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60 Totally Free Design Resources for Non-Designers. Creating engaging visual content doesn’t have to require a financial investment.

60 Totally Free Design Resources for Non-Designers

Sure, at one time graphic designers needed expensive software and even more costly images to craft a winning visual campaign. But thanks to a host of free online resources, anyone can design high-quality visual stories with ease. Of course, navigating the sea of online images and editing tools is easier said than done. Some require membership, others charge royalty fees, some require advance permission and others charge for high-definition. Fortunately, we’ve scoured the Web for the most complete, the easiest to use and the most innovative resources to aid even the most amateur designer in crafting stunning visual content. Check out these 60 totally free design resources for non-designers: Free Images. 50+ Free Tech Tools For Your Classroom. Chop YouTube Videos.

YtCropper - Crop YouTube Videos Online. Beautiful web-based timeline software. 6 Great Videos for Teaching Media Fluency. Collaborative Whiteboards. 6 Collaborative Social Tools for Student Writing & Collaboration Lessons, Assignments. Collaborative Software With Social Functionality can be a Powerful Asset in the Classroom Teachers who have taken the dive into education technology have infinite teaching and learning possibilities at their fingertips.

6 Collaborative Social Tools for Student Writing & Collaboration Lessons, Assignments

One category of technology tools that is often purposefully avoided as an instructional asset is social media. What can hardly be avoided, however, is the way that functionality that is common in mass social media applications has influenced other types of software applications. Collaborative, socially-enabled tools can provide excellent opportunities for practice, assessment, better writing, and better communication. Here are some excellent collaborative web apps and resources, with social functionality, that can play a valuable role in classroom lessons and assignments: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Some Interesting YouTube Tips for Teachers. YouTube is undoubtedly a great source of educational video content to use with students in class. whether you are looking for subject specific content or generic insights elated to professional development and teaching, YouTube’s video library has you covered.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Some Interesting YouTube Tips for Teachers

YouTube is also a versatile video editor where you can create and edit your own videos. It actually provides all the editing features you would normally find in a pro video editing software and all for free. Given the growing educational potential of YouTube, we have created a section in this blog where we share a plethora of resources to help you make the best out of this platform in your own teaching. Pedagogy365 - OneNote Class Notebooks: A Game Changer for Education. Candybank. Daniel Willingham: The false promise of tech in schools. It’s time to admit we don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to educational technology.

Daniel Willingham: The false promise of tech in schools

We’ve already had one round of chagrined admissions. About 10 years ago, the common practice was buying hardware and dropping it into schools: Every student got a laptop, perhaps, or every classroom got a computer-driven whiteboard. Policymakers finally realized that such purchases don’t boost student achievement or create a new generation of programmers. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom by Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online.

100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all your study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection. The Google Docs collection provides a streamlined, collaborative solution to writing papers, organizing presentations and putting together spreadsheets and reports. But besides the basic features, there are lots of little tricks and hacks you can use to make your Google Docs experience even more productive. Ed note: This is an older post, so some of these features or links may be out of date. Keyboard Shortcuts. 14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know.

Using copyrighted material incorrectly can land teachers and students in hot water.

14 copyright essentials teachers and students must know

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe. (Image by Gerd Altmann via / CC0) Students and teachers toe a very fuzzy ethical line every day — many without even realizing it. Some end up on the safe side of the line, but others cross the line and cross ethical boundaries — and sometimes costly legal ones. That line is the copyright line, deciding how teachers and students can respect people’s intellectual property. The bottom line is this: Copyright doesn’t automatically mean, “This is mine. The silver lining is this: Copyright isn’t the only license on digital media. Kristina Peters, a digital learning specialist for the Nebraska Department of Education, recently discussed copyright, licensing and the essentials that teachers and students should know. Teach Students about Online Safety with These Excellent Video Tutorials from Google. April 27, 2016 The web provides limitless opportunities for learning, creating, sharing, and exploring the depths of human knowledge.

Teach Students about Online Safety with These Excellent Video Tutorials from Google

But it is also an unsafe arena where one needs to be equipped with the needed tools and know-how to better stay safe and browse the net securely. As parents and teachers, we need to teach our students about the basics of staying safe online and luckily there are several resources to help you do that. Google Safety Centre is one of the best of them. Google Safety Centre provides teachers, parents and public users with a plethora of materials, tools and tips to help you manage the security and privacy of your personal data and keep you safe while using the net. Visit this page to learn more about these resources. PDF to Word Converter. Drop PDF hereChoose file Uploading.

