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The Hexayurt Project: Free Hardware Housing for the World. Reno Hexayurt sur Twitter : "A #hexayurt model for @burningman. If anyone needs help making their own let us know and we can provide help. CreativJam sur Twitter : "It's a Zeppelin! Nathaniel Bluedorn on Instagram: “#hexayurt” Nathaniel Bluedorn on Instagram: “#hexayurt” SilverWolf Designs sur Twitter : "Uhm, the aliens have landed? Roomies' #hexayurt = done-ish! No door/etc yet, but that's the easy stuff. *tired grynz* SilverWolf Designs sur Twitter : "Roomies' #Hexayurt #WIP. Roof is behind the walls, but I can't keep my eyes open anymore to help tape stuff. #Zzzzzzz.

Hexayurt 1:30 Model Building Timelapse. Developments of Ethereum and Beyond - Ethereum Singapore (Singapore) Dylan Leighton sur Twitter : "H12 prototype customised #Hexayurt. Waterproofed for #uk climate... Jaycousins sur Twitter : "2nd page of #hexahome vision, describes the #hexayurt exterior cc @leashless drawn on #betabook... Vinay Gupta on Twitter: "Podcast with @FutureThinkers_ on blockchains, cultural change, meditation and The Big PIcture incl Space you'll enjoy" How Can 'Housing First' Work When the Housing Isn't There?

Just before 10 a.m., on a sunny Thursday in late April, Kehau Reeves was hanging out at her usual spot, near a picnic table at Kewalo Basin Park.

How Can 'Housing First' Work When the Housing Isn't There?

An affable 44-year-old with her hair neatly tied in a ponytail, Reeves is one of the park’s regulars — for more than a year, she’s been camping out here in a small tent. To bring a semblance of normalcy to her life, she keeps her area clean and organized. She has her belongings tidily folded and arranged around her tent and on benches. When a nearby public restroom gets messy, she cleans it up. This way, Reeves can endure the vagaries of living hand to mouth. In recent years, city and state officials have been trying to ramp up a program aimed at identifying chronically homeless people like Reeves and getting them quickly into permanent, supportive housing.

But, despite an infusion this year of more than $4 million in city and state funds into the program, Oahu’s homeless population is still growing. Blendrix sur Twitter : "Prepping for the #Burn with our #hexayurt... Living in Beta: The Mobile Hexahome. I used to live in a treehouse in Berlin, but now I’ve got a family.

Living in Beta: The Mobile Hexahome

The design brief for a good quality shelter and base for living has changed. The Mobile Hexahome will be our first prototype house, and is still very much a work in progress. If you want to keep up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter or check into this blog for updates. At present we are in the early stages of prototyping, we’re hoping to develop the prototype to a stage we can live in it during POC21 whilst living with other makers at a castle in France – life is hard ;). SilverWolf Designs sur Twitter : "Can't build it yet, but wanted to get a feel of the sizing involved for the Tri-stretch #Hexayurt [de la Wolfie] :) Jay sur Twitter : "#hexayurt in Haiti response plan from 2010 // #Nepalquake... Hexayurt_in_haiti_v1.1.pdf.

まがり sur Twitter : "hexayurt workshop in Tokyu Hands Shibuya. #hexayurt... The Hexayurt Project: Free Hardware housing for the world. Alastair Somerville sur Twitter : "Prototype idea by @Ian_Willey for awareness/fundraising emergency housing for #gaza using @leashless #hexayurt design. STAR_TIDES sur Twitter : "Raising the roof at the #TIDESDemo14 #hexayurt @fema thank you FEMA Corps volunteers... Laurel May sur Twitter : "Girl, get in. It's nice & cool @katiepegler "I miss our luxury #Hexayurt in this Default World @laurel43 @burningman"

