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10 Things Every New Teacher Needs to Know. Igniting Student Engagement: A Roadmap for Learning. The opening months of school are a time of optimism and new beginnings.

Igniting Student Engagement: A Roadmap for Learning

Each school year's start rejuvenates educators and students. Yet these feelings can quickly turn sour if we do not encourage students to find meaning in what we ask them to do. Navigator%20Fall%202015%20Making%20an%20Impact%20at%20Your%20School 3O6I. The Importance of a Teacher Bestie. 3 Things Students Desire to Hear From Teachers. "Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her.

3 Things Students Desire to Hear From Teachers

" - Urie Bronfenbrenner A year and a half ago, I decided that I needed to return to the K-12 classrooms and really experience ground-level teaching, testing, core standards, differentiating, and emotionally connecting with children and adolescents in ways I had not for many years. I have been and still am an assistant professor in the school of education at Marian University, but the environments, experiences, and my own learning have grown and changed immensely from returning to the classroom 18 months ago. I asked the university for a course release, taking the lectures, research, and strategies into the early adolescent grades.

And three and a half semesters later, I am discovering, sometimes failing, sometimes celebrating, but always walking the walk of my graduate students and sharing these experiences with my pre-service teachers. I have surveyed the students and teachers with these questions in mind: 40+ Alternatives to YouTube. The Power of Reflection: 3 Ways Educators Can Reflect. Developing habits of continual growth and improvement requires self-reflection.

The Power of Reflection: 3 Ways Educators Can Reflect

As we as individuals, staffs, and organizations reflect on our actions, we gain important information about the efficacy of our thinking. These experiences let us practice the habit of continual growth through reflection. - Art Costa and Bena Kallick, Educational Leadership - April 2000 As we begin a new school year, teachers and administrators are focused on lesson planning, assessments, programs, district initiatives, professional goals, and more! 10 Tough Truths about Your First Year of Teaching. Photo Credit: A few weeks ago, I attended a retirement luncheon for a close teacher friend of mine whose daughter recently accepted her first teaching position.

10 Tough Truths about Your First Year of Teaching

As you might imagine, this dynamic inspired quite a bit of reminiscing among the attendees, and soon enough, every veteran teacher in the room was sharing memories of his or her first year on the job. My friend’s daughter laughed appreciatively at the funny anecdotes that were shared, but as she said her goodbyes at the end of the party, I was struck by the level of candor she shared about her mounting anxiety.

“Thanks for sharing your stories with me,” she said sincerely, and a round of wry laughter ensued. Not every story was a happy one. Celebrate: The Kid Who Won’t #celebratelu. Why Kindergarten in Finland Is All About Playtime (and Why That Could Be More Stimulating Than the Common Core) “The changes to kindergarten make me sick,” a veteran teacher in Arkansas recently admitted to me.

Why Kindergarten in Finland Is All About Playtime (and Why That Could Be More Stimulating Than the Common Core)

Supporter Toolkit. Want to show your support for Connected Educator Month and what it stands for?

Supporter Toolkit

Want to encourage other educators to come join the discussions, the explorations, and the fun? Or maybe you just to let others know that when people talk about “connected educators,” that means you or your organization. In the supporter toolkit you’ll find a large collection of graphics, copy, and other promotional tools to help spread the word. How to Get the Most Out of Student-Owned Devices in Any Classroom. Allowing students to bring their own devices to class can be a cost-effective way to quickly get access to the internet and to the many useful tools those devices carry.

How to Get the Most Out of Student-Owned Devices in Any Classroom

But students don’t always get the chance to use their devices, especially in low-income schools. As we previously reported, a 2013 Pew study revealed that only 35 percent of teachers at the lowest income schools allow their students to look up information on their mobile devices, as compared to 52 percent of teachers at wealthier schools. And while 70 percent of teachers working in high-income areas say their schools do a good job providing resources and support to effectively integrate technology into the classroom, only 50 percent of teachers in low-income areas agree. But it’s not a lost cause — the disparity can be addressed, according to Michael Mills, assistant professor of teaching and learning at University of Central Arkansas, who trains in-service teachers and works in a seventh-grade classroom. Google's Three-Step Formula for Happiness.

NO, Not Everyone Needs to Code! #edchat. I began the day yesterday with a conversion from someone I admire and consider a great edu-twitter friend and #onted colleague.

NO, Not Everyone Needs to Code! #edchat

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader. I was recently asked by a superintendent if I had some questions to ask his principals to start off the year.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader

The questions I gave him were based on the following areas: Fostering Effective RelationshipsInstructional LeadershipEmbodying Visionary LeadershipDeveloping Leadership CapacityCreating Sustainable Change In my opinion, the principal is probably the most important job in an educational organization. If Only I Could Just Say Yes. On the shelf behind my desk is a sign that reads…..”No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

If Only I Could Just Say Yes

That sign has stood by me for twenty-two years, traveled to three different cities, and weathered countless looks from me after some very challenging conversations. This past week I received an email from an old friend of mine who I had not heard from in over fifteen years. That friend was my mentor, the principal who not only helped me earn my first assistant principal job, but the one who gave me the sign and those personal words of wisdom which have carried me through many lonely moments when I sat alone at the end of a long night and questioned my decisions. The Opportunities For Empathy In The Classroom. The Opportunities For Empathy In The Classroom by Terry Heick So much talk about empathy in education recently. Why? What’s the big idea? How to Cope With 11 Types of Students Who Sometimes Drive You Crazy. How to Cope With 11 Types of Students Who Sometimes Drive You Crazy By Lynn Usrey The fact that students in your class are all very different is splendid.

But it can also be overwhelming learning how to cope with all these complicated kids. Teachers who have classrooms filled with so many types of students are essentially doomed (just kidding). In reality, things aren’t as bad as they may appear. Sure, it’s a challenge for you to juggle the daily pressures of running your classroom. How to Build Your PLN on Twitter. 21st Century Learning. Education Week. Do You Have a Student-Centered or Teacher-Focused Classroom? [Infographic] I hope you enjoy this helpful infographic about some characteristics of a Teacher Centered vs a Student Centered Classroom. SOMETIMES, every classroom is Teacher Centered, but not always. Keep your students the center of your classroom, and you'll be the best teacher you can be. Professional Learning. How to Start an Online Book Club on Goodreads.

5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be Online. Louis Riel School Division. Winnipeg School Division. What Message Are We Really Sending About Learning and Technology? HUGE List of Halloween Activities and Ideas for Upper Elementary - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley. When I first started teaching fifth grade, I was seriously bummed about the lack of seasonal activities and centers for upper elementary.

Write Music in Google Documents. World Education Games 2015. Before You Assign a Reading Log. Why Do I Need To Learn Algebra? Extreme student behavior: 7 traps to avoid when NOTHING seems to work. Teach Writing Skills: Powerful Prompts for Student Writing. Writing should be exciting. You can teach writing skills with powerful multimedia based prompts and ideas, a global audience, and easy to use tools. Books, Bytes, Blog. - Books, Bytes, Blog. October 9. Lousy at punctuation? Fear not – so was Wordsworth. Imagine this. M.fastcompany.

Failure Is Inevitable. What Matters Is How You Deal With It. - Accidental Creative. Tips Moving From Math Procedures to Understanding. America Needs to Get Over its Reverence for the Bachelor's Degree.