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Assembled Philosophers. Filosofie van het Hellenisme. Socratic Method. Waarom we niet zonder filosofen kunnen. Column - Het trolleyprobleem is een beroemd gedachte-experiment in de filosofie.

Waarom we niet zonder filosofen kunnen

De meest eenvoudige versie gaat als volgt. Een tram (trolley) rijdt een heuvel af. Vijf mensen zijn vastgebonden op de route die de tram zal volgen. Maar vlak voor de plek waar de angstigen liggen, is een wissel; bij omzetting neemt de tram een ander spoor. Op dit spoor is één persoon vastgebonden op de rails. De dikke man Een variant op het trolleyprobleem is ‘het dikke man probleem’. Onderzoek toont aan dat mensen die eerder bereid waren de wissel om te zetten nu minder geneigd zijn de dikke man voor de trein te duwen. De chirurg Het experiment, nog een stap verder: een chirurg kan het leven van vijf mensen redden door vijf organen van een patiënt die komt voor een ooglidcorrectie te gebruiken; alle testen toonden aan dat de organen in aanmerking komen voor een kansrijke transplantatie. Beslissingen door robots. 8-Bit Philosophy: Plato, Sartre, Derrida & Other Thinkers Explained With Vintage Video Games.

What Is Philosophy For? A Beautiful Animated Manifesto for Undoing Our Unwisdom, Cultivating Our Character, and Gaining Perspective. Against happiness: Why we need a philosophy of failure. In Hawaii, people are expected to be too happy. Is Britain going the same way? © Hakilon While in Hawaii on a quest for the perfect wave, I once bumped into a psychiatrist who asked me where I came from.

She gave a sigh of respect at my answer. “England!” It turned out that she was a specialist in depression. She pointed out to me that: (1) In Hawaii the same ratio of people are depressed as anywhere else; (2) The problem with Hawaii is that you are expected to be happy—by idiots like me, for example—so that when you are depressed, you are not just depressed, you feel guilty about being depressed too, so you’re doubly screwed; (3) And, finally, because Hawaii is technically the United States too, if you’re depressed, guilty and broke as well, when you’re supposed to be affluent, then you’re in triple trouble. 9 Mind-Expanding Books Of Philosophy That Are Actually Readable (A Guide To Practical Philosophy) Very few people wake up and think “I need philosophy.”

9 Mind-Expanding Books Of Philosophy That Are Actually Readable (A Guide To Practical Philosophy)

This is perfectly understandable. But of course, everyone has their own problems and are dealing with the difficulties of life in some way or another. The irony is this is actually what ancient philosophy was intended to ameliorate. Don’t try to cure anxiety: we need it – Charlie Kurth. At a dinner party, you find yourself seated next to a man named Sam.

Don’t try to cure anxiety: we need it – Charlie Kurth

He’s a new acquaintance, but it turns out the two of you have several friends in common – so you’re keen to make a good impression. On that score, things seem to be going quite well. The talk is flowing and your companion gives every sign of finding you witty and engaging. And then, all of a sudden, the mood turns a little sour. Sam makes eye contact less frequently. Popular now The appeal of ISIS isn’t so far from that of Tolkien How bad experiences in childhood lead to adult illness. Nine Quotes from Stoic Philosophers for Happier Days. Stoicism /  Getting Stronger. Hormetism is a practical set of tools that can help you lose weight, get fit, or even improve your eyesight.

Stoicism /  Getting Stronger

But thinking of it as just “as set of tools” actually undervalues the benefits of Hormetism, because it leaves out the greatest benefit: a path to freedom from stress and a means of increasing your physical, mental and spiritual strength. Hormetism is at once a broad perspective on living and a specific set of techniques that can free you from distractions and foster your ability to focus on the important things in life–even the most challenging ones–with greater engagement and joy, and with less distraction from negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, and the other negative manifestations of stress. Why Stoicism is one of the best mind-hacks ever – Lary Wallace.

We do this to our philosophies.

Why Stoicism is one of the best mind-hacks ever – Lary Wallace

We redraft their contours based on projected shadows, or give them a cartoonish shape like a caricaturist emphasising all the wrong features. Socratic Method. Against happiness: Why we need a philosophy of failure. Wat filosofie is (en wat het niet is) Filosofie wiki. A Visual Dictionary of Philosophy: Major Schools of Thought in Minimalist Geometric Graphics. By Maria Popova A charming exercise in metaphorical thinking and symbolic representation.

A Visual Dictionary of Philosophy: Major Schools of Thought in Minimalist Geometric Graphics

Rodin believed that his art was about removing the stone not part of the sculpture to reveal the essence of his artistic vision. Perhaps this is what Catalan-born, London-based graphic designer Genis Carreras implicitly intended in chiseling away the proverbial philosopher’s stone to sculpt its minimalist essence. Many moons ago, I discovered with great delight Carreras’s series of geometric graphics explaining major movements in philosophy and now, with the help of Kickstarter, the project has come to new life in book form. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 30 Essential Reads for Philosophy Majors. What is Philosophy – and what’s it for? © Getty People are understandably confused about what philosophy is.

What is Philosophy – and what’s it for?

From a distance, it seems weird, irrelevant, boring and yet also – just a little – intriguing. But it’s hard to put a finger on what the interest really is. 9 Philosophical Thought Experiments That Will Keep You Up at Night. When Philosophy Becomes Therapy. Alain de Botton's self-help books for those who style themselves as intellectuals are making their way to the United States.

When Philosophy Becomes Therapy

Why Study Philosophy? 'To Challenge Your Own Point of View'. At a time when advances in science and technology have changed our understanding of our mental and physical selves, it is easy for some to dismiss the discipline of philosophy as obsolete.

Why Study Philosophy? 'To Challenge Your Own Point of View'

Stephen Hawking, boldly, argues that philosophy is dead. Not according to Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. Goldstein, a philosopher and novelist, studied philosophy at Barnard and then earned her Ph.D. in philosophy at Princeton University. She has written several books, won a MacArthur “Genius Award” in 1996, and taught at several universities, including Barnard, Columbia, Rutgers, and Brandeis. Goldstein’s forthcoming book, Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away, offers insight into the significant—and often invisible—progress that philosophy has made.


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