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EvoluteTools for Rhino technology preview. FreeFormFever. LIVE COMPONENTS. Grasshopper code. . a collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for Rhinoceros. 3D Hexagonal Weaving This definition explores the weaving of an hexagonal grid providing 3 different interwoven frames. 3D_Hexagonal_Weaving_Co-de-iT_0.9.0075.zip Vectors field over HexaMesh This definition explores the deformations over an Hexagonal grid by a vectors field of point charges and the colors of the resulting mesh are driven by the field values.

grasshopper code

Vectors field over HexaMesh_Co-de-iT_0.9.0075.zip Mesh faces by deviation angle This definition selects adjacent mesh faces depending on the angle of deviation. Mesh faces by deviation angle_Co-de-iT_0.9.0066.zip < package ( for GH v.0.9.0066) Erwin Hauer’s Box Morph This definition explores the Box Morph technique to get the Erwin Hauer’s continual surfaces using meshes. Erwin Hauer’s Box Morph_Co-de-iT_0.9.0066 < package ( for GH v.0.9.0066) Math surfaces This definition provides several math surfaces (nurbs and mesh) based on k3surf formulas. .

Louver orientation grasshopper rhino. Multi-object orientation: Grasshopper modeling in Rhino from aace hogrefe on Vimeo.

Louver orientation grasshopper rhino

DOWNLOAD: GH Louver Orientation Definition, Rhino File Something I have been wanting to experiment with is multi-object orientation towards a point or direction. There are multiple uses for a script such as this, but the biggest for me would be louver orientation in relation to the sun. I haven’t been able to find any tutorials specific to this idea, but after some experimentation, I was able to pick and pull ideas from multiple places to aid in the development of the final script. The end result was a Grasshopper script that takes planes from as many points as needed and orients them to one point.

This script can be expanded on a great deal, and there are a few things that are not needed. Polyline Attractor Grasshopper Rhino. Download: GH Definition I have been seeing a lot online with point attractors.

Polyline Attractor Grasshopper Rhino

The idea is that geometry will change its size or form based on its distance from a point. The further the object is from the point, the larger or smaller it will get. I wanted to expand on this idea further and see if a spline curve could take the place of the point as the attractor. The Line could represent a multitude of things from streets of a city, to circulation paths. This video demonstrates how the definition is set up, as well as the parameters that control it. Also placed in the definition is a cap to restrict the size of the geometry. To adjust the way the attractors manipulate the forms, I also set up the definition so that the distance from each point to the line is inversed, resulting in the objects growing larger as they get closer to the spline (this is highlighted in orange in the bottome left image).