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Teacher Center. Teaching Students To Use Critical Thinking To Find Quality Websites. 50 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day. Resources – Google Earth Education. Earth. EN PassportWarmUp Geography. Journey Into an Active Volcano. PDF Candy - Edit PDF free with online PDF editor. Common Sense Media: Age-Based Media Reviews for Families. Free Templates – engagEDucate. Peterson web page - SOCIAL STUDIES HYPERDOCS. How HyperDocs Can Transform Your Teaching. Home - Women & the American Story. Free Timeline Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides -

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EF 2017. Instruction and Assessment Videos. Click on the strategy to go straight to the video: Chat StationsConcept AttainmentCrumple & ShootIn-Class FlipInductive LearningJigsawMind’s EyeNightly Reading Homework: Best Practices for ParentsReciprocal LearningRubric CodesTeaching Text Structures for Non-Fiction Reading Chat Stations This is an easy way to make seat work more collaborative and get students more active.

Instruction and Assessment Videos

You can turn any worksheet into a Chat Station in no time, and your students will be grateful for the chance to get out of their seats! Read our full article on Chat Stations.Back to Top Concept Attainment This constructivist technique presents students with “Yes” and “No” examples of a concept, then asks students to list the defining characteristics of the “Yesses,” all before ever telling them what the concept is. EBSCO Information Services Service Selection Page. Impulsivity in Children - Understood. Imagine being at someone’s house for dinner and grabbing the salt off the table before anyone else can.

Impulsivity in Children - Understood

Then when the host asks everyone how the food is, saying it’s a little bland. Amazing presentations in minutes. Flip Books & Magazines. Information on Dyslexia for Educators * Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. How does Google work? Glenn invited two top executives to talk about how one of the biggest companies of the 21st century stays innovative. Glenn has a love/hate relationship with technology.

How does Google work? Glenn invited two top executives to talk about how one of the biggest companies of the 21st century stays innovative

He loves the vision of the future and the freedom it gives people. However, the exponential growth of technology also creates the opportunity for giant companies to get so giant that they can crush the life out of you. Glenn isn’t sure where he stands on some of these big technology companies. Google, being number one in that category because they do some pretty scary things, but they also do some amazing things. He invited two key Googlers, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and advisor and former SVP Jonathan Rosenberg, onto the show to discuss the Google culture and their new book How Google Works GLENN: Hi, guys.

SPEAKER: Hi, Glenn. GLENN: Very good. ROSENBERG: It’s Jonathan. GLENN: Thanks for being here. ERIC: Well, this is Eric. ROSENBERG: Glenn, we also point out in the book that there’s a new archetype, a new character that we’re defining, that’s sort of the hero of our book, which is the smart-creative. My Google Tools Tutorial Videos in One Playlist and more - syamamura - Island Pacific Academy Mail. Free printable mandala coloring pages. Dictation Is a Free, Easy-to-Use Speech-to-Text App for Chrome. Recommended by Thorin Klosowski Clips Adds Tons of Copy and Paste Functionality to iOS "You Learn By Finishing Things" I Want to Write iOS Apps.

Dictation Is a Free, Easy-to-Use Speech-to-Text App for Chrome

Where Do I Start? Access Hyperlapse's Hidden Settings with Four-Finger Taps Watch for These Signs to Avoid Exercise Injuries Use "Hey Siri" without Being Plugged Into a Power Source The Fiddle Factor: How to Learn Enough to Fix Anything Figure Out What Song Is Playing with Shazam and Siri Chrome for iOS Now Downloads and Saves Files in Supported Applications Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software Vidgets Adds Loads of Widgets to the iOS Notification Center. The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”) NOTE: First, Wallwisher, the popular virtual “corkboard” or “bulletin board” Web tool changed their name — they’re now known as Padlet (though all their old links using the Wallwisher name work fine).

The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”)

Now, Corkboard.Me, a similar tool, just announced they’re changing their name, too — they are now known as NoteApp. Wallwisher was the first online application that let you easily place virtual post-it notes on a virtual corkboard or bulletin board, and allow you to post text, images, and/or videos on them. This kinds of apps have many uses. I particularly like them for easy social bookmarking (my students, for example, post their favorite language-learning games on them so their classmates can try them out.

I also have students use them to supplement inductive data sets (a series of pieces of information about a topic( they have categorized in the classroom. Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world. DyslexiaInTheClassroom.pdf. Project MUSE. JSTOR. Historical Stock Create and share visual ideas online. Logo Design and Name Generator. Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about. Have you ever asked yourself what learning theories you know about and which ones you feel more connected to and apply in your teaching ?

Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about

Generally speaking, theories inform and guide practice in any content area and a learning theory is a set of concepts on how people learn. It is more or less an investigation of the strategies and the underlying cognitive processes involved in learning. The educational field abounds in learning theories to the extent that it becomes hard to draw clear boundaries between some of them. The graphic I have for you below provides a clear categorization of the learning theories you need to know as a teacher and educator. Check it out and as always share with us your feedback.

Courtesy of edudemic. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.