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Survival Skills

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Gun Manual For Nearly EVERY Firearm On The Planet ebooks pdf free download links. Doom Survival Guide - SAS Survival Manual. Air Force Survival Training Manual – Free Download. Given that there are so many survival manuals out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth having in your survival library.

Air Force Survival Training Manual – Free Download

Well, if there’s one survival manual that I highly recommend it is the Air Force Survival Training manual. The Air Force Survival Training manual (specifically the AFR-64) is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. SURVIVAL AND SELF-SUFFICIENCY LINKS. The Free Online Survival Guide. Preparing a Wild Turkey. Intro: Cleaning Your Wild Turkey You have finally achieved a successful turkey hunt and the most difficult part is over.

Preparing a Wild Turkey

But, there is still a lot of work to do cleaning the bird to get it ready to be put in the freezer. One of the most common questions and concerns of new turkey hunters is how to clean a turkey after they have shot it. This article will hopefully answer most of the questions about cleaning a turkey with some of the techniques I and many other hunters utilize. Step 1: Make a Decision The cleaning or field dressing process begins right after you shoot your bird. Make a decision immediately about whether you will have the turkey mounted. You might also consider how you plan on cooking the turkey.

Urban Survival Guide - Urban Survival Skills. Every emergency situation requires different skills to cope with the crisis.

Urban Survival Guide - Urban Survival Skills

Being prepared is essential to your survival. The following is the most basic urban survival skills that every urban survivalist should know, and practice in order to be prepared for survival. The Basics (Wilderness Survival Skills are the fundamental skills that should be learned for every survival situation) Urban Survival This urban survival guide is divided in two sections; Street Skills and Home Preparedness.

Street Skills Learning Lifesaving Skills Be prepared; take the time to learn vital survival and lifesaving skills before you need it! Keeping Fit You should also keep fit; join a local gym or build a home gym and work out three times a week. Know Your Environment Be prepared; take the time to learn your area, what type of people live there and where. Survival Quiz. How to Butcher. There are a few basics you need to know when you are learning to butcher venison, the first of which is: Don’t waste anything!

How to Butcher

In a survival situation you cannot afford to be picky. That cut of meat that you wouldn’t consider buying from the supermarket, like tripe, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, tail and feet, will be too valuable to toss away. Another basic when you butcher a deer or fresh killed animal is bleeding. This involves suspending the animal from the rear legs; head down with a catch basin to catch the blood. Cut either the carotid artery or jugular vein by stabbing the neck on both sides. While the blood is draining, the next step is to begin skinning your kill. From the circle extend the cut down the center of the body towards the neck. Be careful NOT to cut too deep and pierce the stomach cavity.

Shelters - Types of Shelters. When looking for a shelter site, keep in mind the type of shelter (protection) you need.

Shelters - Types of Shelters

However, you must also consider-- How much time and effort you need to build the shelter. If the shelter will adequately protect you from the elements (sun, wind, rain, snow). Food Procurement - Traps and Snares. For an unarmed survivor or evader, or when the sound of a rifle shot could be a problem, trapping or snaring wild game is a good alternative.

Food Procurement - Traps and Snares

Several well-placed traps have the potential to catch much more game than a man with a rifle is likely to shoot. To be effective with any type of trap or snare, you must-- Be familiar with the species of animal you intend to catch. How to Tan a Deerskin. Learn to Forage, Hunt, Fish and Farm - Survival Skills for 2012 - Mega-Disaster Planner. Foraging, Hunting, Fishing & Farming Even without the dire predictions for 2012, today’s global food shortage and rising commodity prices have most of world's population on edge.

Learn to Forage, Hunt, Fish and Farm - Survival Skills for 2012 - Mega-Disaster Planner

Whether it's crop-destroying freezes, hurricanes and tornadoes, mega-wildfires and droughts, nuclear contamination, flooding, infestations or greedy speculators on Wall Street, food availability is no longer a given in modern civilization. Keep in mind that in a worst-case scenario, urban dwellers will be more vulnerable to shortages than their country cousins, and that industrial countries are as susceptible to disruptions as poor ones.

While those people who live in rural areas are close to the crops and have the means to forage, fish and hunt, people in the cities remain dependent on grocery stores and FEMA in an emergency. That’s why acquiring the skills and techniques described below will help you become self-reliant in a long-term crisis. Optional Index: Foraging Hunting Fishing Farming (Page 2) Apocalyptic Survival Guide - Preparing for the Apocalypse. (Post Apocalyptic Survival Guides) Long Term Survival Guide Will You Survive Doomsday?

Apocalyptic Survival Guide - Preparing for the Apocalypse

Survival Shelters Food Storage Water Storage T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. (The End Of The World As We Know It) pronounced toat-wa-key is an acronym first coined by Mike Medintz on misc.survivalism in the mid-1990s. The end of the world as we know it does not necessarily mean complete destruction, but rather refers to situations that would forever change our society, and threaten the survival of all mankind. T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. scenarios includes but is not limited to: A major political shift that effects the stability of world super powers, and leads to wide spread panic and financial instability worldwide financial crisis worldwide famine worldwide pandemic Nuclear war A mega volcano eruption An asteroid impact.

10 Skills Every Survivalist Should Learn. Post Apocalyptic Survival Guide ( For Real Men) When the lights go out, and it is colder than a witches tits in a brass bra, you will need to know how to start a fire, purify water, acquire food and defend yourself.

Post Apocalyptic Survival Guide ( For Real Men)

Otherwise, you can stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. You have no chance of surviving the apocalypse without preparation. If you really want to survive and thrive in the hypothetical post apocalyptic world, you should ask yourself honestly: Could you survive without running water, electricity or grocery stores? Handloading. Historically, handloading referred to the private manufacture of cartridges and shells using all newly manufactured components, whereas reloading referred to the private manufacture of cartridges and shells using previously fired cartridge cases and shotgun hulls using new bullets, shot, primers, and powder.


In modern usage, some make no distinction between these terms, while others find important distinctions.[1] One key distinction is the purpose for the practice; handloaders often seek smaller batches of high-quality ammunition, whereas reloaders are said to make large quantities of ammunition that does not need to be of as high quality but at least one authority (McPherson) holds that a better distinction for these connotations is that, regardless of quantity, handloads tend to be of generally high quality while reloads tend to be merely functional. Reasons for handloading[edit]