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GradoZeroInnovation on Twitter: "New Components - #bentley #3dlighttrans #gradozero #gzi #gze - Large scale manufacturing technology for high-performance lightweight 3D multifunctional composites. Examples of GZE INNOVATIONS. FUTURE PADDING EXTREME PERFOMANCES. Gzespace. GradoZeroEspace : #gze #gradozeroespace... Grado Zero Espace's post on Vine. GradoZeroEspace : -...

Grado Zero Espace's post on Vine. Embed Grado Zero Espace. Telomerase Gene Therapy Extends Lives Of Mice By Up To 24 Percent. After being injected with the telomerase gene, adult and old mice lived 24 percent and 13 percent longer, respectively.

Telomerase Gene Therapy Extends Lives Of Mice By Up To 24 Percent

(Source: Scientists are doing their best to give us the gift of immortality. The latest in the fight against ever dying is a gene therapy that gives mice a healthy dose of telomerase, the enzyme that keeps our chromosomes – and thus our cells and bodies – “young.” The therapy extended the lifespans of mice by 24 percent and, at least so far, the therapy appears to be completely safe.

As we age the dying cells in our body are replenished through cell division. An inactive form of telomerase had no effect on lifespan, confirming that its telomere-lengthening enzymatic activity was crucial. Dr. The treatment involved replacing the genes of a virus with the gene for telomerase. GradoZeroEspace : #gradozeroespace #gze #gradozero... GradoZeroEspace : #gze #gradozeroespace... Research & Development. GradoZeroEspace : #gze #toscana #innovazione... News - 2012.

Next events - Current events - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 A new EU-funded project 'Light.Touch.Matters' has been launched to develop a new generation of smart materials that can sense touch and respond with luminescence.

News - 2012

The project is a collaboration between product designers and material scientists, with 17 partners from nine EU countries. Central to the project are "piezo plastics" that have recently been developed at TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) in the Netherlands, and OLEDs, flexible films of organic compound which emit light in response to an electric current. Potential applications of the technology include placemats that give the diner interactive information about calories and nutrition wristbands that remind the wearer to take their medication. These wafer-thin devices would not need batteries, deriving all their power from the piezo electric properties of the plastics themselves. Grado Zero Espace - Filippo Pagliai. Grado Zero Espace. Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per. Grado Zero Espace at Test Lab - Clothing Without Cloth.

2012MagicalMaterials. Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per. ‎ - Grado Zero Espace "Oricalco" - This series of interviews is based the Test_Lab “Clothing without Cloth” which took place at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, May 2011 and featured: Emily Crane (UK), Carole Collet (UK), Christien Meinderstsma (NL), Grado Zero Espace (IT), Pauline van Dongen (NL) and Freedom Of Creation (NL).


The Italian design company Grado Zero Espace has been pioneering high-tech performance wearables for over a decade. IN-DEPTH: Introducing The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch, Watchmaking’s Future In The Physical Form. The most beautiful thing about mechanical wristwatches is that one can love them for so many reasons – and in many cases, for diametrically opposed reasons.

IN-DEPTH: Introducing The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch, Watchmaking’s Future In The Physical Form

For example, I love the Rolex Submariner of the 1970s for its perfect proportions, the seemingly endless list of exploratory firsts for which it was summoned, and the way they have the ability to age with time better than arguably any other wristwatch. Certainly, the MB&F’s of the world push mechanical watchmaking forward, but so do many larger, more conventional manufactures that the public often thinks of as building rather common timepieces. For example, TAG Heuer, known to many as a mall watch brand, has a truly superb R&D department and they continue to push the idea of high-speed chronographs forward – something that appeals to more than just the “watchnerds” among us as evidenced by the now 218,000 unique views of this video we shot of the Mikrotimer last September).

Galaxy. Led HIGH visibility. Magical Materials at the Science Gallery. Yesterday evening, the "Magical Materials" exhibition opened at the Science Gallery . Nanotechnology. Science & Tech. Innovation & Productivity. Science. Historical images. Books containing informations about our technologies, materials and products. The Handbook of Fashion Studies (2013) Author: Sandy Black, Amy De LA Haye, Joanne Entwistle, Agnes Rocamora, Regina A.

Books containing informations about our technologies, materials and products

Root Wearing Embodied Emotions (2013)A Practice Based Design Research on Wearable Technology Author: Seçil Ugur Book of Science Stuff (2010)Wacky Experiments, Shocking Discoveries, Odd Facts & Other Outrageous Curiosities Author: Joe Rhatigan, Jeff Albrecht Shaping Sustainable Fashion (2012)Changing the Way We Make and Use Clothes Author: Alison Gwilt, Timo Rissanen.

Grado zero espace. Grado Zero Espace on Design Addict. Agenzia per la diffusione delle tecnologie per l'innovazione. Grado Zero Espace Srl Centro , Firenze , Toscana - Ambiente rePLASTIC. Grado Zero Espace at Test Lab - Clothing Without Cloth. Mobile. Filippo Pagliai (gzeinlab. Blog - Innovare e rinnovare prodotti » Blog Archive » Zero G seats - illuminated thanks reLIGHT, fabric lightbulb -Alfa Romeo Pandion by BERTONE. Shape Memory Alloy Shirt and Jacket. The gold shirt can change from daywear to eveningwear in a matter of minutes.

Shape Memory Alloy Shirt and Jacket

The heat from a hair dryer crinkles the Nitinol shape memory threads woven into the shirt. The silver shirt uses the same technology to automatically “roll up” its sleeves when it is hot out, but its additional innovation is that its entire fabric is woven from shape memory threads (rather than having parallel Nitinol threads added after weaving). Called Oricalco textile, this fabric has been the subject of research about its potential additional uses, such as in coronary stents. From Aerospace to Apparel. Aerogel represents what technology experts consider the best insulation material ever invented.

From Aerospace to Apparel

It weighs virtually nothing. It's flexible. It's translucent. And, it can hold up under temperatures of 3,000 Fahrenheit. Aerogels have unsurpassed thermal insulation values, as well as sound and shock absorption characteristics. In a process starting in 1993 with a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Aspen Systems Inc., of Marlborough, Massachusetts, developed an aerogel-manufacturing process that won the company the prestigious SBIR Technology of the Year Award for 1999, in Manufacturing and Materials, from the Technology Utilization Foundation.

Howie Green Gallery: Fritz Trautmann - Personal Rhythms. Personal Rhythmsby Fritz Trautmann When man feels his own personal rhythms vibrating in tune with the forces playing upon him, he calls the experience "Beauty.

Howie Green Gallery: Fritz Trautmann - Personal Rhythms

" It may happen on the plane of the senses, on the level of the intellect, in the depths of his affections, or at the exalted heights of spiritual insight, but wherever met and however designated, it is - of its kind - a response to this sense of beauty. As sensory experience - described as savory or delicious, handsome or pretty, harmonious or melodic, soothing, exhilarating, aromatic or fragrant - it is Pleasure. To the intellect - when it is consistent, functional or logical it is Truth. To the heart - when sympathetic, compassionate or loyal it is Love. To the soul - when masterful, efficient or wise it is Goodness or God. Oricalco. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.


Aerogel. A block of aerogel in a person's hand Aerogel was first created by Samuel Stephens Kistler in 1931, as a result of a bet with Charles Learned over who could replace the liquid in "jellies" with gas without causing shrinkage.[3][4] IUPAC definition Gel comprised of a microporous solid in which the dispersed phase is a gas.


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