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Flipped classroom. If you have been following my blog series on The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture, you know that I am using this opportunity, given all the press on flipped classroom, to discuss a model of teaching and learning based on experiential education. It is a model in which authentic, often hands-on, experiences and student interests drive the learning process, and the videos, as they are being proposed in the flipped classroom discourse, support the learning rather than being central or at the core of learning. The idea of experience being core to learning has been discussed by Dale Dougherty, the publisher of Make Magazine, in the context of Maker Education: I see the power of engaging kids in science and technology through the practices of making and hands-on experiences, through tinkering and taking things apart.

Schools seem to have forgotten that students learn best when they are engaged; in fact, the biggest problem in schools is boredom. Experiential Engagement: The Activity. 11 Great Video Tools for Teachers. Over the last couple of years Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been posting dozens and dozens of video web tools; but as you probably know, one of the common characteristics of almost all the web 2.0 tools is that they have a limited life span. Some of them live longer than others.

That is why once a year and when our time permits, we do a massive hunt for those dead links in our blog, we try to omit those web tools that are no longer working and update our readers with the new releases. But this is a really hard work and takes a lot of time so if ever you are reading one of our oldest pages here and come across a link that does not work, please let us know . 1- Animoto Animoto is a great website. 2-Stupeflix Stupeflix is another website you should consider when creating videos. 3- Vimeo This is more of a video community than a creation tool. 4- Xtranormal This is a great website for making animated movies. 5- Microsoft Cliplets 6- vReal 7- Pixorial 8- Viewbix 10- WeVideo.

Take Your First Capture. So you've installed Jing, but now what? Learn how to take your first capture, and we bet you'll get the hang of Jing very quickly. Do you see the sun? It looks like the image below--the faint one without the mouse cursor. It's discreetly tucked away somewhere on the edge of your screen, always ready when you need to make a capture. Taking your first capture: The general workflow is to select something on your screen, then choose whether you wish to create an image or video. Mouse-over the sun and three little rays appear. That's the basic idea! Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and other things you might like to know. For all technical support issues, please contact TechSmith's free Technical Support.

My First Flip...and a Flipped Day discount on Snagit! On September 6th, 2013, the Flipped Learning Network hosted the first Flip Your Classroom Day. On Flipped Day, educators across the globe pledged to flip one lesson and experience Flipped Learning. Over the past few years, the flipped classroom model has really taken off in classrooms around the world. This model of teaching and learning has proved to be incredibly valuable to both teachers and students. It allows teachers to spend more time working with their students in the classroom, while allowing students to take control of their own learning and work at a pace that is most comfortable to them.

It also provides ample opportunities for students to engage in hands-on activities and meaningful learning both in and out of the classroom. The flipped classroom model not only fosters the development of 21st century skills, but also creates an any time, any place, any pace learning environment for students. Step 1. To get started, we invite you to watch the video below.

Step 2. Step 3. - Top 10 Sites/Apps for a Flipped Classroom. Knowmia - Update Your Browser. Flipped Learning Pace. For Educators | TechSmith Blogs. Flipped Learning Network Ning - A professional learning community for teachers using screencasting in education. NYSCATE-FLN 2013. - Cookies Required. Research / Research. Research on Flipped Learning Looking for original research, case studies, surveys, infographics or our Literature Reviews? What is the difference between a Flipped Class and Flipped Learning? Along with the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P and 11 indicators. Written by the board and practitioners of the FLN. Project Tomorrow and the FLN: In partnership FLN and Sophia Survey of Flipped Teachers (May 2014) The flipped classroom continues to grow in popularity and success. An extension of the Literature Review (see below), this brief looks at new research on flipped learning on college and university campuses.

Case Studies Flipped Learning Model Dramatically Improves Pass Rate for At-Risk Students Byron High School, MN: A Case Study (June, 2013) Flipped Learning Model Increases Student Engagement and Performance Literature Review on Flipped Learning (2013 & 2014) The 2014 Extension of the 2013 Review of Flipped Learning (20-page PDF) The Executive Summary of the Literature Review (Two-page PDF) TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing. Report: The 4 Pillars of the Flipped Classroom. Screencasting Apps for the iPad. I recently updated my 1st generation iPad by gifting myself with a 4th generation iPad for Christmas.

I had to give this gift to myself because I am the only one who shows Apple the love in my house. It's pretty safe to say that I am completely enamored by my brand new iPad, and mostly it's for reasons other than allowing me to Facebook and tweet from the comfort of my couch. As other teachers who have used iPads for years already know, there are some very cool educational apps out there, and recently I have been exploring various screencasting apps to record lessons for my classroom.

I have also had tons of fun playing with all of them over the winter break, screencasting from my couch about goofy things (mostly involving my two glorified throw-rugs of dogs) with my husband shaking his head at me from his armchair. I have listed some of the apps I have found below with a brief review of their pros and cons. Explain Everything ($2.99)This is one of my favorites. Update: Flipping the Elementary Classroom. Videos. The Flipped Classroom: Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head.