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Mémotice : Les chartes d'usage, aide-mémoire. Snazzy Maps - Free Styles for Google Maps. Google Street View Hyperlapse. Custom Google Maps Style Tool. A tool for playing around with Google Maps colours and generating the styling code.

Custom Google Maps Style Tool

The generated Google Maps code can be copied from the bottom of the page. Colours can be controlled with sliders below or by entering a hex value. Tags: api, custom, google maps, maps, styles Written by Myke Cook Mike is a web developer at Evoluted. Styling Google Maps. Map Stylr is a new Google Maps API Styled Maps wizard that can help you create a unique style for your own Google Maps.

Styling Google Maps

Map Stylr includes the Styled Maps wizard and a showcase of styles created by users of the site. The Map Editor allows you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas. Instead of using the Map Editor tool you can use the Map Stylr 'showcase' to select from styles created by other map developers. If you find a style that you like in the showcase you can simply cut & paste the style JSON code into your own Google Maps creations. If you want a nice map style for your Google Map but don't want to go to the effort of creating your own unique style then you can find some great map styles on Snazzy Maps.

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SIG. Bitstrips - Comics starring YOU and your Friends. 8 New Great Educational Web tools for Teachers. I haven't posted in the section "educational web tools " for a couple of months now but I know most of you were away for the summer anyway.

8 New Great Educational Web tools for Teachers

However, the curation and bokmarking process of new educational websites I come across in my online forays haven't stopped. I have handpicked a wide variety of interesting web tools that have been recently released and I think you will defnitely find them helpful in your efforts to integrate technology into your teaching. TitanPad. Chromecast. 10 Best Apps for the Leap Motion Controller. What can you do with the Leap Motion Controller?

10 Best Apps for the Leap Motion Controller

Thanks to the Airspace Store, plenty. Here are the top ten apps for the device, with one more novel use for good measure. The Leap Motion Controller may not be ready for the masses just yet, but there's no doubt that the small motion controller is one of the coolest things we've seen. OUTILS WEB GRATUITS. TiceHG. Veille Tice.


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