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Apache Spark™ - Lightning-Fast Cluster Computing. Standalone CEP is Dead-Long Live the Database. In days of old, when CEP didn’t exist, and we called it ESP, or Event Stream Processing, the whole value proposition that most vendors in the space espoused was, “We don’t have to write stuff to the database to process it.

Standalone CEP is Dead-Long Live the Database

And that makes us really fast!” Complex event processing (CEP) Discussion of complex event processing (CEP), aka event processing or stream processing – i.e., of technology that executes queries before data is ever stored on disk.

Complex event processing (CEP)

Related subjects include: April 30, 2014 Spark is on the rise, to an even greater degree than I thought last month. Triceps. StormTag - A Bluetooth Weather Station. On Your Keyring. by Jon Atherton. StormTag - Bluetooth Personal Weather Station. BloomSky's backyard weather stations hope to crowdsource the forecast. Anyone who’s spent much time in San Francisco quickly learns the limitations of typical weather-forecasting apps: “Today’s high 68 degrees” they’ll say, and in return you’ll scoff “Where?!”

BloomSky's backyard weather stations hope to crowdsource the forecast

Because of the city’s hilly topography, water on three sides, and the movements of its famous fog, temperatures can vary widely depending on what part of the city you’re in. You could leave your house near foggy Ocean Beach bundled in a jacket and scarf against temps in the mid–50s, then step off the train downtown where it’s 70 and sunny.

One of the easiest ways to know what the weather is like across town is to just ask someone who’s already there, but that’s kind of a low-tech approach. BloomSky, a startup based in San Francisco, wants to build a network of personal, smart weather stations that you can ask instead. Eye in the sky. Bitcoin contracts — Skynet. Meshblu - Octoblu's machine-to-machine (M2M) instant messaging (IM) open communications platform & API for the internet of things. Octoblu - Internet of Everything! Internet of things startup Octoblu designs a platform that translates protocols. While big companies are working hard to impose standards on the burgeoning Internet of things (IoT), little Octoblu is willing to be the translator between whatever protocols to connect every thing with every other thing.

Internet of things startup Octoblu designs a platform that translates protocols

Octoblu came out of stealth mode today with a focus on the industrial side of the IoT. Its core product is the Meshblu platform that, according to a statement, “can be used for the discovery, control and management of any API [application performance interface]-based software application, any hardware or appliance, or social media network.” Enterprise Data Storage and IoT. Continuous Delivery with Jenkins. Sauce Labs Web and mobile application testing made simple Sauce Labs' cloud-based testing platform lets you test your mobile and web apps across hundreds of browser and OS platforms in parallel, without setting up or maintaining infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

Sauce supports functional testing with Selenium as well as JavaScript Unit Testing, native / hybrid / mobile web app testing and manual testing. On-Demand Database Services Fill the Cloud. Two years ago, Hothead Games was drowning.

On-Demand Database Services Fill the Cloud

On March 1, 2012, Apple (AAPL) promoted the company’s mobile game Big Win Soccer on its App Store—great news, except that Hothead wasn’t prepared for the massive influx of visitors that followed. Within six hours, traffic to Hothead’s servers spiked a hundredfold, says co-founder and director of technology Joel DeYoung. The company’s software couldn’t manage all the data from the crush of users quickly enough. Players experienced sustained game delays.

More CIA Money For NoSQL: In-Q-Tel Backs Cloudant. CIA ups stake in database-as-a-service firm. The Essential Guide to IT Transformation.

CIA ups stake in database-as-a-service firm

NOSQL Databases. NoSQL, Heroku, and You. “NoSQL” is a label which encompasses a wave of innovation now happening in the database space.

NoSQL, Heroku, and You

The NoSQL movement has sparked a whirlwind of discussion, debate, and excitement in the technical community. Why is NoSQL generating so much buzz? What does it mean for you, the application developer? And what place does NoSQL have for apps running on the Heroku platform? SQL (the language) and SQL RDBMS implementations (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc) have been the one-size-fits-all solution for data persistence and retrieval for decades. Private Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform. Cloudant. Database as a Service (DBaaS) Apache Cassandra Hosting · Instaclustr. Mnubo – making objects smart.

The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy. OracleVoice: Why Database As A Service (DBaaS) Will Be The Breakaway Technology of 2014. Database as a Service (DBaaS) is arguably the next big thing in IT.

OracleVoice: Why Database As A Service (DBaaS) Will Be The Breakaway Technology of 2014

Indeed, the market analysis firm 451 Research projects an astounding 86% cumulative annual growth rate, with annual revenues from DBaaS providers rising from $150 million in 2012 to $1.8 billion by 2016. The reason is simple. DBaaS is gaining converts because it enables businesses to deploy new databases quickly, securely, and cheaply.

UK Prime Minister Holds First Ever Startup Pitch At No.10 Downing Street. UK Prime Minister David Cameron played host to the first ever tech startup pitch event on a hot summer day at his residence yesterday, entertaining 10 high-growth tech companies, venture capitalists and angel investors.

UK Prime Minister Holds First Ever Startup Pitch At No.10 Downing Street

This was the equivalent of holding a pitch event at The White House. The CoffeeWorks Project, 96-98 Islington High St, Islington, London N1 8EG, United Kingdom. Complex event processing. Event processing is a method of tracking and analyzing (processing) streams of information (data) about things that happen (events),[1] and deriving a conclusion from them. Complex event processing, or CEP, is event processing that combines data from multiple sources[2] to infer events or patterns that suggest more complicated circumstances.

The goal of complex event processing is to identify meaningful events (such as opportunities or threats)[3] and respond to them as quickly as possible. These events may be happening across the various layers of an organization as sales leads, orders or customer service calls. Big Data Stream Processors. Stream Processing + IoT + Enterprise Data Lake - zData Inc. The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) comes from the volume of data it will produce. Gartner, predicts that the Internet of things and personal computing will unearth more than $1.9 trillion in revenue before 2020; Cisco thinks there will be upwards of 50 billion connected devices by the same date; IDC estimates technology and services revenue will grow worldwide to $7.3 trillion by 2017 (up from $4.8 trillion in 2012).

Freebase. AggData. Buy and sell data at Data Marketplace. Add another site to the list of places to find the data you need. Data Marketplace connects people who want data to people who can find, scrape, and cull data. BitFury ASIC Maker Builds 20MW Bitcoin Mining Data Center. BitFury, a major Bitcoin hardware vendor, has entered the hosting and cloud mining business. Fueled by $20 million in recent venture funding, the company is rolling out a global data center network, anchored by a new 20 megawatt facility in the Republic of Georgia. The announcement is bound to fuel the company’s status as a contender to be the first major Bitcoin IPO.