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2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference. The 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference will be our sixth gathering of the global community of self-trackers and tool-makers.

2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference

This will be a working meeting with attendees coming from many of the 90+ QS groups worldwide. It's a place to gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share our self-tracking projects, collaborate on new ideas, and discuss the future of the Quantified Self movement. If you've never been to a QS Conference before, here's what to expect: our meeting will be hands-on and interactive, with user-defined workshops on mood, data visualization, sleep, ethics, and many other topics. We'll also have some of the most interesting speakers from QS Show&Tell Meetups around the word reprise or update their talks for all of us, along with plenary session discussions of current topics in the technology and culture of self-tracking.

Note: We expect to sell out, so if you plan to attend please register today. Register Now. Quantified Self Paris #8 Design - Quantified Self Show&Tell à Paris. March 31 · 6:00 PM This location is shown only to members #QSParis8 - Réservez votre soirée du lundi 31 mars pour notre 8ème meetup consacré au rôle du design dans le Quantified Self.

Quantified Self Paris #8 Design - Quantified Self Show&Tell à Paris

Production et Coordination - Remy Bourganel (UX) et Christophe Ducamp Le quantified-self adresse essentiellement l'audience des 'innovators' et commence à peine à toucher les 'early adopters'. Alors que les grands industriels des gadgets se lancent à la course des wearables, l'adoption de ces prothèses-capteurs par l' 'early majority' n'est pas un franc succès et ne saurait se faire sans une rupture avec des devices et des services qui pour l'instant créent de la fatigue cognitive à l'usage et ne répondent pas aux fondamentaux d'une expérience stimulante, engageante et signifiante, qui transcende la question technologique.

Nous essayerons de couvrir ces points avec : Quantified Self Show&Tell à Paris. Quantified Self Conference Europe 2013. Quantified Self Europe 2013 is a conference for users and tool makers interested in self-tracking systems.

Quantified Self Conference Europe 2013

It will be a "working meeting" for the QS community (70 groups worldwide), where we will gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share and collaborate on self-tracking projects. We will also explore the potential effects of self-tracking on ourselves and society. If you are an advanced user, designer, tech inventor, entrepreneur, journalist, scientist, or health professional, please join us for a weekend of collaboration and inspiration! Note: We are happy to welcome 250 attendees, and we expect to sell out, so make sure to grab your spot and register today. The intersection of the quantified self movement and big data. These days, a growing number of people are wearing self-tracking gadgets that monitor and track their daily fitness levels.

The intersection of the quantified self movement and big data

The quantified self movement has taken a leap as more fitness monitors have emerged on the market. Although these self-tracking gadgets may still be somewhat of a novelty, there is no doubt that we will see a rapid proliferation of people wearing or using some type of digital tool that monitors their daily activity. Like how consumers and physicians both drove the iPad and smartphones into clinical care, people involved in the quantified self movement will also want to share this information with their physicians and healthcare providers.

That way they can receive better, more personalized care that is based on their health conditions, diet and level of physical activity. Rumors are circulating about a new Apple iWatch, which may incorporate some element of fitness tracking and become part of the Apple ecosystem of mobile apps and devices. Big Data and the Quantified Self. The Quantified Self: Data Gone Wild? HARI SREENIVASAN: This is actually how 41-year-old Bob Troia sometimes sleeps – with this gadget on his head.

The Quantified Self: Data Gone Wild?

So when he wakes up, he can see not only how long he slept … but also information so detailed he knows when – and how long – he was in rem sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. BOB TROIA: I tend to have a little point around 6am where my dog tends to bark at somebody. Then I’ll fall back asleep. HARI SREENIVASAN: And this is just the start of Troia’s data-filled morning routine. Before he even gets out of bed, Troia uses an IPhone app to take his pulse. BOB TROIA: I have an elevated risk for type 2 diabetes. HARI SREENIVASAN: Next: a finger-tapping exercise to test cognitive performance. And all throughout the day, a monitor on his chest and a band on his wrist collect data about his heart rate, sweat levels and skin temperature…so he can keep his stress levels in check. BOB TROIA: So I can look down at my phone at any point in the day and see, kind of, how stressed am I. You are your data: The scary future of the quantified self movement. By Michael Carney On May 20, 2013 Few if any consumers who fell behind on their credit card payments in the early 2000s thought that half a decade later employers would use their credit report to determine their job worthiness.

