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Pamphlet Architecture — Princeton Architectural Press. Architecture eBooks- Page 36 of 39. Books For Free. Pamphlet Architecture — Princeton Architectural Press. Alberni by Kuma, Vancouver, Canada | 谷德设计网. 非常感谢 隈研吾建筑都市设计事务所 将以下内容授权gooood发行。 更多关于他们:Kengo Kuma and Associates on gooood Appreciation towards Kengo Kuma and Associates for providing the following description: “建筑不是一个孤立的存在,而应该融入城市、融入环境。 我认为这是21世纪新建筑需要做到的。” -隈研吾 “The building should not be an isolated object. Buildings should be part of the city, part of the environment. I believe that is the goal of architecture in the 21st century.” ~ Kengo Kuma 日本著名建筑师隈研吾公布了其事务所在北美第一座大型居住建筑-Alberni by Kuma的方案。

如同一道柔美的曲线划过空中,建筑的整体造型让人一见难忘,而环绕建筑的日式苔藓花园则在其底部营造出舒适宜人的空间尺度和氛围。 In Vancouver to discuss his work, Japan’s leading architect, Kengo Kuma, personally revealed plans for his first North American, large-scale residential tower – Alberni by Kuma – proposed for the globally renowned city on Canada’s westcoast. The form of the building – a gentle curve – is the most important architecturally; the Japanese garden – a moss garden that surrounds the base of the tower – is the most important spatially.

“在日本建筑中,空间之间的界限往往是不明确而多变的。 通透而连贯的空间体验源于精心选择的材料和丰富细腻的细节层次。 Libraries illustrations by André Chiote | 谷德设计网. 图书馆是书的家,也是报纸,杂志,音乐,电影的家。 图书馆将我们与世界上宝贵的人类知识与过去联系。 是优雅的休闲与学习创所。 图书馆是我们必返的灵魂场所。 Gooood的老朋友André Chiote将他的最新作品“插画里的图书馆”分享给大家。 作为建筑师的André Chiote爱建筑也爱插画。 点击图片可看大图。 ‘Libraries are houses of books. and newspapers. and magazines. and music. and movies. Libraries are the house where we must always return.’

MORE: André Chiote 更多他的作品请见:André Chiote on gooood. 30<30 DISEGNI DI ARCHITETTURA - IoArch Costruzioni e Impianti, il magazine degli architetti. L´arrivo dei disegni alla quadreria della Galleria (foto ©Francesco degli Esposti) Sarà una giuria a selezionare, tra più di 300 lavori giunti da 46 Paesi diversi, i 30 disegni di architettura che formeranno la mostra 30<30, alla galleria Tulpenmanie durante la Design Week milanese. Dopo 02 | 06 dello scorso anno, che metteva a confronto le diverse attitudini di tre generazioni di autori, la galleria Tulpenmanie si concentra adesso sulle visioni di architettura, paesaggio e città di giovani autori (massimo 30 anni d’età) da tutto il mondo.

Il successo della call for drawings documenta la crescente attenzione per il disegno d’architettura. Le ulteriori opere apprezzate dalla giuria saranno esposte nella mostra collaterale Salon des Réfuses Architectural Drawings, realizzata in collaborazione con FUZZ Atelier e P7. Galleria Tulpenmanie, via Mauro Macchi 6, Milano. Untitled. Project Monolith Trailer 2016. Everything Architecture. The architectural firm Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen is known for its original architecture. It is a place where practice and theory – creations and theoretical projects – stand side by side.

The projects are direct, three-dimensional, and firmly rooted in architectural theory. The firm reduces architecture to its very essence and most original form: a limited set of basic geometric rules is used to create a framework within which life can be played out in all its complexity. Top: Office, Collage Office Dar Al Riffa. Above: John Baldessari, Two figures and two fissures “Everything Architecture” is based on the view that each and every one of the office’s products must be seen as a project in its own right. Maquette Office 28, Asplund Library © Stefano Graziano Office, plan Office, Solo Kersten Geers & David Van Severen, Oasis. © Bas Princen.

Sigalon's Environment/Energy Soup. BIG, Büro Ole Scheeren, and OMA have been announced as the three finalists in the competition to design the new Media Campus for AXEL SPRINGER SE in Berlin, Germany, beating out Kuehn Malvezzi and SANAA. The final ranking will be released in January. The new campus will be located on the historic site of the former Berlin Wall, what was once a no-man’s land.

All three proposals address this contentious history as well as the demands of a 21st century workplace. See all three proposals, after the break… “A Three Dimensional Neighborhood” BIG + Bollinger+Grohmann + Man Made Land +Topotek 1 + Kardoff Ingenieure + Wenzel+Wenzel BIG proposes a building like a “three dimensional neighborhood” with a “free and flexible floor plan” that wraps around an interior courtyard and “creates the optimum conditions for encounters and exchanges between the various groups of users.”

