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Artesanatos em geral

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手工DIY唯美图片,手工DIY图片,手工DIY精品图片 - 嘀咕网. Faça um lindo móbile decorativo. COMO HACER UNA PULSERA DE NUDOS CON FORMA DE CORAZONES Y CUENTAS PLATEADAS ADAPTABLE. TUTORIAL DIY. Como hacer aros en macrame circulares. CÓMO HACER un ANILLO de CUERO. TUTORIAL DIY COMO HACER UNA PULSERA FEUDAL TU MISMO FACIL BRACELET FRIENDSHIP. Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water. ♻ Paper Beads - Saucer Shaped Beads & Bells. 1000 ideas cretativas para reciclar botellas de plastico. Paper roses and butterflies - ENG Series. Мое выступлениес МК по одувану и обережке - pawys Jimdo-Page! Fofuchas Paso a Paso. Base de Fofuchas. Christmas Decorating Christmas Wreath Old Book Pages. Craft Ideas. Paper Art. Cómo hacer rosas con papel crepé que parecen de verdad by manualidadesconninos 1,784,798 views En este episodio le mostramos Cómo hacer rosas con papel crepé que parecen de verdad Para más manualidades en Español visite: y en Inglés: es un blog dedicado a revivir el antiguo arte de las manualidades, arte que se ha perdido a los juguetes fabricados.

Paper Art

Con enfoque en las manualidades para pre-scholar, kindergarten y elementaria. Haga manualidades faciles, sencillas especialmente para niños, hechas con papel , pompones, cosas fáciles de encontrar en casa y materiales reciclados. Paper Dolls Boutonnière. In the Summer of 2011, The Grumpy Owl, a fantastic writer and patron of the bespoke, commissioned Breeyn and I to create paper, colour change boutonnières.

Paper Dolls Boutonnière

The boutonnières were an extension of the successful paper dolls project we created for F.A.T. 2011. The Grumpy Owl beat me to the punch (by, like, 2 years) and blogged it previously. Paper Dolls Boutonnière from Christopher Lewis on Vimeo. The boutonnières consist of a simple electronic circuit: watch batteries power an RGB LED and each colour is individually controlled using 3 pot switches, allowing for an immeasurable number of variations in colour. Each switch basically increases resistance to each colour, RGB. Paper Dolls Boutonnière Electronics from Christopher Lewis on Vimeo. The electronics sat inside absolutely beautiful paper roses and carnations that Breeyn crafted. Share. Epson - Exceed Your Vision. Pop Bottle Flowers ~ Part 1 of 2. Origami - Arte. Papercraft Downloads. ARTESANATO FOFO: Carinhas para bonecas. Through the Sapphire Sky: Painting shells to play Ka-awase, a pairing game, on a spring day. I found these tiny pink shells scattered here and there on the beach when I was walking with a good friend of mine who lives on Zushi coast.

Through the Sapphire Sky: Painting shells to play Ka-awase, a pairing game, on a spring day

They are called sakura-gai, cherry shells(Nitidotellina nitidula). Looking just like babies’ teeny-weeny nails or cherry blossom petals, they are so delicate and cute. They can be found in Japan, Korea, and China. In Haikus, cherry shells are used to symbolize spring. Speaking of shells, I’ve finished painting the Hamaguri (Meretrix lusoria) clamshells for Kaiawase, the shell-pairing(matching) game. In Concentration, all of the cards are laid face down and two cards are flipped over each turn. As bivalves such as clams are bilaterally symmetrical, pairs of identical shells are considered as forever couples in Kaiawase. After some consideration, I decided to paint the inside of the shells gold, and to draw simple pictures in which a romantic story for each pair would unfold over the top.

Blue and crimson crescents and cherry blossoms. LET'S CLAY! Very easy SNAIL - tutorial polymer clay. PAPIER MACHE: POLYMER CLAY. Polymer clay é o termo em inglês para argila plástica.


É basicamente, um material de modelagem macio e maleável composto de partículas de PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), plastificantes (maleabilidade), antioxidantes e pigmentos (cor) que quando aquecidas se fundem e resultam em um plástico duro, resistente e durável. Sua variedade de cores e texturas permite a confecção de centenas de peças: objetos de decoração, bijuterias, jóias, esculturas, moldes de produtos, ímãs, brinquedos, bonecos de animação e artesanato em geral. Sua queima ocorre em forno convencional a 130ºC. A versatilidade deste material não impõe limites `as criações! How to Make a Snail Charm Craft Tutorial. ► Eggshell Pendants Version 2 - Craft Tutorial 17 [Using Wasted Shells] Recycle Nail Polish Jewelry Craft Tutorial. How to make Watercolor Paper Earrings by Ross Barbera. Garden fairies.

How to Tie a Paracord Snake Knot by TIAT. Origami Schachteln.