You are your data: The scary future of the quantified self movement

Few avid social media users must have realized that insurance companies, the IRS, law enforcement, and credit agencies would soon use their their data to investigate fraud, determine creditworthiness, and monitor other potentially illegal activity. History suggests they should have. Représentation de soi et identité numérique. Quantified-self et santé connectée. Withings équipe le premier contrat d’assurance santé en France avec des objets connectés. Pour la première fois en France, un assureur, Axa Santé, lance une offre d’assurance complémentaire santé individuelle incluant un objet connecté : le tracker d’activité Pulse O2 de la start-up française Withings.

Withings équipe le premier contrat d’assurance santé en France avec des objets connectés

Le tracker d'activité Pulse 02 de Withings mesure le nombre de pas effectués, le rythme cardiaque, le taux d’oxygène dans le sang ou la qualité du sommeil. © Withings Nous l'annoncions en mars dernier dans notre dossier sur le Quantified Self (QS), à savoir la ''Santé connectée'' ou encore appelée ''Santé 2.0''.

Les objets connectés pour le Quantified Self. Quantified self, m-santé : le corps est il un nouvel objet connecté. Qu’est-ce que le quantified self ?

Quantified self, m-santé : le corps est il un nouvel objet connecté

Le quantified self ou le « soi quantifié » renvoie à un ensemble de pratiques variées qui ont toutes pour point commun, de mesurer et de comparer avec d’autres personnes des variables relatives à son mode de vie : nutrition, activités physiques, poids, sommeil… Que ce soit au travers d’une application mobile de santé ou d’une balance connectée ces usages se fondent sur des captures de données de plus en plus automatisées et induisent la circulation de grandes masses de données personnelles parfois intimes. Ces échanges de données se font à l’initiative des individus eux-mêmes qui souhaitent partager leurs données ; ils aliment aussi les modèles économiques de ce marché émergent.

Quelles applications aujourd’hui et demain ? Biosignal. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le terme Biosignal est le terme récapitulatif pour toutes sortes de signaux électriques physiologiques qui peuvent être mesurés à partir des êtres vivants. Signaux physiologiques mesurés[modifier | modifier le code] ECG, Électrocardiogramme: battements du cœur.EMG, Électromyogramme: État de tension des muscles.EEG, Électroencéphalogramme: ondes cérébrales.ERG, Électrorétinogramme : Réponse électrique des photorécepteurs excitésGSR, Galvanic Skin-Response: résistance de la peau.EGEG, Estomac, intestins, Electrogastrogram (Wikipedia (en)).VRC, Variabilité de fréquence cardiaque, battement par battement, utilisée en cohérence cardiaque.

Voir aussi[modifier | modifier le code] Lifelogging, An Inevitability. The goal of lifelogging: to record and archive all information in one’s life.

Lifelogging, An Inevitability

This includes all text, all visual information, all audio, all media activity, as well as all biological data from sensors on one’s body. The information would be archived for the benefit of the lifelogger, and shared with others in various degrees as controlled by him/her. Some form of this total recall is inevitable, at least for some people. Partial recall from partial recording seems inevitable for the rest. We are all likely to record more and more of our lives. The extreme form of lifelogging is very radical at the moment. The technical specs of recording every moment in your life are entirely plausible right now. A lifelog would offer these benefits; * A 24/7/365 monitoring of vital measurements such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and presence or absence of bio-chemicals.

Quantified self. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Le quantified self (fr. mesure de soi[1]) est un mouvement qui regroupe les outils, les principes et les méthodes permettant à chacun de mesurer ses données personnelles, de les analyser et de les partager[2]. Les outils du quantified self peuvent être des objets connectés, des applications mobiles ou des applications Web. Nom et traduction[modifier | modifier le code] Le nom d’usage anglais de cette pratique est le « Quantified Self », parfois simplement abrégée « QS », soit traduit mot-à-mot le « soi quantifié »[3],[4], l’individu réalisant une évaluation quantitative systématique de son propre corps[5]. MyData Labs. Quantified Self et Big data – Santé 3.0 : sommes-nous prêts ?, Le Cercle. Accueil. Self Knowledge Through NumbersQuantified Self.

Quantified Self: The Ultimate Beginner's Guideand List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There) A transformation is happening. People, like you, are taking control of something conventional wisdom has told us is not ours to understand: our health. Why are we fat? What makes us feel sluggish? What causes our disease? How can I improve? Watch Ari Meisel explain how he cured his Crohn’s disease by following data.

Quantified Self Paris #8 Design - Quantified Self Show&Tell à Paris. Se Coacher vous dit tout sur les objets connectés.