From the Architect. “The Collaborative Cloud” Buro Ole Scheeren From the Architect. More images/information soon to be released. Research - bioLogic - Work in MIT Media Lab. BioLogic is growing living actuators and synthesizing responsive bio-skin in the era where bio is the new interface. We are Imagining a world where actuators and sensors can be grown rather than manufactured, being derived from nature as opposed to engineered in factories. bioLogic seeks a harmonious perspective, where biological and engineering approaches flow in sync. These animate cells are harvested in a bio lab, assembled by a micron-resolution bio-printing system, and transformed into responsive fashion, a “Second Skin”.

We can now observe the self-transforming biological skin activated by living bacteria. The synthetic bio-skin reacts to body heat and sweat, causing flaps around heat zones to open, enabling sweat to evaporate and cool down the body through an organic material flux. PublicationCHI 2015 | Best Talk award | Honorable Mentions award.bioLogic: Natto Cells as Nanoactuators for Shape Changing Interfaces Yao. Engineering Development Design of Responsive Structures. Architecture and Freedom: Patrik Schumacher. <div class='bg-primary'><div class='white mw8 center pal tc'><img src=" alt="Audioboom logo black and white 280 120 b88e785e28ac617d782143393250002fa1caed2d743e8a34c4d74d988e20e931" /><h1 class='f1'>audioBoom uses Javascript</h1><h2 class='f2'>Please enable it in your browser's preferences.

</h2><p class='underlined-links'>Please visit our <a class="white" href=" center</a> if you're having problems. </p></div></div> audioBoom Entertainment | Royal Academy of Arts Architecture and Freedom: Patrik Schumacher see more options Embed Code Share on FacebooktwitterGoogle+ Architect and theorist, Patrik Schumacher, considers the various parameters for architectural practice today, in the second lecture of our ‘Architecture and Freedom’ season. Royal Academy of Arts about 1 month ago Playlist Embed Radio Reimagined. Historias de Arquitectura | La arquitectura nos enseña a lo largo de la Historia que necesita de dos cosas para su subsistencia: el genio creativo y buenos materiales de construcción.

Rem Koolhaas: A Revolution in Architecture by Mo Baig on Prezi. Timescape. Rhino3DE : Math in Architecture. Barcelona: Block City. Yuwei Wang: Normally monuments are exceptions and generators of the urban plan, but in Ildefons Cerdà’s Eixample in Barcelona the dominant type of city, the urban block, subsumes any other types. For example the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi can be seen less as a monument than a church subjugated to the block structure, with its plan developed from the cloister and not a Gothic church. Cerdà defined the blocks as pieces of public infrastructure through the concept of ‘interway’, which is distinct from the isolated block structure and islands that Rem Koolhaas discovered in Manhattan, raising the question of what a new urban idea of the interway could be.

Church as Urban Generator Church as Exeption in Urban Plan Block vs Cerdà’s Interway Interway Elements Interway Criteria Interway Arrangement The Block: Cerdà vs Rem Barcelona Eixample Eixample Development Eixample: Block Variation Eixample: Sagrada Familia as Block-Landmark Sagrada Familila: Church as Cloister – Plan Adaptation. Bezier Surface. Written by Paul Bourke December 1996 Contribution by Prashanth Udupa on Bezier Surfaces in VTK Designer 2: Bezier_VTKD2.pdf The Bézier surface is formed as the cartesian product of the blending functions of two orthogonal Bézier curves. Where Pi,j is the i,jth control point. There are Ni+1 and Nj+1 control points in the i and j directions respectively.

The corresponding properties of the Bézier curve apply to the Bézier surface Along the edges of the grid patch the Bézier surface matches that of a Bézier curve through the control points along that edge. Closed surfaces can be formed by setting the last control point equal to the first. While a cylinder/cone can be formed from a Bézier surface, it is not possible to form a sphere. C Source Example The following source code generates the surface shown in the first example above. Bézier Blending Function This function computes the blending function as used in the Bézier surface code above. Consider N+1 control points pk (k=0 to N) in 3 space. CS563 Presentations '95. Bézier surface. History[edit] Equation[edit] Sample Bézier surface; red - control points, blue - control grid, black - surface approximation A two-dimensional Bézier surface can be defined as a parametric surface where the position of a point p as a function of the parametric coordinates u, v is given by: [1] evaluated over the unit square, where is a Bernstein polynomial, and is the binomial coefficient.

Some properties of Bézier surfaces: Generally, the most common use of Bézier surfaces is as nets of bicubic patches (where m = n = 3). Simpler Bézier surfaces are formed from biquadratic patches (m = n = 2), or Bézier triangles. Bézier surfaces in computer graphics[edit] For this reason, Bézier patch meshes are in general eventually decomposed into meshes of flat triangles by 3D rendering pipelines. See also[edit] Bibliography[edit] A Unified Agenda for Architecture: The Built Environment as Frame and Interface of Communication | parametricism2. What I am proposing is a global, unified epochal style for architecture, urbanism and all the design disciplines (parametricism[i]), argued for within a comprehensive, unified theory of architecture/design (the theory of architectural autopoiesis) that is embedded within an overarching theory of society (Luhmann’s social systems theory).

