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Plant Identification Subject Guide

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Plantae - Plants, Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, Flowers, Fruits, Seeds, Leaves. Weed Science at the University of Illinois. Broadleaf Weeds Photo Gallery These are some characteristics of broadleaf plants that will aid in identification.

Weed Science at the University of Illinois

Dendrology at Virginia Tech. Identification guide. Southeastern Flora. Animals and Plants Unique to Puerto Rico. Birds found nowhere else include the Puerto Rican Amazon (ARKive), the Puerto Rican Screech Owl (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Woodpecker (Alfredo Colón), the Puerto Rican Tody (Neotropical Birds), the Green Mango (El Yunque), the Puerto Rican Emerald (IBC), the Puerto Rican Lizard Cuckoo (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Nightjar (Neotropical Birds), the Elfin Woods Warbler (Neotropical Birds), Adelaide's Warbler (, the Yellow-shouldered Blackbird (ARKive), the Puerto Rican Spindalis (, the Puerto Rican Vireo (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Loggerhead Kingbird (flickr), the Puerto Rican Oriole (flickr), and the the Puerto Rican Bullfinch (Neotropical Birds).

Animals and Plants Unique to Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican Tanager (Neotropical Birds) is an endemic genus. The mammals that were endemic to Puerto Rico are now all extinct including the Puerto Rican Plate-toothed Giant Hutia Elasmodontomys obliquus (AMNH) and the Puerto Rican Cave Rat Heteropsomys insulans (PubMed Central). Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide.