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The 37 best websites for learning a new skill. Educational Apps. Learn from three founding fathers of distance education interviewed. Online Learning Resources. Pedagogical Models And Their Use In Elearning 20100304. Individualized learning. Personal Learning Networks. 10,000+ Open & Free Online Courses on Written by: Thomas Broderick Universities, colleges, and private organizations offer free online college courses to help students acquire new knowledge and skills. These courses cover a variety of traditional academic topics and other subjects that can lead to career advancement and personal enrichment. Courses occur online, allowing learners from all over the world to participate.

At the end of a course, students may qualify for an official certificate. Some institutions charge a small certificate fee. Most online courses provide an introduction to a topic, although there are some intermediary and advanced courses. Some free college courses use the term massive online open course (MOOC). Benefits of Open Courses Free online college courses allow students to learn from home, a significant advantage for learners who prefer to eliminate a commute. In a free college course, learners can explore new academic topics without incurring high tuition costs.

Should You Take Open Courses? Courses by Learning Platform. Best Sites with 500,000+ Free Audiobook Downloads - Freemake. 15 Cool Sites to Get Audiobooks & Listen on the Go When you are on the go, audiobooks can be a great substitute for ebook downloads. There is a plenty of options to listen to a talking book when you’re online: iTunes, podcasts, apps. But what to do when there’s no stable Internet connection?

Happily, there are numerous websites offering free & cheap audiobook downloads. Most of them provide almost any possible book in the form of digital MP3, M4B (for iOS) or OGG files. So you can easily download and transfer audiobooks you want to your phone, tablet, cloud storage and enjoy them at anytime. Let’s compare 15 best sites with audiobooks downloads. SEE ALSO: Top 5 Time-Tested Audio Players for Windows SEE ALSO: 5 Great MP3 Download Tools to Get Music Free 8 Most Popular Websites to Download Audiobooks 1. is the website with a wide selection of modern audiobooks.

Now subscription is only available in the US and Canada. Library: over 60,000 audiobooks 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Massive Open Online Courses about Writing. Virtual Schools. Compact Training for Online Teachers. Upload Elena Mutonono's Website Loading... Working... Elena Mutonono ► Play all Compact Training for Online Teachers by Elena Mutonono2 videosNo viewsLast updated on Oct 19, 2015 This is a series of webinars designed for language teachers who are just beginning to learn how to work and make money online. Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to Loading playlists... 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free.

June 18, 2015 All education is self-education. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world. Take a look at any widely acclaimed scholar, entrepreneur or historical figure you can think of. If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you. Note that some of the sources overlap between various subjects of education. Science and Health MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web-based publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.Tufts OpenCourseWare – Tufts OpenCourseWare is part of a new educational movement initiated by MIT that provides free access to course content for everyone online.

Business and Money History and World Culture Law Computer Science and Engineering. CourseTalk - Find and review the best online courses and MOOCs. MOOCs Aggregators. Interactive book. eLearning on Pinterest. My seven ‘a-ha’ moments in the history of educational technology. Module 3 - Planning Online Learning. A New Pedagogy is Emerging...And Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor. In all the discussion about learning management systems, open educational resources (OERs), massive open online courses (MOOCs), and the benefits and challenges of online learning, perhaps the most important issues concern how technology is changing the way we teach and - more importantly - the way students learn. For want of a better term, we call this “pedagogy.” What is clear is that major changes in the way we teach post-secondary students are being triggered by online learning and the new technologies that increase flexibility in, and access to, post-secondary education.

In looking at what these pedagogical changes are and their implications for students, faculty, staff, and institutions, we consider: What drives the development of this new pedagogy? New Demands of a Knowledge-Based Society There are several separate factors at work here. Lastly, it means developing students with the skills to manage their own learning throughout life, so they can continue to learn after graduation. Ten_guiding_principles_for_use_of_technology_in_learning.pdf.

Understanding the Building Blocks of Online Learning: How to focus in the age of distraction. So many of us are connected and/or using our connected devices regularly. Some might say we / you are addicted to them and suffer withdrawal symptoms when we forget them or leave home home without them. So then, how do we stay focused in this “age of distraction”? Jane Genovese writes on the Learning Fundamentals website on ‘how to focus in the age of distraction‘ and produced this excellent mind-map of Leo Babauta’s eBook “Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction”.

Genovese highlights her analysis of the book and the changes she’s making to sharpen her focus, including: Create habits and/or rituals to focus your mind.Manage email (expectations) and switch it off if necessary.Make time to reflect & review.Admit you’re online too much, and take steps to remedy.Digital detox: take time away and switch off.Work ethics (simplify working practices based on distractions, movement, time, etc.)

Cover my phone and table so I can’t see the notifications pop up and scream “I’m here!” Open Source Options For Education. By Mark Johnson on 13 January 2013, last updated Introduction This document presents options for open source software for use in the education sector. Some of these may have uses outside of education, but they are presented here in the context of their specific benefits to educational establishments, or their use in the course of teaching and learning. The document is intended to complement the UK Cabinet Office’s Open Source Options document, which is presented as part of its Open Source Procurement Toolkit in recognition that open source software is underused across the public sector.

