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John Stossel. Michelle Malkin. Townhall. The Corner. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s fiery denunciations of Islam were supposedly too much for Brandeis University to tolerate.

The Corner

Explaining its abrupt decision to rescind the offer of an honorary degree, the University explained that while it admired her work on behalf of women, “we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.” It’s nice to think that people are guided by their core values. But Brandeis’s explanation is rubbish. Hirsi Ali, who has been on the receiving end of credible, not to say gruesome, death threats her entire adult life, understands exactly what happened. Brandeis was intimidated. Politics, Political News. Real Clear Politics. FoxNews.com - Breaking News. DRUDGE REPORT 2011®