[ii] Clarity and unity of agenda are necessary preconditions for effective collective action[iii]. Such clarity and unity must not be based on prejudice or a simplistic world view. The world within which architecture must try to redefine its role and agenda seems much more complex and uncertain than the world in which architectural modernism made its mark 60 years ago. Many have come to believe that this world is too fragmented and contested to allow for a unified collective architectural agenda analogous to the modern movement. There is indeed such a social theory, a theory that can cope with this new level of complexity and uncertainty. End. Like this: SCI-Arc Media Archive | Themes Archives for Bernard Tschumi. Subclip Patrik Schumacher shifts his discussion from projects to the ideas behind them.

He argues that architecture is a system of communication, specifically engaged with framing communicative interaction. He presents examples from vernacular pre-industrial settlements through Robert Venturi and Bernard Tschumi. Somol addresses difference in diagramming. He sites Colin Rowe’s Mathematics of the Ideal Villa as an example of starting with configurations of sameness and repetition and then identifying difference secondarily. He then looks at the way Bernard Tschumi integrates repetition with decay and oddity as a way to generate difference. He notes how Rem Koolhaas takes Le Corbusier’s Five Points of a New Architecture and subverts them to derive difference. Catherine Cooke reviews the impact of constructivist methods. Rem Koolhaas describes the Office for Metropolitan Architecture’s recent Parc de la Villette competition entry. Q+A: Is parametric design a craft? | sixty7 Architecture Road | Canadian architecture firms, their projects at home & abroad, and the broader built environment.

Two individuals, from separate professional backgrounds, and from different parts of the globe, give answers to our question of the week. Is parametric design a craft? Liz Steel is a Sydney-based Architect who teaches on-location architecture sketching throughout Australia. She is the founder and coordinator of Urban Sketchers Australia and blogs about sketching architecture at By definition craft involves the skillful use of the hand, and a certain pride in achieving the highest possible quality.

There is no doubt a great amount of skill is associated with the use of software to produce parametric design – but I would not call it craft as it lacks the human touch at the critical part of the design process. In my opinion, true craft in design comes from a finely balanced dialogue between eye, hand and mind. For me, giving away this dynamic relationship to a computer processor would be depriving myself of the joy of discovery. So what do you think? Model. Experimental Projects. Experimental Projects. Untitled. Rheotomic Surfaces | Space Symmetry Structure. These are Rheotomic Surfaces – from the Greek Rheo – flow and Tomos – cut or section (as in tomography) The horizontal sections of these surfaces correspond to the moving equipotential lines of a 2D Laplacian flow, with height mapped to time.

Such surfaces are complete, embedded and walkably connected. In this essay I present a type of mathematically generated surfaces with some unique geometric properties making them particularly well suited for architectural use. I also present some interesting by-products from the development of these surfaces including a novel and simple way of making conformal grids from flows without the usual methods of vector field integration. Finally, I suggest some possible directions for the future development of these ideas, both in architectural and purely geometric fields. ‘the last element to be revealed in architecture will be the floor’. The Function of the Oblique, Claude Parent and Paul Virilio One is the daunting nature of the mathematics involved. Where. Minimal surface. Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces. OMA's Reinier de Graaf on EU exits. Opinion: in the noughties, architects OMA worked on a series of optimistic projects for the European Union, including a proposal for a colourful EU Barcode flag and an exhibition suggesting that a united Europe "could be fun".

With the EU looking increasingly fragile, OMA partner Reinier de Graaf wonders if they should have bothered. A little over 10 years ago, on the occasion of the Dutch EU presidency of 2004, our office designed an exhibition about Europe. The venue: a circus tent set up on the Place Schuman in the heart of Brussels' European Quarter. The tent, produced especially for the exhibition, was a kind of chromatic spectrum of every single colour of every single flag of every single EU member state. The idea was that the EU could be fun. The exhibition was based on the juxtaposition of two panoramic timelines: that of Europe – with its long history of wars and bloodshed – and that of the EU, by contrast a short period of relative stability, progress and prosperity. NUVIS: Urban Design by NUVIS. Sách Kiến trúc - Photos du journal. Mathematical Mountains. Student Works: DRX 2012 – Minimal Surface Highrise Structures. Joe Lin - Téléchargements mobiles.

Winners of Re-Thinking the Future’s International Architectural Thesis Award 2013 | Gallery. Thesis architecture. Almudena Cano Pineiro. Thesis Special* // Indian Public Space | SUPER//ARCHITECTS. Spatiotemporal Explorations in Landscape Deixis. The Safe Space Project. Fantasy in Architecture.