than 200 American poets from the Colonial Period to the early twentieth century. The Faber Poetry Library spans the seventy-year history of this major publishing house, and includes the poetry of James Joyce, Siegfried Sassoon, T.S. Eliot. Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Seamus Heaney.
Edgar Allan Poe, short stories, tales, and poems

Edgar Allan Poe, short stories, tales, and poems

by Robert Giordano This site contains short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allen Poe is a common misspelling), story summaries, quotes, and linked vocabulary words and definitions for educational reading. It also includes a short biography, a timeline of Poe's life, and links to other Poe sites.
Since 2003, The Free Library has offered free, full-text versions of classic literary works from hundreds of celebrated authors, whose biographies, images, and famous quotations can also be found on the site. Recently, The Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications covering Business and Industry, Communications, Entertainment, Health, Humanities, Law, Government, Politics, Recreation and Leisure, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences. This collection includes millions of articles dating back to 1984 as well as newly-published articles that are added to the site daily. The Free Library is an invaluable research tool and the fastest, easiest way to locate useful information on virtually any topic. Explore the site through a keyword search, or simply browse the enormous collection of literary classics and up-to-date periodicals to find exactly what you need.

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News, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Cl - Free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone, or eBook the best ebooks at the best price: free! Browse through the most popular titles, recommendations, or recent reviews from our visitors. Perhaps you'll find something interesting in the special collections. - Free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone, or eBook


Listen LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain . There are several options for listening. LibriVox

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The Pratt Institute Graduate Dormitory is an experiment in social and communal living. It accentuates the non-existance of privacy in dorm style living. Each "dorm room" is shared between anywhere of four to twelve people.
Home Pam Stewart Commissioner of Education Thank you for your interest in education in Florida. Whether you live in Florida, are considering moving here, or are just visiting, you may not be aware of the high marks the Sunshine State earns for its public education system. Just last year, Florida ranked first in the nation for teacher quality, first in the nation in advanced placement participation, and first in the southern region for graduation rate and degrees awarded by the Florida College System. Florida's fourth graders ranked second in the world, just behind fourth graders in Hong Kong, on an international reading assessment. US News & World Report included four Florida magnet high schools in its top 10 magnet high school list.
Florida's school system is the 4th largest school system in the nation. Florida's 67 public school districts are comprised of more than 4,000 public schools (including public charter schools) that enroll almost 3 million students annually. From Early Learning to Postsecondary, this inclusive Educators area has course descriptions, legislative links, information on standards and links to various sections of the Department of Education. Home
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Tallahassee, Fla., May 3, 2013 – From new bicycles to washers and dryers, homeless students will now have more tools to accomplish their learning goals. The Florida Education Foundation, Wells Fargo and the Florida Department of Education have created a statewide grant that provides up to $15,000 for school districts to help unaccompanied homeless youth. The school districts receiving grants are Lake, Leon, Manatee, Nassau, Palm Beach, Santa Rosa and St. John’s County. News | Florida Education Foundation