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I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Slash on NBC Hannibal. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Glory and Gore. Glory and Gore. Glory and Gore. Glory and Gore. Glory and Gore. Welcome to eden - aim-of-johns-affections: i-am-punzel: ... Welcome to Couchsurfing! - Couchsurfing. HowStuffWorks "Learn How Everything Works!". Have You Passed Through This Night? - Chapter 3 - solitary_thrush - Hannibal. Chapter Text Hannibal stands at the kitchen counter chopping peppers, green onions, and celery while a special treat he prepared last week for Will thaws in the sink.

Have You Passed Through This Night? - Chapter 3 - solitary_thrush - Hannibal

Knowing Will would come to his home again soon, Hannibal selected a prime cut from the rabbit he recently killed and processed it into Andouille sausage. It will rival the best New Orleans has to offer. As he slices the vegetables he will serve on the side, he considers Will once again. As his name suggests, Will is a study in conviction. But he is not so pure – something he suspected of himself before Hobbs. He does all of this in spite of his disconnection from and dislike of most people, the very people he saves. He could live out the remainder of his life in his little house in Wolf Trap, near the pulse of the world but sheltered from its hue and cry, teaching FBI trainees about the most driven killers of now and then.

Hannibal’s lips curl in a smile. Hannibal glances up when Will enters the kitchen. He smiles. “No. A Cappella of Gaudete - Chapter 3 - DarkmoonSigel - Hannibal (TV), Game of Thrones. Chapter Text Will found himself walking down shadowed halls of polished black stone, their dark faces heavily covered with lush tapestries of the woven past.

A Cappella of Gaudete - Chapter 3 - DarkmoonSigel - Hannibal (TV), Game of Thrones

He was lost, wondering into places he did not recognize. In the midst of his waking, it took Will a moment to realize that he was not alone in any sense of the word. The feathered stag was at his back, breathing down his neck, and at his side a new addition, a pale hound pacing his slow staggering steps, the canine’s fur silvery white and its eyes a shining icy gray blue. His other side was escorted by Lord Lecter. “Hello Will.” “You tell me.” Though he had been allowed his own chambers for personal use during the day, Hannibal had made it clear that Will was to spend his nights in his Lord’s bed and company. Mental Anarchy Chapter 3 - The Fallibility Of Authority. The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn. - Cicero I was still in elementary school when I realized that adults in general, and my teachers in particular, were not very smart.

Mental Anarchy Chapter 3 - The Fallibility Of Authority

While studying the multiplication tables, I discovered a “new” mathematical rule. Whenever the number 9 is multiplied by a digit from 2 through 9, the product is a two digit number: the first digit equal to the multiplier less 1, the second digit equal to the multiplier subtracted from 10. For example, 7 - 1 = 6; 10 – 7 = 3; and 7 x 9 = 63. I excitedly called to my teacher, eager to make my first contribution to the world of mathematics. 2 - 1 = 1; and 10 – 2 = 8; therefor 2 x 9 = 18. - StumbleUpon. What is Chaos? An Interactive Online Course for Everyone.

List of theological angels. This is a list of angels in theology, including both specific angels (e.g.

List of theological angels

Gabriel) and types of angels (e.g. Seraphim). Note that some overlap is to be expected with the list of theological demons entry, since various traditions have different classifications for the spirits they mention. Though an angels actions may seem malevolent there is a difference between an angel and a demon in that an angel works for a devine purpose beyond our human comprehension. See also[edit] References[edit] List of fictional angels. This is a list of angels in fiction.

List of fictional angels

For angels in theology, see the list of theological angels. A[edit] B[edit] C[edit] The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Path. Becoming a WitchWitchcraft 101 So, you want to become a witch...


These pages comprise a home study course written by myself. It includes excerpts from books as well as my own private practices. The information within these pages is by no means the "only way". They are simply a compilation of my own beliefs and of some traditional Wiccan beliefs. Traditionally, witches were taught the craft in "a year and a day" - this being the 13 months of the pagan calendar. If you have finished the above course and would like some further study, I suggest the following sites. 25 Reasons Why You MUST Go To Burning Man Once In Your Life. Burning Man is the biggest and most bizarre party in the world, comprised of 60,000 people camping in the desert of Nevada for a week.

25 Reasons Why You MUST Go To Burning Man Once In Your Life

It’s utter insanity that will rock your world forever. photo by Duncan Rawlinson Here are 25 reasons why you won’t be able to stop yourself from going after reading this article… Art Installations Workshops The Burning Man guide is full of hundreds of workshops, ranging from the most depraved spanking classes to the most spiritual meditation/yoga classes. Holotropic BreathingDIY Energy MachineGong MeditationLaughter YogaRadical ImprovIntroduction to Open Relationships & PolyamoryKnife ThrowingThe Neurobiology of HallucinationHow to Save the WorldTalking with Strangers Fire Dodgeball.