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About 4ndreas. 4ndreas Karlsruhe, Germany Maker Delta Printer own design and a CoreXY Printer own design You can find 4ndreas participating in these groups A snapshot of 4ndreas's favorite designs, collections and makes StarLight - Modular Lamp by 4ndreas Jun 21, 2015 Reciprocating rectilinear motion actuator by 4ndreas May 23, 2014 Printable Robot Arm by 4ndreas Dec 19, 2014 Gaming KeyPad (HID Keyboard) by 4ndreas Sep 8, 2013.

About 4ndreas

Sans titre. Open platform The Crazyflie platform is an open development platform consisting of open hardware and open source firmware/software.

sans titre

The reason for making it open is that we want users to be able to hack, modify, experiment and learn from our platform. The projects are developed using only open tools. Since the project it self is open we want users to have access to the tools needed for viewing, editing and using them. We like the idea of sharing knowledge. The licenses. Project logs. Getting the car street legal.

Project logs

This is for sure the least exciting & possibly most difficult part of our car build. CNC Cookbook: Astronomical Clock. Notes on Constructing an Orrery / Antikythera Mechanism I've always had a great interest in Astronomy, and I read with great interest recent articles about the Antikythera Mechanism, which was apparently an ancient orrery or simulator of motions of the heavenly bodies.

CNC Cookbook: Astronomical Clock

The machine, which was constructed circa 80 BC, could represent the motions of most heavenly bodies known in its time using a clockwork consisting of 37 gears. Differential Gear Mechanism Was Way Ahead of Its Time... The front dial would show the progression of the Sun and Moon through the Zodiac according to the ancient Egyptian calendar. The lower back dial gives the Metonic cycle, the Synodic cycle, and the Lunar year of 12 Synodic months. Végétarisme. Le calendrier scolaire. Fresh hacks every day. Does your dog or cat wake you up every morning, demanding to be fed?

Fresh hacks every day

Maybe you feed Sparky in the evenings instead. But doesn’t that limit your spontaneity? It sure limited [Jorge]’s after-work plans. Rolling Ball Sculptures. SCULPTURE ANIMEE CONTEMPORAINE MODERNE - DIDIER LEGROS. Ball circuit. HoaxBuster - Vérifier l'information en circulation sur le web.


#51259 X Rocker Pro H3 - X Rocker. Overview The X Rocker Pro Series H3 with 4.1 sound system – 4 speakers, a powerful subwoofer, and vibration for a complete surround sound gaming experience.

#51259 X Rocker Pro H3 - X Rocker

Wireless!! This chair has it ALL for the ultimate gaming experience! 4 Speakers for Surround SoundVibrationPowerful SubwooferWireless SoundStereo headphone jack.Connects to an Xbox, a Playstation, a Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD and home theatersConnect with multiple chair for the ultimate gaming experienceFolds for storing Where to Buy. Système d’éclairage dynamique via raycasting, méthode brute. The AirBoard. EA DOG series - Very flexible - ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY.

Rolling Ball Sculptures. Nick's LED Projects. Beta Board Preview Colorduino running the Plasma demo.

Nick's LED Projects

The Colorduino takes a lot of the difficulty out of of controlling an RGB LED matrix, something I was stumped with as a beginner in electronics. Matrix & Sprite Arduino Libraries, for a many-LED display! The Matrix library allows you to control a large number of LEDs, with easy-to-use (but expensive) MAX7219 chips.

Matrix & Sprite Arduino Libraries, for a many-LED display!

Sprite is used with Matrix, to draw shapes. Download: (updated for Arduino 1.0 & later) Matrix and Sprite have been tested with Teensy 2.0, Teensy++ 2.0 and Teensy 3.0. Hardware Requirements. Fabriquer une horloge à LED sur le principe du jeu Pong. 8x8 LED RGB Matrix (SKU:DFR0202) Blog. The Crazyflie 2.0 supports two types of radio protocols out of the box: ESB (Enhanced ShockBurst) for Crazyradio/Crazyradio PA USB dongle compatibility and Bluetooth LE for mobile devices.