まがり sur Twitter : "ヘクサユルト作る。 #hexayurt... Vinay Gupta - Unmonastry 2014 #lote4 - hexayurt and cosmic goals! by Vinay Gupta 18 on SoundCloud. Watch?v=dSD6DhuqFzA&feature=youtu. EMF2014 hexayurt talk Hexayurts, Distributed Infrastructure, and Maximizing Global Minimalism. Vinay Gupta sur Twitter : #Hexayurts, Distributed Infrastructure, and Maximizing Global Minimalism" 11:30AM @emfcamp B Post-market engineering. Photo by jasonmtang. Photo by chrissharp. Von Slatt, Completed pod bay door with 3-D printed handles... Vinay Gupta - Resilience Guru — London Real. Hexayurt playa. TCannadySF : So it begins. #BurningMan ... Vinay Gupta - Hexayurt Project - End Homelessness. Elevation on the Performance Hexayurts. 2012-05-11-IMG_1826.CR2. IMG_6421 1. Burning Man 2012. Sterling, Amalia, Blythe, Yurt, Firepit.

HelloSticklets : #hexayurt #libertylandspark... Vinay Gupta - Hexayurt Project - End Homelessness. Futurists try out less-boring, funnier Singularities. Alternatives to the Singularity is a funny, crowdsourced, extended piss-take on the idea of the Singularity, created through futurists' challenge.

Futurists try out less-boring, funnier Singularities

A bunch of funny people, futurists, and weirdos created 80+ variations on the theme of Singularity. They go on a bit, but they range between mildly funny to genuine ROFL, and are worth the time. Alternatives to the Singularity - Google Drive (via MeFi) Noelito : inside the #hexayurt with it's... IMG_6015. Que sera, sera: Hexayurt Living Redux. This was our second year bringing a hexayurt to the temporal existence of Black Rock City in Nevada’s high altitude deserts.

que sera, sera: Hexayurt Living Redux

Our first year found it to be a rousing success with only a few areas we felt the need to improve upon. This second year found us improving in most of those areas but a known downside was made glaringly obvious. All in all we intend to keep using the hexayurt until we are unable to tape it back together at which point we will investigate other options. The key issue we had last year was the interior was in a constant state of disarray. All of our clothing and costumes, let alone every other supply, were vacuum packed into bags and stuffed into either plastic or canvas bins. One of the nice features of the hexayurt is that it keeps the ambient temperature down compared to the outside world. Our power situation was much improved this year with the addition of nearly one hundred amp hours of sealed led acid battery capacity combined with sixty watts of solar.

Glorious #tape for the #hexayurt. Fenkt : Pallets for the #Hexayurt cold... Laurel43 : Building a fresh, new #hexayurt... Devon Double Hexayurt – Jumplogic. EDIT: Link to Nick’s Blog One problem with categorising dates by the weekends i.e ”First weekend in June” is you forget what other events approximate to it, such as a friend’s birthday.

Devon Double Hexayurt – Jumplogic

So where was I instead of reconnecting with old friends? In a field, in Devon, with a bunch of strangers. I will be vague with names since I cannot recall which individuals requested not to be photographed and uploaded. Meet Nick. Everything was wrong, the screws were almost what we needed, but without the partially unthreaded shaft they weren’t pulling things tight. Everyone involved, 7 in total, were very practical people.

Oc7bdfqxj Shared by. Witter / jobsworth : How a favela begins? A collection ... An original maker: Paul Elkins, Pacific Northwest polymath. Channel 9 Eyewitness News Video. Hexayurt Trip Report. After years of obsessing over the Burning Man festival on the internet for years I finally managed to make it to Black Rock City.

Hexayurt Trip Report

My partner and I decided that one of the creature comforts provided to us by modern society - solid walls - was something we were not willing to do without for ten days in the sometimes hostile environment of the playa. When I first thought about that thing in the desert back in 2005 it seemed as though the only way to comfortably make the journey would be via RV. As I was never able to commit financially to such a wild endeavor the idea largely laid dormant until autumn 2011 when it rapidly became apparent that such a goal was feasible for 2012. We briefly kicked around the idea of renting an RV with some friends and then discovered what appears to be a perfect solution. The Toolbox « Relatively Prime. The mathematics that we all learn in school is great.