As such, the aims and context of this document are the same as those stated in the original document. OSS watch maintains a briefing on Making Use of the Cabinet Office’s Guidance on Open Source Software. The document in its current form is the product of an ongoing collaboration between OSS Watch, the UK education community, and open source software communities. E-Learning Assessment Classroom tools. Elearning. eLearning Readings. eLearning Tools. eMINTS Conference 2014 - Connected Educator. Personal Learning Networks. Photo tutorials. Top 100 Education Blogs. Education blogs are becoming a means for educators, students, and education administrators to interact more effectively than ever before. They are also a great resource for those searching for the best online education programs to jumpstart their teaching careers.

Technorati currently tracks 63.1 million blogs. More than 5,000 of them are about education. It is likely that there are hundreds, if not thousands, more education-related blogs on the Web. Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the great education blogs out there. Blog Topics E-Learning | Education News | Education Policy | Internet Culture | Learning | Library and Research | Specialty | Teaching | Technology E-Learning Technology-assisted learning and online learning are topics discussed in these blogs. Education News This blog is a good starting point to read more about the latest news in the world of education as well current happenings at the best online colleges. This Week in Education Learning. The 19 Best Elearning Blogs - Articulate – Word of Mouth Blog.

Sep52006 From learning theories to content design, metadata to LMSes, survey data to industry trends, these blogs have it all. This list represents some of the more active e-learning blogs I’ve found or already read regularly. Each of these is great in its own way — be it the in-depth analysis, the industry headlines, the technical prowess — but all will get you thinking about learning and technology in new ways. The 19 Best Elearning Blogs* (in no particular order) The Rapid eLearning Blog Tom Kuhlmann was a customer of ours who made a name for himself in the Articulate Community Forums with his creative tips and tricks about Articulate products, and his unique ability to understand how to build original elearning courses that engage the learner and simultaneously meet business objectives. Now he blogs regularly at The Rapid eLearning Blog, which has nearly 10,000 subscribers, making it the most read blog in the elearning industry.

(Added to list September 20, 2007. . ) * Why 19? Jane's Pick of the Day. E-Learning Queen. EduBlogs and Wikis. FurtherEducation and eLearning. Open Universities. MIT's Channel. E-learning. eLearning. 28 Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Twitter | Best Colleges Online. M-Learning. Online Learning. Free Courses and Resources. Video resources. Educational Video Resources. Connectivism.

Learning, networks, knowledge, technology, community. Connectivism and CAS in Learning. CAS Authentication wanted! Social media from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to YouTube creates opportunities for building relationships, cultivating customers and promoting business, but the sea of updates and input awash with data both important and consequential can drown all but the most dogged of users. Fortunately, app developers have created more than a few devices to make keeping afloat in the social media waters manageable, sane and even productive. Yet even the tools intended to help users navigate social media ar 1 of 20 With TweetDeck, users can customize their Twitter experience with groups, columns, saved searches and automatic updates to help them stay updated about interesting people and topics.

TweetDeck, which is free, allows users to track what others are saying about them, and give updates via tweeting, sharing photos, videos and links. There are more than 550,000 active applications on the Facebook platform, according to social media company. Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals More Insights. GSiemens. Vygotsky, ZPD, Scaffolding, Connectivism and Personal Learning Networks | Brains. Stephen's Web. Cck08. Connectivism. Videos connectivism. MOOCs. A Compendium of MOOC Perspectives, Research, and Resources.

Debates about MOOCs and their attendant controversies continue to proliferate. What administrators and IT leaders in higher education need, however, is an overview of MOOCs and information resources to help fathom what they mean for institutions. Judith A. Pirani is a consultant at the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) and president of Sheep Pond Associates. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) remain higher education's hot and sexy topic, influencing discussion and media, and creating conjecture and controversy.

Nearly every publication and pundit has offered a view on the subject, resulting in an avalanche of information for busy IT leaders and others who want to discern what all this means for their institutions. This compendium attempts to lend a helping hand, recounting perspectives, research, and resources gleaned from a search of EDUCAUSE and other published sources. Past, Present, and Future: the MOOC's Place on the E-Learning Continuum The Student View Table 1. Notes. MOOCS & Open Ed. MOOCs. MOOCS. MOOC Articles. MOOC. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies The Toolbox Share your Top 10 Tools to help build the 2011 list This is the 5th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list I have built based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide.

I am now compiling the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 193 contributions so far Latest contribution: 26 June, 2011 List will be finalised 13 November, 2011 KEY Links to previous years' lists: 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007 F = Free, C= Commercial, D=Download, S=Server, O=Online Cells shaded blue are new tools on the list this year, green are returners Click HERE to share your Top 10 Tools to help build the 2011 list Glogster and Eduglogster Make an interactive poster Etherpad + clones e.g. SchoolTube Video hosting for teachers and students Scratch Create and share interactive stories, games, music and art.