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NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS. Portfolio Aske Günther Andersen by Aske Günther Andersen. Architecture Presentation Board Tips. Structure Before you start creating your presentation boards, take a moment to organise your work.

Architecture Presentation Board Tips

What are you trying to convey? What drawings / images to you have to show as part of your criteria? What are your key elements in design that you would like to portray. Collect together the information – even list out all the images to be included and what text you would like to put it, then you can start planning the structure of your boards. Orientation, setting and size Are you restricted to orientation of your presentation boards? How will the boards be viewed, will they be displayed in a sequence so they follow on from one another, or if you are not sure this is something you need to consider. What size are your presentation boards going to be? Layout Consider using a grid to help you organise the visual elements on your board. Image credit: Consider the visual hierarchy. Image credit: Aesthetic Aspects of Parametricism by Joaquim Filipe Reis. Modelo - Bring joy and efficiency to 3D design. Layout, Magazine Layouts and Creative Portfolio.

How a Vietnamese Refugee Is Rethinking Food Delivery in America. Tri Tran was always looking for something better to eat than government gruel.

How a Vietnamese Refugee Is Rethinking Food Delivery in America

He grew up in the desperately lean decade after the end of the Vietnam War, in the small city of Ba Ria, about 50 miles southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Because his parents were public school teachers, they received discounts on rations of rice, root vegetables, and sorghum, which his mother cooked together. The paste was barely enough to subsist on and gave Tran terrible digestive problems. So he, his older brother, Trac, and their father occasionally sneaked into desiccated rice fields to gather wild vegetables and, if they were lucky, paddy crabs. Tran’s parents knew their sons faced limited prospects. They tried once more and found a smuggler willing to get them on a boat. Tran, his brother, and grandmother took the bus 9 miles north to the oceanside village of Phuoc Hoa. Not wanting family members to talk during the escape, the captain separated the Trans.

Minimal Pure Series – Fubiz Media. Selected Illustrations by Jake Terrell. O Novo Guia de Brasília. Top 51 - Behance Portfolio Reviews Hanoi... - Behance Reviews Hanoi. Open Architecture completes a school surrounded by gardens. Gardens are slotted into gaps between the wings of this Beijing school by Open Architecture, and extend over mounds containing a subterranean swimming pool and an auditorium (+ slideshow).

Open Architecture completes a school surrounded by gardens

The Garden School – one of the nominees for this year's Designs of the Year awards – is located in the Changyang area of the Chinese capital's Fangshan District and was designed by local firm Open Architecture as a branch of the Beijing No.4 High School. One of the key objectives of the local authorities was to provide students with a more natural and open-air setting than is typical of conventional inner-city schools, despite the limited dimensions of the site. These criteria informed the decision to accommodate some of the building's larger communal facilities – including the canteen, auditorium, gymnasium and swimming pool – below ground and allow the gardens to extend over their rooftops.

Selected Works 2014 by Harrison Steinbuch. Portfolio of Jessie Rabideau. Le Thi Anh Hong - Urban planner. by Liên Hồng. Hung - Tr. Huy. Scritture e altre scritture. La grafica è scrittura, anzi scritture.

Scritture e altre scritture

In effetti fin dall'antichità se vogliamo comunicare in modo visibile e farci capire, dobbiamo scrivere. Ma si può scrivere incidendo la pietra, usando un pennello, facendo dei nodi ad uno spago, usando un pennino, componendo i testi con caratteri mobili e stampando, battendo a macchina, digitando una tastiera. E si può scrivere con un infinità di criteri e di codificazioni. Un testo alle volte appare come una figurazione, una bella immagine e anche l'allineamento di segni astratti ma codificati. Conscious Moralities — Moralidades Conscientes on Behance. Zidean - playboyqh - Nguyễn Quốc Hiệu. 3-GROUP. The Next Decade of Digital Inspiration. Redesign — Merve Verlag Berlin. In Anbetracht der Marktposition und der produktionsästhetischen Tradition des Merve-Verlages wurde unter der Maßgabe “Reduktion der Mittel” das konzeptionelle wie gestalterische Potenzial der Merve-Reihe ausgelotet.

Redesign — Merve Verlag Berlin

Für die Reihe wurde ein Farbcode entwickelt, der die 10 verschiedenen Kategorien beschreibt — jede Kategorie hat einen anderen Farbbalken. Der Katalog, der jährlich über Neuerscheinungen berichtet und den Gesamtkatalog des Verlags beinhalten, wurde als Magazin umgesetzt und informiert über, zu den Neuerscheinungen passend, Themen. Es gibt Interviews von den Autoren, Leseproben, Artikel die das Thema des jeweils vorgestellten Buches aufgreifen. Der Gesamtkatalog liegt als externes Heft dem Magazin bei. Wedge & Lever y su trabajo para Transworld Surf - Pousta. Aunque desde mayo del 2013 que no existe Transworld Magazine.

Wedge & Lever y su trabajo para Transworld Surf - Pousta

Es imposible pasar por alto el increíble re-diseño por parte del estudio de diseño Wedge & Lever. Con la meta de crear una experiencia visual más viva y alegre el trabajo de Wedge & Lever hizo que la revista ganara espacio en el mercado mes a mes desde principios del 2012. Lamentablemente a pesar de los buenos números. En Mayo del 2013 la competencia compro la revista y la cerró. Typo Holic by Huy Lê Quốc. Issue #18 - August 2014. Lebbeus Woods, Architect by The Drawing Center.