The Toolbox « Relatively Prime

No, really, it is. How can anyone get through life without knowing how to add or subtract. Multiply or divide. Solve for an unknown or factor a polynomial. OK, you might be able to get through life without that last one, but the point still stands, the mathematics that we all learn in school is great. Photo by jenergyla. #WSA #Hexayurt: one year on and still looking good. But time. Gif-not-found. Vinay Gupta: Redrawing the Maps - a new geography for practical politics. Twitter.

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Blog. I’ve just released 4.3gb of files on State Failure and contingency management into the public domain at


You can browse, watch and download individual files there. There is the start of a collaborative “reader’s guide” on Appropedia. You can also download the entire set as a TAR file from or try bit Bittorrent version here. At 4.3gb it’s ideal for burning on DVD. Just download the file, decompress (unzip etc. will do it), burn them on to a DVD and pass them out. The files are all Public Domain, with one exception as noted below.

  1. alxgraham Oct 14 2016
    Dear Vinay. I'm listening to you speak in a podcast i randomly found today. At an exceptionally important time in my life. After two decades of inventing, as a bit of a p_ssy to be honest, having come from a hyper supportive upper middle class american family, who was loathe to ever risk their little gifted kid in the real world - i have developed a collection of intellectual equity, which, for essentially the entire time i engaged in "all but insanely creative explorations", was intended to be "invested" into what i've long called "An International Human Family Business". A Democratic Collective. A Human Consumer Union. YADA YADA YADA. I am "ONE OF" those people who deeply believe in a great deal of what you seem to believe in. I was a gifted kid, and at 43, i would dare to say i at least hope i still am. I'm willing to sacrifice everything i think could easily make me a shit ton of money, to help facilitate some kind of truly real world manifestation of something that sounds hugely congruent with your own revolutionary views. Hexagons, obviously great. Yurts? Lol. Yurts are cool. Refugeeism? People dying for a lack of "Universals"? Oppression in general. Bad Shit. Shit that, as i heard you say, we need to at least make sure the kinds of people who can work to fix these things, are "created" by our society. I would LOVE to have you be the literally first guest on a podcast i guess i'll call it, called "DemoCrazy™". I'm like one or two steps away from "publishing" a very real world international business plan, embedded within what has to be visionary and imagination capturing fiction - that would perhaps best be named "Come True" As in: 1. BE HONEST & 2. ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD. I love you brother. You're super bright, compassionate, and animated. You've done a LOT from what i can tell so far, while i spent the last two decades doing little more than recording conversations in pursuit of truths and ideas with which one day it might be conceivable for more than 50.001% [or a super-, or a hyper-majority even] of people, to conceive of the idea of "A Free and Equal Peace", without actually laughing. I'm pretty sure we'll end up having some long and largely insane sounding conversations in the relatively near term future. Hopefully that is sooner than later. I heard you say how much more you like talking with people, than "writing". I like talking most. Then reading or writing from/to another individual. Then writing to a group of any size. I'll find other places to paste this. ALXGRAHAM on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. I have made no effort as of yet to market myself on any level, but content and decency are what matters to me, not so much what i look like. That being said, i understand that what people think of us, at least when it's the exact kind of people who you'd be most happy to ideally live in a way beyond sustainable Revolutionary Community - Matters. Truly enjoyed the first experience of hearing you speak just now. Actually about to start episode 2. Hit me up somehow someway at some time. Thanks, Robert Alexander Graham. PS: again, i am DEFINITELY "no one" at the moment. I'd actually like to keep it that way. But if we make any difference, i believe that people will, and perhaps almost must notice. So it goes. Adios for the moment.