PDF to Word Converter

4 Reasons That Technology Might Not Be Helping Them Learn - 4 Reasons That Technology Might Not Be Helping Them Learn by Nira Dale, K-12 Instructional Specialist Yes, even teachers make mistakes.

4 Reasons That Technology Might Not Be Helping Them Learn -

Storify · Make the web tell a story. Photo editor online - What the flip? Exploring technologies to support a flipped classroom by @katessoper. A flipped classroom is one where the lectures become the homework and the traditional homework tasks take place in the lesson time.

What the flip? Exploring technologies to support a flipped classroom by @katessoper

This enables students to attend sessions with an understanding of the subject and to conceptualise and build upon it through doing exercises in class, with you, as the tutor, on hand to answer questions and explore the topic in more detail. This moves the tutor from the “sage on the stage, to the guide on the side” (King, 1993). DocentEDU. The Curriculum Meets Educational Technology… Avoiding Tech Shine. Welcome to a post that I feel is a must read when it comes to instructional technology in the classroom of the 21st century! In fact, in this article I integrate curriculum, PD, and technology together in a way that makes so much sense.

I bring you this as I get ready to join the ASCD Press Core at the annual ASCD Conference in Atlanta, GA. Get ready for some daily posts and tweets throughout the conference that bring you the latest in educational theory with a technology twist. After you read this article, I am sure you will appreciate how technology and curriculum really do come together.

First, to ensure you do not miss a valuable post or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. 54 Flipped Classroom Tools For Teachers And Students. 54 Flipped Classroom Tools For Teachers And Students by TeachThought Staff The flipped classroom has continued to enjoy momentum years after its introduction, speaking to its flexible nature, and to the need for a real change in thinking in how we think of time and space in education. Technology has been, more than anything else, the catalyst for the flipped movement. With YouTube now nearly as ubiquitous as the television in many homes, access to video content is more seamless than ever.

Further, teachers have taken advantage of not just video channels but a collective video literacy to realize the potential of flipping the classroom. 5 Digital Tools For The Flipped Classroom. Hafsa Wajeeh, dtopgadgets Have you “Flipped your classroom” yet? The flipped classroom is a useful technique that has moved lectures out of the class, and onto digital media.

In doing so, teachers can drastically increase interaction time with their students. The Reedsy Book Editor: A Powerful Writing Tool. Google Doc Highlight Tool Add-on a 'Must-Have' - Ed Techsploration. Scoop.It Tutorial. Online voice recorder. PowerPoint Versus Visme: Which One Is Right For You? It’s about time: a round-up of time-lining tools. ThinkZone Games. Is technology a silver bullet for language teaching and learning? "There is no longer a four-walled classroom," says Dr Cecilia Goria, of Nottingham University's Language Centre. "Teaching and learning now extends beyond that. " Technological innovations have changed language learning radically from the old-fashioned image of pupils learning lists of verbs out of textbooks.

14 Free Text To Speech Tools For Educators. IVONA Text-to-Speech. Top 10 Text To Speech (TTS) Software For eLearning. Home - Asymmetrica. Is technology transforming education? By Russell Standard I am looking at the #EdTech tweet feed on my Twitter account as I write this article. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity. Google Fight. Road to Grammar - Your Road to Better Grammar. Teacher Training Videos - Free online technology and ict tutorials for use in education. Lav bedre videoer på mobilen - Digitalt. Five Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Classroom and Instruction. Interactive Ebook Creation & Digital Publishing Software.

Education Technology. 47+ Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom. . However, many teachers cannot access YouTube in their classrooms. Common Core Rubric Creation Tool. ​How to Use Multimedia Presentations in the Classroom. Shift to Digital: Classroom 'Look Fors' This blog is the third in a four part series–sponsored by Pearson Education–focused around the key indicators of success in a digital learning program. The first post focused on shared vision for student outcomes and learning experiences and the second focused on system strategies.

Home of free rubric tools: RCampus. Pearltrees - Collect & Share Review. Save bookmarks, documents, files, ebooks, PDF, photos, notes and more. Five Top Collaborative Research Tools. The Internet is built for sharing knowledge, but students often research and write in isolation—and turn out papers that cite the same handful of resources over and over. Vibby - Break YouTube Videos Into Segments With Commentary. Chop YouTube Videos. App of the Week: Vibby.