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The End of Globalisation, the Return of History. Tutor2u Economics. David Smith's Austerity myths revisited Posted by David Smith at 01:00 PM Category: Thoughts and responses My piece on Friday, The Myth of Abandoned Austerity, has attracted quite a lot of interest.

David Smith's

It had a simple aim - to demonstrate that fiscal consolidation, deficit reduction, continued throughout the parliament, alongside recovery. Simon Wren-Lewis, a professor of economics at Oxford, devoted a blog post to it, here. Jonathan Portes, director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, was typically condescending, tweeting that I was "confused (& confusing)". Let me respond to Simon. But Simon answers the question himself: “I know this cannot be the case because I have never said that austerity was abandoned in 2012. That means, he suggests, that I am guilty of creating a straw man. This is not quite the same, of course, as economists that Simon might know saying austerity has been abandoned. (More...) Economics & Management. A world of ideas. The University of Oxford on iTunes U. Economics Online Home. University of Warwick Podcasts.

Warwick Podcasts allow you to hear from University experts commenting on important issues, their research and events.

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Warwick Podcasts are available as a downloadable MP3 file or can be accessed directly from this page. You can also subscribe through a number of podcast directories to get Warwick Podcasts direct to your computer and MP3 player. More podcasts from Warwick How employable are today's graduates? 11:12, Thu 8 Dec 2011 In the second of a series of podcasts on graduates and employability, Professor Kate Purcell and Professor Peter Elias discuss what employers are really looking for in today's graduates Download "Anonymous" Discussion 13:28, Fri 11 Nov 2011 Exploring the theory that Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, wrote the plays that we attribute to Shakespeare. Download Dating the Birth of Jesus and the 'first Christmas' with a Herodian Coin 15:51, Mon 20 Dec 2010 Anno domini. Download. Faculty of Economics. Introduction This reading list is designed to provide information about the scope and content of Part I of the Economics Tripos at Cambridge.

Faculty of Economics

It aims to help potential candidates who are thinking of applying to read Economics at Cambridge, and to allow schools to advise such candidates. Directors of Studies may also find it useful to send copies of this reading list to candidates holding conditional or firm offers of admission. The books on the list have been chosen to be widely available (for example, in school or public libraries) and where possible to be relatively inexpensive. Books marked with an asterisk are recommended texts for the course concerned, and are therefore more advanced than most of the other material on this list.


ONLINE COURSES. MICRO. MACRO. What are the Implications of Economic Activity on Society? The poor in both, developed and developing countries, are affected in both positive and negative effects of globalisation.

What are the Implications of Economic Activity on Society?

The effects in developed countries include the fall in wages, increased unemployment among the low skilled labour force, the training of unskilled and improved their labour productivity, while in developing countries outsourcing and increased trade may have positive impacts on employment, productivity, technology transfer and living standards. Therefore, will increase the quality of life in a place with a good economy, which will have a positive effect on society. In developed countries, the poor enjoy better social safety net, for example in the Uk there are benefit systems, whereas in the developing countries they lack such protection, therefore the place cannot develop as people cannot get out of poverty. DL Online - Login. Public Lectures and Events: podcasts and videos - Public lectures and events - Channels. Other ways to catch-up with LSE's public event podcasts and videos Visit our SoundCloud page or Mixcloud page, subscribe on iTunes or iTunesU, subscribe to our YouTube channel or add this RSS feed to your podcast app.

Public Lectures and Events: podcasts and videos - Public lectures and events - Channels

Older public event podcasts and videos In addition to the podcasts listed here a catalogue of more than six hundred public event podcasts and videos dating from 1990 to 2006 can be found in the LSE Digital Library. Forthcoming events See the public events website, or view an RSS feed of forthcoming events, or follow events on Twitter. Everyday Sexism Recorded on: 11 October 2016 Speaker(s): Laura Bates Laura Bates will talk about the everyday sexism project, with a particular focus on students at university, and women...

Play | Download: Audio Why Washington Won't Work Recorded on: 5 October 2016 Speaker(s): Professor Marc Hetherington Marc Hetherington examines why Americans today viscerally dislike and distrust the party opposite the one they identify... Play | Download: Audio. International Monetary Fund Home Page. National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Institute of Economic Affairs – Institute of Economic Affairs. Britain's Current Affairs & Politics Magazine.