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The Surprising Way Gentle Yoga Can Help You Lose Serious Weight. Jillian Pransky wasn't always the calming, glowing presence she is today.

The Surprising Way Gentle Yoga Can Help You Lose Serious Weight

Twenty years ago, the New Jersey-based yogi was as fired up by the corporate ladder as she was by the step classes and rigorous marathon training she subjected her body to. If it was hard, she was into it, and as a natural result, she was sometimes as stressed as the students who now flock to her slow-flow vinyasa and restorative classes. But working ferociously to maintain her weight stopped making sense once she discovered what scientists are just beginning to understand: Yoga—even the gentlest of styles—has an uncanny ability to make everything in life a little easier. Including weight loss. Yoga (@yogella) 6 Morning Habits to Guarantee a Great Day. Real Age: How Long Will I Live? From what you eat to how you live, it is the little things you do that add years to your life.

Real Age: How Long Will I Live?

Consider this: In the 20th century, the average life expectancy shot up 30 years—the greatest gain in 5,000 years of human history. 30 Brilliant Insights from Mindfulness Trail Blazers - Sonima. This weekend some of the brightest minds in meditation, neuroscience, technology, and well-being met in San Francisco for Wisdom 2.0, a conference dedicated to the intersection of mindfulness, business, and personal growth.

30 Brilliant Insights from Mindfulness Trail Blazers - Sonima

Over the course of the three-day gathering, pioneers of contemplative science and philosophy such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Roshi Joan Halifax, and Jack Kornfield shared their insights about compassionate, conscious living and the compelling science illustrating the outcomes of these practices. The thought leaders set the stage for conversation and connection between the 2,400 people in attendance, including community advocates, corporate leaders, and personal practitioners striving to enact change and further the dialogue about mindful living in their own spheres. Below is a collection of notable and moving quotations from the event to inspire your own self-exploration. “Some of the most crucial conversations are the ones we have with ourselves.” “It starts with us. How to Cancerproof Your Environment. A World Without Cancer How to prevent cancer…that's the billion-dollar question everyone wants to answer.

How to Cancerproof Your Environment

Although the cancer death rate has dropped nearly 1 percent a year since 1990 and the American Cancer Society estimates that by 2015 the total number of cancer deaths will be 23 percent lower than it was 25 years earlier, there's still much work to be done to truly eradicate the threat of this disease—to actually prevent it. We turned to board-certified radiologist Margaret I. Cuomo, MD, author of A World without Cancer, to learn how to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals that have ties to cancer. Of course, these steps don't provide a bulletproof shield guaranteeing that you'll never get cancer, but with 80,000 chemicals now sold in the United States—many of them cancer promoting—they can help protect your and your family. « Prev Slide 1/9 Next » Reduce contaminants at home.

Protect Yourself: « Prev Slide 2/9 Next » Avoid BPA. « Prev Slide 3/9 Next » Ten Habits of Effective Stress Management. The following qualities are the most important skills and behaviors for reducing stress and creating stress resilience.

Ten Habits of Effective Stress Management

Yes, There Is a Disconnect Between Employers and Employees on Work-Life Balance. The lack of personal time is a major concern by employees who are struggling, trying to live a more balanced life.

Yes, There Is a Disconnect Between Employers and Employees on Work-Life Balance

In a new study between my company and CareerArc, we found that 67 percent of HR professionals think their employees have a work-life balance, yet almost half (45 percent) of employees feel that they don't have enough time each week to do personal activities. Some employees (20 percent) are even spending more than 20 hours each week working outside the office on their personal time.

They simply can't balance their work time and personal time because management expects them to be on call more hours during the day. Fermented Food Linked to Mental Health - Erica House. I’ve talked a lot about the benefits of having a happy belly.

Fermented Food Linked to Mental Health - Erica House

As someone who’s been dealing with IBS for 10 years I know how miserable life can be with an unhappy belly. Not only does it run you down physically, but now MORE research is coming out to show that there is a strong connection between gut health and mental health. This recent report states that: As our knowledge of the human microbiome increases, including its connection to mental health (for example, anxiety and depression), it is becoming increasingly clear that there are untold connections between our resident microbes and many aspects of physiology.

[The researchers] put forward the argument that fermented food partly explains the link between traditional dietary practices and positive mental health. Glucose: The Silent Killer. The deadly effects of even slightly elevated glucose are fatally misunderstood.

Glucose: The Silent Killer

One reason for this calamity is physicians who continue to rely on obsolete blood glucose ranges. These doctors fail to recognize that any excess glucose creates lethal metabolic pathologies that are underlying factors behind multiple age-related diseases. People today thus suffer and die from diabetic-like complications without knowing their blood sugar (glucose) levels are too high! Life Extension® long ago argued that most aging people have elevated blood glucose. Our controversial position has been vindicated as mainstream medicine consistently lowers the upper-level threshold of acceptable (safe) fasting blood glucose. As new evidence accumulates, it has become abundantly clear that maturing individuals need to take aggressive actions to ensure their fasting and after-meal glucose levels are kept in safe ranges.

Glucose Is Like Gasoline Our body’s primary source of energy is glucose.