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Wallpaper. 30 Best Quotes in Pictures of the Week – May 05th to May 12th. 1. ”Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour…..” – Albert Einstein 2. ”When you can’t smoke” – Rory Sutherland 3. ”Death does not concern us…” – Epicurus 4. ”I think it’s better to have ideas.” – Chris Rock.

30 Best Quotes in Pictures of the Week – May 05th to May 12th

Whitevinyl. Sistine Chapel. Apoptosis. Hallan impresionante “gemela” perdida de la Mona Lisa de Da Vinci. How Rational Is Your Everyday Behavior? もうひとつの未来. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years. Déjame Pasar la Vida... Manuel Garcia Los archivos del Cardenal. What’s the Most Beautiful Explanation?'s annual question Every year John Brockman and the other folks behind pose a question to dozens of scientists, writers, artists, inventors, and thinkers of various stripes.

What’s the Most Beautiful Explanation?

Their responses are collected at and later published in a book. The question for 2012 is close to my heart and to the theme of this blog: "Remind You" Music Video History of the Gundam Universe. Gladiator Soundtrack - 17 - Now We Are Free. C404-5244-6082AuroraTakasaka.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Rayo se junta con arcoiris en medio de tormenta eléctrica en Temuco.

88.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Photo &Cherry Blossom Avenue& by Marcel B. - StumbleUpon. Photo &Milky Way above the Himalayas& by Anton Jankovoy... - StumbleUpon. Nepal, Himalayas, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Modi Khola valley, nearby Machhapuchre Base Camp (3,700 m) Great news!!!

Photo &Milky Way above the Himalayas& by Anton Jankovoy... - StumbleUpon

Already you can buy my book about NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY (Getting ready and photographing the night sky): - PDF (perfect for your iPad, telephone, Tab, PC, MAC and etc. "Troodon in the Rushes" - Dinosaurs & Robots Art Show. How do ideas come to life?

"Troodon in the Rushes" - Dinosaurs & Robots Art Show

A deceptively simple question that has no concrete answer. In my work, inspiration comes in many different forms. It can be the shape of a tree sillouhetted against a setting sun, the way the light plays off the iridescence of the local magpies and ravens, the simple complexity of a fern or horsetail growing in the deep, cool boreal forest, or the flash of a predator's eyes as it stops for a refreshing drink. When creating something that only exists in one's imagination, it is important to keep at least part of the work grounded in reality. In the case of the painting "Troodon in the Rushes," I spent many hours researching not only the visual aspects of the work - art nouveau styles, iridescent bird feathers, and so on - but also the scientific aspects of paleoecology, paleobotany, and paleobiology.

20 amazing tree sculptures for nature lovers. Uprooted trees lying here and there might not interest anyone.

20 amazing tree sculptures for nature lovers

But with a stroke of artistry, these can be transformed into fabulous works of art. Since it requires a lot of hard work to make them well turned out, the acceptable masterworks are vocal enough to express their agony, relief or derision for what they have been morphed into. Just scroll through the wonderful sculptures after the break and try to infer the seemingly melancholic message. Most Beautiful Flower – Beautiful Flower Wallpaper.

Lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drim­hypo­trimmato­silphio­parao­melito­katakechy­meno­kichl­epi­kossypho­phatto­perister­alektryon­opte­kephallio­kigklo­peleio­lagoio­siraio­baphe­tragano­pterygon. It is a transliteration of the Ancient Greek word λοπαδο­τεμαχο­σελαχο­γαλεο­κρανιο­λειψανο­δριμ­υπο­τριμματο­σιλφιο­καραβο­μελιτο­κατακεχυ­μενο­κιχλ­επι­κοσσυφο­φαττο­περιστερ­αλεκτρυον­οπτο­κεφαλλιο­κιγκλο­πελειο­λαγῳο­σιραιο­βαφη­τραγανο­πτερύγων.


Liddell & Scott translate this as "name of a dish compounded of all kinds of dainties, fish, flesh, fowl, and sauces.