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45 Beautiful Winter Photography. 100 Breathtaking Examples of Architecture Photography. Plog — World, National Photos, Photography and Reportage — The Denver Post - StumbleUpon. Posted Dec 15, 2011 Share This Gallery inShare29 The best photos of 2011 from around the globe.

Plog — World, National Photos, Photography and Reportage — The Denver Post - StumbleUpon

Warning: All images in this entry are shown in full, not screened out for graphic content. Some images contain dead bodies, graphic content and tragic events. We consider these images an important part of human history. SEE MORE:Captured: 2011 Best Photos of the Year, Part 1 of 3Captured: 2011 Best Photos of the Year, Part 2 of 3 Thai Muslim women pray during a special evening prayer during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the Pattani Central Mosque on August 12, 2011 in Pattani, southern Thailand. A child weeps after arriving with a group of displaced Somalis to the Banadir Hospital on August 12, 2011 in Mogadishu, Somalia. President Barack Obama is seen silhouetted inside Marine One helicopter during his arrival on the South Lawn of the White House, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011 in Washington.

The stage collapses at the Indiana State Fair August 13, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lauren Peralta. Lauren Peralta 是一個住在紐約攝影師,她喜歡透過鏡頭捕捉自己最美的一面,因為她不害怕在鏡頭下的自己。 她有一系列精美的照片在Flickr上。 建議觀看她most viewed和most interesting的照片,或直接觀看她的相片集。 引用來源. 8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About - StumbleUpon. Photography seems easy at first glance.

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About - StumbleUpon

You simply make your frame and press the shutter button. The reality is, everyone can take a photo but not all can master it. There’s more to photography than just simply “point and shoot.” Photography is a skill only a handful have the patience and the passion to stick with. Photography students and enthusiasts must educate themselves with many technical terms such as aperture, shutter speed, focus and exposure. 1.

Bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of blur, the out of focus area of the image. There’s good bokeh, but there’s also bad bokeh when the blur is so distracting or harsh that it takes the focus away from the subject. Example of bad bokeh. Use of Creative Bokeh by Jean Fan You can also create other shapes of bokeh, such as the heart and star bokeh photos shown below. By CT Pham Photo by Astig 2. Panning refers to the horizontal, vertical or rotational movement of an image still or video. By Sofia Duarte by Statesman 3. By Rachel Arandilla 4. PHOTOGRAPHIE. 100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time.

Today we bring you a great collection of portraits of the most iconic people throughout history.

100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time

Portraits explore the relationship between the subject and the photographer or artist and usually continue to impress the viewer years after they have been created. The common thread running through all of these portraits is superlative design. Each is a masterpiece in its own right, from the medieval painted portraits right up to the most current photographs. This collection is arranged in alphabetical order and is by no means complete. We encourage you to post comments as to which portraits we’ve missed, that you feel should be part of this collection. We hope that this collection inspires you, makes you gasp and even smile. Afghan Girl This photo was taken as part of the National Geographic “Green Eyes” project, tracking the genetic trait of green eyes passed down through the Mongols of Genghis Khan’s time.

Buzz Aldrin Muhammad Ali Ali was a three-time heavyweight World Champion in boxing. Bono. Lam Tran Photography.