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Sarah Jane Sews: Tutorial: Pillow Bed from XL Twin Sheet. If you've spent much time on Pinterest, you've probably seen some variation of the pillow bed.

Sarah Jane Sews: Tutorial: Pillow Bed from XL Twin Sheet

My cousin's wife asked me if I'd make one for her son, so I did some investigating. Some of the pins suggest sewing pillowcases together; another goes to a tutorial that no longer exists. I based mine on this tutorial, but she did a lot of eyeballing, and I am a diehard measurer, so here's my version with measurements. Materials XL twin sheet (mine was 66x96") Ruler Fabric marker Coordinating thread Pins Five standard pillows Lay your sheet out right side up and fold one of the long sides over 15" and pin. Fold the other side over 22", making a finished width of 28". Move your cat out of the way. Sew along one of the short ends. Measure 85" from the seam you just sewed. Turn right side out! Smooth it out so it's as even and wrinkle-free as possible. Insert your pillows and test it out! Sew Your Favorite Pants (DIY Drawstring Pants)

How to Sew Wide leg Pants. My Life Re-Created: Circle Shirt ~ Tutorial. As a mom my wardrobe consists mainly of jeans and t-shirts, most that have seen better days.

My Life Re-Created: Circle Shirt ~ Tutorial

For the most part these clothes are great – I mean who wants to climb up the fast food play area steps to retrieve a 1-year-old in designer clothes! But sometimes I wish I could have a few new things. Of course I am the stingiest shopper when it comes to clothes. Mostly just for MY clothes. I don’t really like to buy anything that isn’t on sale. Jenn at The Craft Patch has laid out a great tutorial for making this shirt. A NOTE: At The Craft Patch, Jenn explains that getting a knit fabric that does not fray is especially important. Maxi Wrap Skirt Tutorial. How to Sew Jersey Fabrics on a Domestic Sewing Machine – Part 1: Seams. Many sewers both new and experienced are unnecessarily scared of sewing stretch knit fabrics.

How to Sew Jersey Fabrics on a Domestic Sewing Machine – Part 1: Seams

How to Sew Knit Fabrics: Sewing With Jersey 101. Babies love wearing cozy knits!

How to Sew Knit Fabrics: Sewing With Jersey 101

Ladies love wearing cozy knits! When we asked the Prudent Mamas, we discovered everyone is nervous about knits. We get that! Since we have a bunch of cute patterns for knit jersey dresses and such planned for you, we thought we’d start by getting everyone comfortable with sewing knits. Let’s start with a little primer, including what equipment you need (or don’t need), the different stitches, and some basic tips to help you get on your way to Cozytown.

From the feedback on our facebook page and twitter, we see that the Prudent Mamas have concerns about stretched out seams, popping threads, and slippage while sewing. How To Make a DIY Top and Wear it 16 Ways #travelhack #packlight. Easy Circle Shirt Sewing Tutorial. Easy batwing top pattern. Make yourself this flattering top!

easy batwing top pattern

Easy do-it-yourself project! How about a free pattern for a butterfly shirt? Some call the look “batwing,” but I prefer butterflies to bats–I’m just that kind of girl. DIY Easy Trapeze Dress. DIY T-Shirt Dress ( Easy Sewing) Tuto coutures Paixão Fortes. ♥ How to make a circular top ☁ DIY Cocoon Dress - Free Sewing Pattern Review + Baby girl is here! - Sew in Love. Free sewing pattern - Boho Kimono Dress Pattern. Hello everyone, I’m Rin.

Free sewing pattern - Boho Kimono Dress Pattern

I’m visiting today from my sewing blog, Sew in Love. I’m very excited to share this sewing tutorial for a boho kimono dress here at So-Sew-Easy! The inspiration for this dress came from a maxi dress I saw at Free People. I was looking for a bohemian, comfortable dress with a high waistline to accommodate my growing pregnant belly. I’m quite pleased with the result, and I have been wearing the dress now at 8 months pregnant, so it’s definitely comfortable!

Sewing Patterns. Sewing patterns can be a mystery when you are first learning to sew.

Sewing Patterns

I hope to resolve some, if not all, of the mystery for you. Starting with where to buy patterns, how to buy pattern and so on. Easy DIY Maxi Dress Tutorial! Mimi G For Michael Levine Inc. Rasta Wife Line: Simple Sewing Tutorials. 19 Sewing Hacks You Should Know. Creations By Michie` Blog: Bridging or Faggoting Tips. Home - rosiejames. Projects. A Femme’s Guide to Improvement: Make a Blouse! So I got an email from Jane last week, linking to this top: “The one I tried on was shorter and not sheer.

A Femme’s Guide to Improvement: Make a Blouse!

Can you show us how to make it? It looks SO beautiful on and it's a fucking square with a hole in it, that's it. A square folded in half, a neck hole cut out, and two short seams on the sides to hold it in place. Does that make sense? UGH! It is three hundred dollars because they say it is! Dolce and Gabbana probably charged even more when they did this a decade ago for their S/S 2002 collection, which was when, as a freshman in college, I saw it and decided I had to have it.

You’ll need: Tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress. The Plan.

tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress

Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. I stand 5′ tall (I know, I know, I am tiny) and I needed 2.5 meters of fabric with a 45-inch width. Preparation and Cutting. DIY Shift Dress. A N D A M E N T O: Needle Felting. OK, my new obsession is... ...needle felting.

