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Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide

Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide
Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Leafsnap contains beautiful high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, fruit, petiole, seeds, and bark created by the conservation organization Finding Species. Leafsnap currently includes the trees of the Northeast and will soon grow to include the trees of the entire continental United States. This website shows the tree species included in Leafsnap, the collections of its users, and the team of research volunteers working to produce it.

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Keep Wild Animals Wild Online Activities World Map | Ages 5-7 » Explore the world to learn about how animals are specially suited to live in their habitats. World Map | Ages 8-10 » Discover how the buying and selling of wild animals and their parts (wildlife trade) affects animals around the world. Backyard Naturalist | Ages 5-7 » Wild animals live all around us. Some are easy to see, but others are hard to spot. Team Shake: Pick Random Groups - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play Team Shake provides a technological and environmentally friendly way to choose teams for board games, sporting events, tournaments, school projects or anytime groups are required. The newest release brings many new features including full Phone and Tablet screen support, balancing teams based on skill or gender, importing users from a file, and sharing teams via Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Team Shake is the premier Android app for creating teams. Instead of a hat and scraps of paper, the user enters his friends' names in his phone or tablet and gives it a shake. The screen will then display a random set of color-coded teams. These teams can immediately be used for game play or shared via facebook or email.

Animate Your Life Tellagami® Edu is a paid version of the Tellagami® app loaded with features that allows classrooms to use the app without in-app purchases. Click on screenshots to enlarge. Male | Female Text-to-Speech Text-to-speech allows you to convert typed text into a voice you select for your character. Includes both male and female voices.

Animals and Plants Unique to Puerto Rico Birds found nowhere else include the Puerto Rican Amazon (ARKive), the Puerto Rican Screech Owl (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Woodpecker (Alfredo Colón), the Puerto Rican Tody (Neotropical Birds), the Green Mango (El Yunque), the Puerto Rican Emerald (IBC), the Puerto Rican Lizard Cuckoo (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Nightjar (Neotropical Birds), the Elfin Woods Warbler (Neotropical Birds), Adelaide's Warbler (, the Yellow-shouldered Blackbird (ARKive), the Puerto Rican Spindalis (, the Puerto Rican Vireo (Neotropical Birds), the Puerto Rican Loggerhead Kingbird (flickr), the Puerto Rican Oriole (flickr), and the the Puerto Rican Bullfinch (Neotropical Birds). The Puerto Rican Tanager (Neotropical Birds) is an endemic genus. The mammals that were endemic to Puerto Rico are now all extinct including the Puerto Rican Plate-toothed Giant Hutia Elasmodontomys obliquus (AMNH) and the Puerto Rican Cave Rat Heteropsomys insulans (PubMed Central).

200th Activity Book For 200 years, NOAA has been focused on delivering "science, service, and stewardship." Making this happen leads the people of NOAA from the edge of space to the bottom of the ocean. To help you learn more about your world and how NOAA helps you explore, understand, and protect our Earth, we've put together this book with 43 different activities. Download the full activity book or individual activities. Activity Book (121MB, pdf) NOVA - Official Website Map of the Human Heart Day and night, the muscles of your heart contract and relax to pump blood throughout your body. In the Step Thru below, see the complicated path the blood takes as it moves in and out of the heart. Step Thru Animation Oxygen-poor blood (shown in blue) flows from the body into the right atrium. Blood flows through the right atrium into the right ventricle.

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Story in 5 Photos » Show What You Know with Media A five photo story is a collection of five images which tell a story of some kind without using supplementary text, audio or video. The five photos should “stand alone” as a story. A “Story in 5 Photos” project can include five different photos or images either captured with a digital camera or located online. Weed Science at the University of Illinois Broadleaf Weeds Photo Gallery These are some characteristics of broadleaf plants that will aid in identification. Grass and Grasslike Weeds Photo Gallery These are characteristics of grass and grasslike weeds that will aid in identification.

Plate Tectonics Quicktime versionAVI version Animated gifs Last 750 million years: [1.04 MB] [506 KB] [261 KB] Last 750 million years in reverse: [1.04 MB] [506 KB] From 750 mya to the beginning of the Paleozoic: [294 KB] [166 KB] Freebie Library Fun freebies! My Incredible Body is a dynamic anatomy app: just for kids! Fill out the form to the right to get our fun free anatomy activities, which match up perfectly with the content presented in the app. It's a great way to keep kids learning! NEW!

Body Mass Index - Weight loss BMI lets you to focus on your fitness level and dieting routines. BMI lets you know about your body fitness factors such as correct weight, correct height, calorie requirements, diet routines, weight loss or weight gain progress etc... * PROFILE----------------- - create your basic profile with height, weight, age etc.. - add your picture to your profile * BODY FITNESS-------------------------- - BMI, Body fat percentage, Ideal body weight demonstrates your current fitness level. - These indicators influences an individual to fine tune their health and prevent obesity at young age. * WEIGHT LOSS DIET-------------------------------------- - 5 day diet chart helps you to plan your healthy diet to improve your fitness and health

Engage Me with BYOT! Here are the resources that will be used in my workshop entitled Engage Me with BYOT! Build Your BYOT PLN What Is BYOT? The 4 C’S of BYOT

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