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Command Line Application Command Line Application Features | Documentation | Knowledge Base | Discussion Forums Prev Contents Last Next VMware Workstation includes a separate application, vmrun, for operating teams or virtual machines from the command line. To launch the vmrun application, from the command prompt, enter: vmrun COMMAND [OPTION] Valid vmrun commands and options are described in the following table:
#2361 (Conversion from VMWARE VMDK to RAW to VDI under Windows ?) - VirtualBox Conversion from VMWARE VMDK to RAW to VDI under Windows ? Hello, I tried to convert a VMWare single VMDK file to a raw disk using Qemu on Windows ( with the command "qemu-img convert <source-vmdk><target-raw>, then using "convertdd <source-raw><target-vdi>". I want to use the snapshot feature within Virtual Box, therefore I try the conversion and do not use the VMDK file directly. The process works fine without errors, however the resulting VDI fails to boot. Is there any "offical" way for the conversion under Windows? #2361 (Conversion from VMWARE VMDK to RAW to VDI under Windows ?) - VirtualBox
Convet VMDK Disk Image to RAW Convet VMDK Disk Image to RAW As there are already so many pre-built VMware images, we don't need rebuild them for other VMMs (Virtual Machine Monitor) such as Xen, QEMU, etc. We can just convert the disk from vmdk to raw. There are several ways to get it done. The following tutorial use an VMware guest OS which has 40G disk image and the image is divided into 2G files: # ls /RHEL4U4/ nvram RHEL4U4-s007.vmdk RHEL4U4-s014.vmdk RHEL4U4-s021.vmdk RHEL4U4-s001.vmdk RHEL4U4-s008.vmdk RHEL4U4-s015.vmdk RHEL4U4.vmdk RHEL4U4-s002.vmdk RHEL4U4-s009.vmdk RHEL4U4-s016.vmdk RHEL4U4.vmdk.WRITELOCK RHEL4U4-s003.vmdk RHEL4U4-s010.vmdk RHEL4U4-s017.vmdk RHEL4U4.vmsd RHEL4U4-s004.vmdk RHEL4U4-s011.vmdk RHEL4U4-s018.vmdk RHEL4U4.vmx RHEL4U4-s005.vmdk RHEL4U4-s012.vmdk RHEL4U4-s019.vmdk vmware.log RHEL4U4-s006.vmdk RHEL4U4-s013.vmdk RHEL4U4-s020.vmdk
Convert VMware .vmdk to KVM .qcow2 or Virtualbox .vdi Convert VMware .vmdk to KVM .qcow2 or Virtualbox .vdi I wrote this how to as I was having problems converting a VMware image to KVM. The existing tutorials all suggest using qemu-img to convert the .vmdk, however it was not working as qemu-img only supports VMware 3 and 4 compatible image formats. At least that is what Google searching and reading the qemu man pages yielded after I got this error message : qemu-img convert Ubuntu.vmdk -O qcow2 Ubuntu.qcow qemu-img: Could not open ‘Ubuntu.qcow’
Convert a .vdi (VirtualBox) disk image to .vmdk or .vhd - Spiceworks Community