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The Federalist Blog The Federalist Blog by P.A. Madison on January 8th, 2012 Since recess appointments have been getting a great deal of press attention lately, and because it appears Obama and Congress don’t have a firm understanding of the actual text and history of the clause; I thought would quickly explain the constitutional purpose of the recess clause beginning with its earliest roots. The recess clause to the Constitution was proposed by North Carolina delegate Richard Dobbs Spaight during the federal convention, who thought it might be a good idea for the federal Constitution to mimic the North Carolina Constitution in regards to recess appointments.
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Ann Coulter - Official Home Page January 8, 2014 With Republicans tying themselves in knots over the Democrats' destructive, but superficially appealing, demand that unemployment benefits be extended to two and a half years, I return to my suggestion that Republicans stop playing defense and go on offense. For every issue that MSNBC loves to prattle on about, gloating that it will cost Republicans this or that demographic, there's an equivalent issue to use against the Democrats. (The difference is: Our proposals would actually be good for the country.)
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Jan 17, 2014 | Login | Signup Court: Bloggers have First Amendment protections Judge Declares NC Abortion Ultrasound Law Illegal Young Liberal: As Much As I Support Obamacare, I Just Can't Afford It Michelle Malkin: John Kerry, Jihad Coddler Conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary – Townhall
NewsBusters.org | Exposing Liberal Media Bias NewsBusters.org | Exposing Liberal Media Bias An unhinged Chris Matthews exploited another tragedy on Wednesday, connecting the pro-Second Amendment views of Ted Cruz and other Republicans to the shootings of two prosecutors in Texas. The Hardball anchor began by dredging up failed Senate candidate Sharron Angle's three-year-old reference to "Second Amendment remedies." Matthews connected, "If that was frightening enough for you, how about what's happening in Colorado and Texas?...

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