All Crazyflie 2.0’s are shipped with a radio bootloader, able to update virtually all the different parts of the firmware running in Crazyflie 2.0. We thought we would do a post to explain a bit further how it all fits together. Hardware description. A MB Led block includes multiples components.

Hardware description

The microprocessor is an STM32F103RET6 with 512Kb of Flash and 64 Kb of RAM. Blocks communicates with each other by infrared : They have 4 IrDA transceivers to send packets to their neighbor. We configured the IrDA to send very powerless signals so that messages are sent only to the neighbor, thus avoiding interference in transmissions due to other blocks in the network. GLiP - (a) Great LED Interactive Puzzle. Enter the PlayBox, Where Microsoft and Sony Get Along. [Eddie Zarick] is a pretty eccentric case modder. So when a customer asked him for an Xbox One / Playstation 4 combo unit, he got excited. He calls it the PlayBOX 4ONE. Enter the PlayBox, Where Microsoft and Sony Get Along. All about Moteino. Archive at A remote attack on an aftermarket telematics service - Argus Cyber Security. As a part of our ongoing research we decided to study the quickly evolving aftermarket telematics technology. During this study, led by our researchers Ron Ofir and Ofer Kapota, we stumbled upon a substantial cyber security vulnerability in the Zubie connected car service.

This finding could allow an attacker to wirelessly and remotely influence a vehicle’s mission critical components such as the engine, brakes steering and others. Learning Python With Tron Radio. [5 Volt Junkie] has built his share of Arduino projects, but never anything with Python, and certainly never anything with a GUI. After listening to Internet radio one day, a new idea for a project was born: a Raspberry Pi with a small touchscreen display for a UI and displaying tracks. It’s finally finished, and it’s a great introduction to Python, Pygame, and driving tiny little displays with the Pi. Playing streams was handled by mpd and mpc, while the task of driving a 2.8″ TFT LCD was handled by the fbtft Linux framebuffer driver. This left [5 Volt Junkie] with the task of creating a GUI, some buttons, and working out how to play a few streams. This meant drawing some buttons in Inkscape, but these were admittedly terrible, so [5 Volt Junkie] gave up and turned on the TV.

8x8 LED RGB Matrix (SKU:DFR0202) Open source Nest-alike learning thermostat. About Earlier this week, Google bought Nest, a connected devices company, for $3.2 billion. This might seem like an ungodly sum for a company that makes thermostats and smoke detectors, but it makes absolute sense. Real Time Clock: DS1307. Compteurs eau et gaz à impulsion sur IPX800.

Ball-sculpture - The Ball Sculpture First off, as the base of the project I created a set of rules. I had these rules in mind when I built the whole sculpture. These are the rules of my rolling ball sculpture. Working together to make a better world. List of open-source hardware projects. Sommaire : Raspberry PI & Arduino, domotique, robotique, et pleins de trucs en “ique” Pour commencer merci pour tous tes articles/tutoriels et notamment pour tous les trucs en « ique » . Tu fais vraiment du bon boulot ! Maintenant je voudrais savoir si tu pourrais m’apporter des informations et conseils concernant les moyens de communication entre l’arduino et le raspberry car je me sens un peu perdu. Je suis certainement pas le seul et je pense également qu’un article pourrait réellement être intéressant.

En bref j’ai fais un système domotique complet et fonctionnel avec un arduino mega, shield WIFI, cartes relais et divers sondes. Le programme est terminé dans l’ensemble et je m’attaque maintenant à l’interface web pour piloter tout ça. Plusieurs possibilités de communication s’offrent à moi : Raspberry pi (Serveur) >Ethernet> BOX >Wifi> Arduino (Client) > Actionneur BOX >Wifi> Raspberry pi (Master) >I2C> Arduino (slave) > Actionneur BOX >Wifi> Raspberry pi >USB> Arduino > Actionneur.


Digital Lifestyle. Rolling Ball Sculpture - Kinetic rolling ball sculptures designed and created by David Morrell.