A N D A M E N T O: Needle Felting

I expect many guessed from the little peek I showed in my previous post. Sewing 101: making a pouf. Add a burst of color to your room with this crafty pouf! At 17” wide and 10” deep, it’s large enough to serve as floor seating or a foot stool. (And if you have pets, I have a feeling they may want to make this their new favorite spot!) This project is a little challenging to sew, but it’s not too difficult, so if you’re comfortable with the basics of sewing, give it a try. You can make a colorwheel effect with a range of solid colors, or choose a variety of patterned fabrics for a louder patchwork effect. Medium-weight cottons work well for this design (check out quilting shops for great selections of solids and prints).

Diy Magnetic Pin Plate. This is one of my most favorite projects ever, a magnetic pin plate. They are so simple and fun to make. Because they have so many uses, they have become my go-to gift for just about any occasion. I made a plate for my son’s teacher last year to hold paper clips and such, one for a friend to hold bobby pins in the bathroom, and of course it makes the best gift for anyone that sews as a pin plate. Are you ready for the easiest diy ever? How to Applique on Fabric . . . Earlier this week -- after posting about Brunhilde and Manfred my tooth pillow creations -- I promised a tutorial on "Fabric Applique". Applique refers to the technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create a design, pattern, or picture.

The technique is especially popular right now on childrens items or totes. Here are some basic instructions that the beginner sewer can use to learn how to applique. Before you Start: Find a design for your applique that can be broken down into basic shapes. You can draw your own creation onto paper or use a stencil or a coloring book page. Fabric Selection: Choose fabrics that will compliment or contrast. As you read through the tutorial, know that each step coincides with the number on the photos. Step 1: Choose one piece of your pattern and cut a piece of double-sided paper-backed fusible web (like Wonder-Under) slightly larger than the pattern piece.

Step 13: Now it's time to sew around those applique pieces. Gathering Fabric & Muslin Pillow Tutorial... I have received many emails lately asking if I might create a tutorial on how I gather fabric. I've used this gathering technique on a number of pillows that I've created recently -- like the pillow I made Monday (below). Some people call this technique "gathering. " Others call it "ruching. " How to alter Dress Part 1 [start 1]

Sewing101: exposed zippers. We’ve already talked about sewing zippers in a regular seam and sewing invisible zippers so today let’s talk about exposed zippers! These are really easy and can add a fun decorative (and functional) element to any garment! Exposed zippers are zippers that sit right on top of your garment, for a deconstructed look.

An exposed zipper can add an element of interest to an otherwise plain garment. How To Make A Dart. You may be familiar with darts as those pointy things you throw at a dartboard on the wall of your favorite pub. Although they don't fly, darts in sewing are still vital components of the overall sewn project. For the most part, sewing darts look quite similar to their gaming counterpart. They are wide on one end and pointy on the other. Pub darts are all about a smooth trajectory and pinpoint accuracy. Sewing darts are also big on smooth lines and precise points, but their function is all about shape. All fabric is flat, but you already knew that part. How to Install a Zipper.

How to Sew with Bias Tape. So we showed you How to Make your own Bias Tape, and you were psyched, but y’all asked for a primer on how to actually sew with it. So here you are, my friends. Double Sided Fabric Headband Pattern. Hello blog world! Tutorial: Sprocket Pillows. These are my favorite new pillows. Teddy bear patterns on Pinterest. Buttercream and a Sewing Machine: TUTORIAL: Easy Headband. I have bangs that swoop towards my ear, and a lot of days I want to keep them from falling into my face. DIY Knot Pillow. Easy DIY Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial. Today’s project is one of my favorites yet. Sew Much Love, Mary: "Modern Fairytale" // Too Tight Tank Top Refashion.

It all started off as this really tight tank top. Introducing Alicia Wietholter & the Laney Hobo Bag! We’re kicking off 2015 with a brand new addition to our project designer team and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Please welcome the incredibly talented Alicia Wietholter of Swoon Patterns!! [insert welcome applause here] Alicia is known for her easy-to-follow patterns that produce classic, wearable, and super stylish handbags.

Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed. Free Sewing Projects. Description: Easy pajama tutorial. By using your old pajamas as a pattern, they can be sewn in any size. 101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer! 100's Of Sewing & Quilting Links - Yarn-or-Fabric. Vintage Lace & Doilies: Upcycled and Repurposed. Lots Of Best Free Sewing Projects. All Types. Ten minute no-sew recycled t-shirt bag!

Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners. On a Roll T-shirt - free sewing pattern. Cowl Draped Infinity Dress. Sock Animals on Pinterest. How to make a Retro Polka Dot Dress. Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle. Make your Own Stuffed Elephant. How to make a backpack. DIY OFF THE SHOULDER TOP. Hand Made. Circles and dots blue & blue dress !! Now with tutorial. Top 100 Tutorials of 2009. Summer kaftan DIY - Trending story. Kaftan Pattern on Pinterest. Folding Floor Cushion {tutorial} 52 Free Dress Patterns. Pocket Bib Pattern . . . Sewing: Clothing & Accessories. Tiered Skirts Tutorial.

39 Free Skirt Patterns. How To Sew A Victorian Skirt. The Shirt Skirt. Handkerchief Skirt. Tips and Tutorials. Sewing. (tutorial) Ice Cream Social Skirt - iCandy handmade. Floor Cushion From 1 Yard of Fabric. SeWiNG... Wanna make a dress?? How to Make a Pattern from a Favorite Garment. Ring You Neck Inspiration Motherboard!

How To Make An Easy AND Versatile Shirt (For Cheap!) I finished the skirt-to-dress… and a tutorial! Skirts - A Cheat Sheet. DIY Gorgeous Anthropologie Embroidered Cardigan. The Socialite Skirt. DIY Summer Caftan Dress, ThreadBanger How-to. Super Easy Dress.